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  1. Hi, I just got the Harpoon RGB Wireless and in the website says it has on board memory. It is my understanding that I can save a profile in it so my keybinds work without having iCURE 4 running in the background, but I don´t find the option to create a hardware profile were the documentation shows its supposed to be (Device settings). Could you tell me were do I find this option? or if there is an issue with my iCURE installation? Thank you.
  2. Hey! I recently updated my mouse, but since that time I can no longer use it with the dongle. It only works with the bluetooth now. I tried to force a dongle update ( now on v.5.4.99), but it didn't change anything. I also did a mouse reset ( several time) , but still nothing. On the ICUE side, I uninstalled and reinstalled it (now on v. 4.17.244), but when I connect my mouse with a wire, it no longer appears in ICUE. So, I can't force a mouse update. Can you help me ? HArpoon RBG wireless: S/N:081120281154
  3. Hi - I registered here because I LOVE this mouse, and I HATE this mouse. I love it because it's the perfect mouse for my super weird claw grip, I love the weight, and I love how it works (WHEN it's working). I hate this thing because it randomly (every 30 seconds or so) lags at tracking my movements, and every few minutes it STOPS tracking completely; I move the mouse, but the pointer remains completely stuck in place. When this happens, I can still click the buttons - for example, right-clicking brings up the menu, etc - but the pointer will NOT move until I lift the mouse then put it back down. Until I pick it up, it will remain stuck regardless of the wild movements I make. EDIT: This issue persists whether I use the mouse wirelessly or wired. I have not tried BT, but that won't solve anything anyway. I have tried this on 3 Harpoon Wireless mice, with old firmwares, with latest firmwares, with wire, with dongle, with polling rate at 1000, 500, 125, etc. I have changed the DPI settings, I've changed the lighting settings, I've turned off the lighting settings, I've turned off the sleep settings. I've even disabled the "Allow computer to put this device to sleep" setting in Device Manager for EVERY USB device and hub I could find. I've uninstalled iCUE, I've reinstalled iCUE, I've tried older version of iCUE. The result is always the same. Then when I grab my Razer Mamba from my other computer and plug it in to the SAME USB port as the Harpoon was using, everything works flawlessly. When I plug the Harpoon in to other computers, regardless of USB port or revision (USB 2.0 or 3.0) it always does the same weird tracking drop outs and lags. Guys, if anyone out there has some kind of solution or has experienced the same issues, please speak up because this thingy is driving me nuts but I don't want to give it up. Thanks for reading this far!
  4. Hello I recently purchased the Harpoon wireless mouse and able to set the lighting effects through the iCUE software when I'm using the wired connection. When I switch over to bluetooth connection, I didn't have the lighting effects I've previously set, and it becomes a fast alternating rainbow RGB instead. How can I set the lighting effect for bluetooth connection too?
  5. I have a Harpoon mouse and a Strafe keyboard and wanted to bind a button in one of them (or both) to mute the microphone on my USB headset (non-Corsair). There is no option for that on the media buttons in ICUE software. I see that some threads were opened about this but all suggested third party software. Can this be implemented?
  6. Hi, I've recently just bought the Harpoon RGB Pro and I like it a lot However, when I play PUBG my mouse has a 1 second delay around 10 aecond after i land. Any ideas why?
  7. I've had my Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless for almost a year, and until recently I had a problem where clicks would register twice. This was fixed with a firmware downgrade (Dongle 0.5.49 and Mouse 0.5.64) but I've been noticing a new issue present in the past week or so. The fast double click problem is back, but also holding down the mouse will register 4 or so clicks. This makes moving files across folders, desktop, and moving windows near impossible. I am a coder, so this makes my experience very frustrating. Does anyone have any solutions to this? Uninstalling/Restarting iCue has not worked for me, and any other firmware change still has the double click issue. This happens on Windows and Mac machines. Thanks.
