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Found 16 results

  1. Hi So basically i got two problems. First is my Virtuoso RGB Wirless sometimes changes it's whole sound. When it happens it gets more quiet, the bass is gone and the sound is just not full anymore. After sometime it just comes back on again. I noticed it happens a lot when the LoL client is open. But i haven't noticed a pattern or a certain trigger to it. Also i noticed the headset struggles to sustain a constant a audio when it has to play more quiet sound, for example a song fading out. Then it just becomes choppy and i just can't enjoy the music to the fullest. Somebody got a fix?
  2. I bought a void elite wireless last year and its been fine to use, however last night when I tried to turn it on it did not show signs of powering on. The LEDs did not light up and the power icon did not show any colours of the battery. I went through old forums and could not find a solution as all the posts were multiple years old, and I'm not sure people still use this headset. If anyone knows how to fix this please reply to this post.
  3. I have had this headset for about 4 months. I don't exactly know how it broke, but it broke after I plugged it in into my PlayStation controller, then I took it out, and it only works on the right ear. No, it isn't my device, It only works on the right ear on all devices. Not sure why it broke like this.
  4. I've had my HS70 Pro for about 7 months now, and this problem started about 3 months ago. Whenever my headset is low on battery, and I plug it in, it'll start repeatedly disconnecting and reconnecting. It stops after it charges for a while. I checked iCue while it was happening, and when its unplugged it shows the actual battery, then when i plug it in instead of saying charging like it should, the battery increases, all the way up to 90. When i unplug it it goes back down to 3%. I really can not stand this and would appreciate any help I can get.
  5. I have a newly built PC with new corsair HS45 Headphones that come with a attachable mic. When i play any kind of audio, it is heard through the mic as well as the headphones. This happens constantly and not just through a certain application as i have tried voice recordings and get the same result. I have tried making the headphones and mic default and disabled any other possible output input devices. I have also installed Icue but unsure if this helps. Have installed drivers for audio that are for my asus motherboard. any suggestions from what i could try to fix this?
  6. i have recently bought the corsair virtuoso headset, please so far but when i go to play Counter Strike the footsteps sound muffled, my previous headset was the HyperX CloudII. i thought maybe i need to adjust my game volume but it just makes the muffled sound more apparent. i dont know what to do to try and make the sound clear again.
  7. So this usually didn't happen but recently it started happening and i have tried doing so much to fix it. Basically when i have a charging cable connected the headset works fine, then when i take the cable out it just says ''Not connected'' instantly When plugged in it goes from ''Charging'' to ''100%'' I really would like some help since i cant even use this wireless headset without having it not wireless
  8. My st100 rgb recently stoped giving sound true its 3.5 jack on the side, when i put it as my standard audio device in windows it goes to the mute and i cant change it, can someone help me ? i tryed forceupdating the st100 but dident help at all
  9. For anyone still having this problem, I have a possible fix. Steps are at the end of the post. So I had this problem where the mic on my Void Pro Wireless RGB sounded like absolute trash and after going back & forth with Corsair tech support, they finally suggested the following solution and it worked. Well, my bf recently got the Void Pro Wireless RGB SE a couple weeks ago and out of nowhere he started having the random beeping problem. Forcing a firmware update didn't fix it, updating iCue didn't fix it, switching USB ports didn't fix it, uninstalling and reinstalling related drivers didn't fix it... We spent over two hours trying to fix this issue with no success. On a hunch I had him follow the same procedure that Corsair tech support had recommended to me and he hasn't had the problem since. That was a week ago now, so it seems to have worked, at least in this case. Good luck, I hope this helps someone. This is applicable to both laptop and desktop pcs. In Windows, Search for Power & Sleep Settings Scroll down to Additional Settings Find your current plan and select Change Plan Settings Click Change Advanced Power Settings Find USB Settings and expand it by clicking the + icon Expand USB Selective Suspend Setting If it says Enabled, disable it. On desktop pc, there should only be one instance. On laptops, there will be On Battery and Plugged In. Disable this setting for both. Click Apply and hopefully you've fixed your :brick::wtfman::rant::rant2:.
