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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone, I´m new here. Honestly I immediately joined this forum because I have a super annoying issue with my headset. As soon as I move like 4 meters from the slipstream USB it disconnects and reconnects again. This is super annoying and I don´t know why it´s happening. Background info: I did just move a router into my room and have cabled internet on my pc now. Maybe this somehow interferes with it? Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated.
  2. So, I want to preface this by saying that I made the switch to Corsair 2-3 years ago, and likewise, that this will be a longwinded post. I didn't exactly have problems with the other products I was using, however, I wanted to try something different. Up until the last year or so, I haven't had any issues with Corsair. I found the iCue software to be a little complicated, but only because I am not well versed with this sort of thing. As for the two mice that I've had, no issues whatsoever. I accidentally broke my Corsair headset (don't quite recall the make/model), and replaced it with my Void Elite RGB Wireless headset. Initially, it worked great. After a few months or so, I noticed that I could no longer use USB 3.0 or 3.1 (believe this exists) slots. I corrected this issue after a little reading. As of right now, I'm experiencing what appears to be a faulty connector/receiver either with my one USB 2.0 slot on my computer, or the cable that I use to keep my headset charged at all times (I've always had these plugged in). That, or the issue was with the default cable connector, or the headset slot itself where the cable connects into. I cannot properly diagnose the problem, and it's extremely frustrating, because my headset may work for 2-3 hours, and then it will say "Charging battery" off and on, and it may go away, or it may eventually shutdown on me. Rinse and repeat. Sometimes it's after 20-30 minutes, and if I get lucky, I restart it, it seems to charge, and then I'm good for a few hours. I want to also add that I replaced the default charging cable that came with the headset with another one that is compatible with it. The problem persists. Unless someone on here can help me come to a solution, I'm going to go make a switch, which frankly, I'd rather not make, but I have been more than patient with this, and to my admission, I've kind of just accepted this and decided to make due with it. As of this post and my registering on these forums, I'm intent on finding out the issue, and fixing it, but I will need help. Lastly, before anyone asks, everything is up to date as for iCUE and the firmware for all of my products. I always make sure of this. Thanks in advance.
  3. Bonjour, Depuis quelques semaines je rencontre un problème avec mon CORSAIR VOID PRO Wireless Gaming Headset. J'ai le casque depuis environs deux ans, et jusqu'à présent je n'avais aucun soucis. Maintenant je me retrouve souvent à avoir mon casque qui se déconnecte et reconnecte en boucle (micro et casque). Cela arrive généralement quand je joue et que je suis sur un discord, et j'ai l'impression que selon le jeu cela n'arrive pas à la même fréquence. J'ai déjà désinstallé et réinstallé les pilotes ainsi que le logiciel iCue mais le problème est toujours aussi récurent... Je suis arrivé au bout des solutions que je connaisse ou que j'ai pu trouver sur internet, alors je me permets de poster ce message dans l'espoir de recevoir de l'aide ;) Merci à vous ! Ps: Je suis sous Windows 10
  4. I just purchased this new Corsair Void Elite Surround Premium Gaming Headset and plugged it into my computer. I noticed that it was giving sending my own voice back as well as all the other sounds on the computer. I looked into it and found the download for the iCUE on the manuals that came in the box. I downloaded it and now whenever I go into the iCUE app it says my mic is off and I cannot hear any sounds and my mic does not work. This is a wired headset plugged into my pc with the included usb dongle. Can someone help me and tell me why this is happening? Thank you!
  5. I just want to start off by saying I previously posted my original thread in the wrong category. So my problem is that when I plugged in my headset for the first time it was working. I had just recently bought it and was ready. Then I noticed that I was hearing my own voice through the headset. I could hear other audio but hearing my own voice got annoying. I went in to researching how to fix it and found nothing. Then I went to the manuals that came with the headset and found the iCUE download and got it. After I installed it I plugged in my headset using the included 3.5mm headphone jack to usb dongle that came with my headset and was greeted with the voice on the iCUE saying “headset off.” Then no sound was coming through and I tried to call my friend on discord and when he answered he typed in the chat that he could not hear me. I was confused and researched again to find nothing on what was happening. I tried everything I knew to do but could not find a solution. Could someone help me? Thank you
  6. It's been only a couple of weeks since I bought my pair of Corsair Virtuoso RGB - Carbon headset, and to be honest I'm mostly disappointed. The quality is lackluster at best, for that sum that they go for. On my first week the little cylindrical decorative piece at the base of the microphone came loose, after two weeks the volume wheel started to work sporadically, making it completely useless, I try to adjust the volume up but it goes down, trying to decrease the volume but it increases, it jumps around like crazy, so I manually set the volume though the Volume control in Windows and don't even dare to touch the volume wheel. Curious if anyone had similar problems with the volume wheel on their Virtuoso headsets.
