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HS60 picking up audio from everything


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I recently got the HS60 headset a couple days ago, and was happy with it at first. But I recently noticed that for some reason the headset will pick up audio from whatever I hear and play it through the mic. I've tried numerous methods to try and resolve the issue, but none have worked so far. The mic is detachable so I removed it from the headset to see if that would do anything, it didn't. I also tried the mute button as well, that didn't work either. I even tried removing the mic AND muting at the same time just to see what that would do, and it still manages to pick up sound and play it through. The ONLY thing that seems to fix it is by going into CUE, selecting the headset and manually muting the mic, which is kind of absurd. Let it be known that I've owned multiple headsets in the past and none have ever had this issue before, so I'm almost certain it has nothing to do with my PC. I use a virtual audio mixer as well to route all my audio, so it has nothing to with sound cards either. And before anyone suggests it, yes I've tried setting the headset (including the mic) as defaults for my audio and that doesn't work either.
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