  10. Folks, So I just upgraded to the latest iCUE version (3.19.120) and I have noticed that the software no longer is able to work properly with my ST100. Here's the current status: Working I can hear audio with my stereo headsets just fine. Microphone works Not working (they worked prior to 3.19): EQ presents do not do anything. I have switched all the EQs that come with the software (FPS optimized, Bass Boost, etc.) and the audio does not change at all I no longer get audio prompts from iCUE when I turn on/off my mic, my surround sound, etc. I press the surround sound button to enable/disable it and nothing happens. I am not sure in which state my headphones are stuck, though windows reports an 8 channel audio device connected at all times troubleshooting tried so far Uninstalled software and cleaned registry Unplugged the ST100 Installed the latest iCUE version Rebooted machine Plugged in ST100. It gets detected, I get audio from it but symptoms described above persist System specs MSI Z390I Gaming edge AC Intel i7-9700K Windows 10 latest updates installed (up-to-date to Sept '19) Any idea or pointers to fix these issues is greatly appreciated
  11. Title says it all really. I have done every trouble shooting thing I can find. And there is still no audio from discord. My headset was working, sound was coming in fine but now no voice audio from other people on discord. My other wired headset works fine but these stopped working suddenly. And only with discord. All other audio comes in great but no voice/sound from discord. My mic works just no sound for whatever reason. I have uninstalled and reinstalled iCUE, discord, drivers. I bought these specifically for discord use.
  12. The microphone audio for the void pro is extremely distorted, almost as if it is crushing the audio. I have a recording of it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/82a69im3ru30k04/Distorted%20Void%20Pro%20Recording.mp3?dl=0 It seems that the feedback on the software is fine, but in discord, audacity, steam voice chat... it all sounds distorted.
  13. Hello, the system volume has been increasing by itself for a few months now, I noticed that it was because of my H1500 USB headset. No matter what the sound level, it increases up to 100% automatically. I use Win10 pro / 1803 and my headset is up to date (v2.0.37) has anyone ever encountered this problem ? thank you in advance
  14. I recently got the HS60 headset a couple days ago, and was happy with it at first. But I recently noticed that for some reason the headset will pick up audio from whatever I hear and play it through the mic. I've tried numerous methods to try and resolve the issue, but none have worked so far. The mic is detachable so I removed it from the headset to see if that would do anything, it didn't. I also tried the mute button as well, that didn't work either. I even tried removing the mic AND muting at the same time just to see what that would do, and it still manages to pick up sound and play it through. The ONLY thing that seems to fix it is by going into CUE, selecting the headset and manually muting the mic, which is kind of absurd. Let it be known that I've owned multiple headsets in the past and none have ever had this issue before, so I'm almost certain it has nothing to do with my PC. I use a virtual audio mixer as well to route all my audio, so it has nothing to with sound cards either. And before anyone suggests it, yes I've tried setting the headset (including the mic) as defaults for my audio and that doesn't work either.
  15. Hi guys, I'm running Windows 8.1 and I only bought this headset about five days ago so I have the latest drivers (Headset Software Version 2.0.26, Audio Drivers I've yet to find an exact reason as to what sets off this problem as it can happen when I'm doing nothing, when I'm in the middle of a YouTube vid, a game, a Skype call, music... there's not really any defining factors I can see straight up. But anyway, the issue: At random intervals (the time varies between incidents), the audio in my headset goes kaput. The mic continues to function, and occasionally there will be crackly blips pulsing in the headphones at regular intervals. This will continue until I unplug the dongle and replug it back in. Turning the headset on and off does nothing to fix it. If it happens mid-game, I have to reboot the game to get audio back. YouTube videos will cease to play if it drops out while I'm watching something. Spotify flat out crashes. iTunes stays open but the song time numbers won't move until the sound is back up. I have tried uninstalling the drivers and the software, rebooting and then reinstalling things. No success. The default format for the headset audio is set to DVD Quality. I can find no solutions online though I think some people are having similar issues? Corsair has -not- responded to my support ticket lodged four days ago, despite their email claiming they answer within one business day. Any help appreciated.
  16. as said in the title, I can hear myself trough my mic, This is really annoying, it gives me some headache, I tried somethings I found on the internet, but those didn't work, can someone help me?
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