  7. I have a newly built PC with new corsair HS45 Headphones that come with a attachable mic. When i play any kind of audio, it is heard through the mic as well as the headphones. This happens constantly and not just through a certain application as i have tried voice recordings and get the same result. I have tried making the headphones and mic default and disabled any other possible output input devices. I have also installed Icue but unsure if this helps. Have installed drivers for audio that are for my asus motherboard. any suggestions from what i could try to fix this?
  8. Hi, I need help, i have my headset plugged into the micro usb charger but in my settings its saying that im not connected. When I turn my headset on, it does the powering up noise, but isn't saying "power on" i have voice setting turned on as well. And i checked the other end of my cord and its firmly plugged into my pc. If someone can help me that would be very appreciated.
  9. soo today i just bought this headset for 85$, and i cant even get it to work on "Bluetooth & other device" it shows as: "Corsair VOID PRO USB Gaming Headset Driver error" and when i try to update the driver from Device maneger i get an error that says: "Windows encountered a problem installing the drivers for your device Windows found drivers for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install them. USB Audio Device One of the installers for this device cannot perform the installation at this time. If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit their website and check the support section for drivers." but iCUE can detect the headset and can even change the color what do i do? if i dont get this fixed soon then ill have no other option than return it and get a refund which is something i want to avoid
  10. I have a wireless void pro headset, and overall for the first couple of week of owning it, it was working perfectly. Then out of the blue it started to randomly disconnect me from in game voice chats. I could hear and talk to people in discord no problem, but I wouldn't be able to talk to people in game nor hear them. I've tried to force update my headset through ICUE, but not luck with it working. This occurs more often then not, and I'm confused and want to know if there's a way to fix this.
  11. I recently got the HS60 headset a couple days ago, and was happy with it at first. But I recently noticed that for some reason the headset will pick up audio from whatever I hear and play it through the mic. I've tried numerous methods to try and resolve the issue, but none have worked so far. The mic is detachable so I removed it from the headset to see if that would do anything, it didn't. I also tried the mute button as well, that didn't work either. I even tried removing the mic AND muting at the same time just to see what that would do, and it still manages to pick up sound and play it through. The ONLY thing that seems to fix it is by going into CUE, selecting the headset and manually muting the mic, which is kind of absurd. Let it be known that I've owned multiple headsets in the past and none have ever had this issue before, so I'm almost certain it has nothing to do with my PC. I use a virtual audio mixer as well to route all my audio, so it has nothing to with sound cards either. And before anyone suggests it, yes I've tried setting the headset (including the mic) as defaults for my audio and that doesn't work either.
  12. I have gotten into a problem where my headset audio is very low, i don't know what to do. Heres what I have tried: Restarting my pc, Reconnecting the headset, Changed USB port for the receiver, Hope someone can help me.
  13. Hi! tl;dr My headset won't power on or connect, the dongle is set in pairing mode, and I cannot use the headset. Details below. I've had this headset for about 9 months now, absolutely wonderful experience and by far my favorite headset that I've used. However, as of me getting home today, I found that my headset had not been charging at all, and the blinking light on the dongle was flashing about 2 times a second. I looked at many of the threads here and tried many solutions, firmware installation, boot loader mode etc. But none of these work because my computer simply won't recognize that the headset plugged in (it will only recognize the dongle) I have tested it with multiple USB cables that I know work and It still won't charge. I thought at first that a power surge must have damaged the battery, but I do have my all my other peripherals connected to my PC which is plugged into a surge protector (and they were all working fine). Did my battery go dead and if so is this covered by some kind of warranty, or is it just firmware issues? Thanks for any help and sorry for the long paragraph! Just wanted to give as much detail as possible.
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