  8. Hello, I have come here to get help for a serious issue. So on September 11 (yes quite the awful day), I turned on my PC and I saw a notification about a new firmware update for iCUE. So I updated iCUE and it told me to restart my computer, so I did. After restarting, all of my Corsair products stopped working! I thought, okay, maybe I should fix the firmware, but the thing is, my keyboard and mouse won’t work and I can’t get past my lock screen! I tried plugging in a spare keyboard and mouse, but that doesn’t work either! I tried unplugging and replugging my devices back in too, no success. The closest I’ve gotten was using my Xbox One controller and pressed the Xbox button, which at least brought me to the Enter PIN screen, but of course, I need my keyboard to actually type it. I really need to use my computer, as this is my only way to comfortably do any work. I have a K55 RGB keyboard, HARPOON RGB mouse, and a HS60 headset. P.S. I don’t know which version iCUE updated to exactly, that’s why I included the date. P.P.S. I contacted Corsair support 4 days ago and FINALLY got reached out, and it was great help, but it required me to get passed the lock screen, and of course, I can’t do that.
  9. Hello, the rgb isn't working in my Harpoon when I use wallpaper engine but with the ICUE it works perfectly, I found this problem in these thread. https://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=194026&highlight=harpoon+wallpaper+engine Also, I posted these in the reddit of wallpaper engine and they say is corsair problem https://www.reddit.com/r/wallpaperengine/comments/im1i6x/problom_with_harpoon_rgb_mice/ any solution?
  10. Hi all, I hope you can help. I bought a Harpoon Wireless RGB mouse, plugged in the receiver and it was working fine. I downloaded the iCUE software to adjust the constantly changing logo colours and now the cursor doesn't move and the buttons do nothing. It's as if the mouse and receiver no longer talk to each other. When I first installed the software it asked me to plug the mouse in for an update, I did that and waited until it finished, then unplugged it and everything stopped working. It works when I plug it in, but obviously I bought a wireless mouse for a reason. I tried resetting the mouse as per the Corsair website, that did nothing. I've tried rebooting the PC, plugging the receiver into a different port and I've tried uninstalling the software. Still nothing. Any advise would be very much appreciated.
  11. I just bought the Corsair RGB Wireless mouse. I have the cord plugged in to charge the mouse. After the mouse is charged, how do I remove the charging cord ? The little fold out that came with the mouse for setting it up does not explain how the cord is removed and/or later inserted to charge the mouse again when needed. I know it is a ridiculous beginner question but I do not want to break the mouse by trying to remove the cord without knowing how to do it.
  12. Hello good people of the forum. I just purchased a new Corsair harpoon rgb mouse. My problem is that when i am scrolling the wheel in websites , the page is not moving. All my windows(10) settings are correct. When i unplug the mouse from the usb port and stick it back in , it works fine! So i was wondering if there is a weird setting i haven't been able to find that is preventing the mouse to scroll pages up and down when you start the computer? Thank you in advance.
  13. So, sometimes my harpoon's mouse buttons tend to work, and then other times they don't.. I have tried: -Uninstalling and reinstalling iCUE -Soft resetting my mouse -Using it without iCUE installed when i bind on fortnite, it usually will register as TMB (thumb mouse button) 4 and 5, but currently, it's binding just the back one as TMB... i also use the mouse buttons to navigate google.. back one for prev page and front for fwrd page.. so i'm wondering if this is a programming issue or..?? please help thank you, this is an ongoing issue for months. edit: it also takes multiple clicks for it to register..
  14. Hi, My Harpoon RGB is showing up as a storage device called CRP DISABLD in windows explorer. I need the firmware file for the Harpoon RGB to fix this. Can somebody provide the file for me? Thank you!
  15. Updating of firmware keeps on failing. It seems like it doesn't even move above 0%. It just fails after ~5 seconds. It doesn't brick or anything. Everything is still working even after a failed update but I just want the latest version of the firmware. After failing I need to restart iCUE to be able to click the update button again. OS: Windows 10 v.1909 64 bit USB version: 3.1 iCUE version: 3.23.66 Mouse firmware version: 0.6.70 Dongle firmware version: 0.5.49 Updating to firmware version: 1.7.58
  16. Hi, I bought a K55 with a Harpoon and I've been using it with Wallpaper Engine for a while. It seems that, if I enable my SDK on the iCUE software, both mouse and keys turns off the LED RGB. So I can't use the keyboard with any software using the SDK to control the colors. Does the K55 and Harpoon have the support to be controlled by another software using the SDK? How do I fix mine, if it is possible to?
