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Problems with Katar Pro Wireless and M1 MacBook Pro (2021)

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I've recently switched from an Intel-based MacBook Pro to an Arm-based one but now my Katar Pro Wireless Mouse cannot connect over Bluetooth. The mouse shows up as a Bluetooth device in my settings but when I try to connect, it will just keep loading forever. Sometimes it says "Connected" but the mouse still shows the blue pairing light and doesn't work.

I've tried resetting the mouse to factory settings but that didn't help. The mouse works perfectly when using the dongle but not over Bluetooth. I can also still use the mouse over Bluetooth with my Windows laptop and Intel MacBook Pro without any problems.

I hope someone has a solution for this which doesn't result in buying a new mouse.

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Yes, I'm having the exact same problem. Katar Pro Wireless mouse worked fine over Bluetooth with my previous MacBook Pro with Intel processor and MacOS Moneterey, but not that I'm on a newer M1 Pro (ARM-based processor) MacBook Pro with MacOS Ventura it will no longer pair over bluetooth. I'd prefer not to always have to use the USB receiver, especially since there are no full size USB-A ports on this laptop so I have to use an adapter for USB-C. Any solutions?

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