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Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE connection failure

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Hello everyone, I´m new here.


Honestly I immediately joined this forum because I have a super annoying issue with my headset. As soon as I move like 4 meters from the slipstream USB it disconnects and reconnects again. This is super annoying and I don´t know why it´s happening.


Background info:


I did just move a router into my room and have cabled internet on my pc now. Maybe this somehow interferes with it?


Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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The range on the headset is up to 60ft in perfect conditions. The addition of other wireless devices, especially a wireless router, and the likelihood that you are also putting walls between the headset and the wireless receiver would explain why once you get about 12 meters (roughly 39.5ft) from the receiver you start to experience the signal cutting in and out. This is a basic limitation of low power 2.4ghz devices.
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