  17. Updating of firmware keeps on failing. It seems like it doesn't even move above 0%. It just fails after ~5 seconds. It doesn't brick or anything. Everything is still working even after a failed update but I just want the latest version of the firmware. After failing I need to restart iCUE to be able to click the update button again. OS: Windows 10 v.1909 64 bit USB version: 3.1 iCUE version: 3.23.66 Mouse firmware version: 0.6.70 Dongle firmware version: 0.5.49 Updating to firmware version: 1.7.58
  18. i just bough my corsair harpoon wireless for like 2 month ago when this mice release, there is no problem with my mice till 2 days ago, my mice accidentally not detected on my laptop even via wire, bluetooth and 2.4 dongle, my mice still on when i connect a cables, still on when i switch to dongle or bluetooth mode but not detected, i try on another pc/ laptop but nothing happen, i assume my mice firmware was stuck, i wanna hard reset this mice but i didn't know ho to do it, does anyone got this problem ? please help me to solve it.:biggrin: PS: i let my mice on for 2 days till battery runs out hoping mice reset itself when its empty lol
  19. Is there anyway that I can take apart a slipstream reciever. My receiver hasn't been working for about 2 months and I want to try to fix it.
  20. Hello! I bought my Corsair Harpoon Wireless 2 months ago and so far I had no problems. Today I suddenly noticed my cursor didn't move as smooth as I'm used to. It's not as bad to call it lag, but it is irritating, especially when you've noticed it once. I started randomly selecting empty space on my desktop and noticed that the selection area is sometimes laggy and doesn't hide immediately after I stop clicking. I should point out that the delay is no longer than a second (maybe a lot less, but it is noticeble). Any ideas what might be causing that unsmoothness and delay while selecting ? I tried updating the drivers and iCUE, but no effect. Polling rate is 1000hz/1s. It's always been set to that, and i've had no problems. My pc is pretty good. Thanks in advance !
  21. My mouse was working just fine, my power went out. And now its not working. My power has gone out before and the mouse has worked just fine. I cant tell if its broken or not registering but ive tried differnt slots and replugging into the same slot. I have ICUE installed if that helps, is this a common problem or do i need a new mouse. Ive seen many people have icue not register but not their entire computer.
  22. I have a new Corsair Harpoon mouse and iCue sees it when iCue is active. I suppose I'm missing something in how iCue works because I can't seem to get the lighting effects in the logo zone to change. I'd like to turn the lighting off to preserve the mouse's battery but nothing I do seems to make a difference. A little background information: My Harpoon (mouse) is connected to the laptop by BT using the dongle. I was also able to connect the mouse using the laptop's BT directly but when doing that iCue would not 'see' the mouse and showed no devices attached. The problem I'm seeing is when the mouse is attached with BT to the dongle. This is my first Corsair purchase so I am ignorant of how iCue is supposed to work with the various attachments. I'm probably missing something simple.
  23. This is making me nuts. I can't get either of my Corsair products to connect to my Win10 laptop over Bluetooth. The only way I can use them is with the USB dongles (don't get me started on one dongle per device...) I can connect other devices over BT - Xbox One controller, various headphones, a Wacom tablet - but neither of these Corsair devices. When I go to "Add Bluetooth Device", Windows will at least see the Harpoon mouse, but it just keeps loping back to "Try connecting again". It won't see the keyboard at all. I know the keyboard and button presses, but they simply don't work. I've got 2 of my 3 USB ports tied up with Corsair dongles... it'd be really nice to free them up. Does anyone have any suggestions or guesses? Thanks in advance.
  24. Issue: Appears on “Resume from sleep” using Harpoon mouse move or button Laptop wakes up, but immediately Harpoon mouse stops working, gets disconnected, and iCUE shows red triangle. Have to use laptop mousepad instead To reset Harpoon mouse, I can either: + unplug then replug the dongle + or reboot laptop + or go to Device Manager / User Interface devices, then disable/enable the dongle USB port. Then restart iCUE to have Harpoon mouse detected in iCUE again Tests done so far: 3 other wireless mouse devices/dongles: Victsing wireless, Logitech wireless M195 and M305. All work fine and wake up laptop with no issue Move Harpoon dongle on all laptop USB ports (2.0 and 3.0). Same issue on all of them Test Harpoon mouse with USB cable. No wake up issue with USB cable For now, in order to turnaround this issue, I’ve disabled in Device Manager, the “Wake up from sleep” option for the HID mouse device used by Harpoon mouse. I can only wake up laptop now with laptop keyboard, mousepad, or power button. Any idea how I can solve the issue? Any Dongle software issue here?
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