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corsair crystal 570x PSU Shroud


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I love this case sooooo much...i'm willing to do extra hours just so i could buy this case...


Everything about this case is perfect except :


1. PSU Shroud is open and we could see all the wires in the front..

2. There is not even a slight gap between bottom of MOBO and the PSU Shroud..



The second one i can deal with it by routing it differently or by making a small holes in PSU shroud..


But the PSU shroud extension should have been given for this case, atleast as an optional accessory...


I've never registered for a forum before...But i love this case sooo much & just to requesting corsair i've joined this forum..


Please corsair, requesting you to consider providing an additional PSU shroud as an accessory to cover up that gap in the front..




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It just looks horrible....Even if you zip tie everything, it doesnt look good...

Common Corsair, it's 2017..Everyone is aiming to hide the cables..This case does complete opposite to that...


The reason i am saying this is because all the other aspects of the case is perfect..Beautiful design...Nice light tint to side panel..RGB Fans with effects..

Cable management bar at the rear panel...Glass on Top...


But No PSU Shroud and horrible mistake to not even have a little gap between bottom of MOBO and PSU Shroud...


They have to correct this..

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dear corsair the case of 2017 should be the design of crystal 460x rgb case, and make that like 5 cm taller in length so we can put in, an all in one cooler, and still have clearance in ram, even with a push pull config... more on that later.


second, io on front needs an upgrade to thunderbolt 3.1 in addition to the io already there, all in the same location where it is now. next, we rlly don't want all tempered glass, as you guys have experimented with the 570x, its a good case, but hiding cables just is more of a priority (than all tempered), and prior to that, i think the best move would be to keep the front, left and top panel as tempered (right side covered to hide cables), and plz add a mechanism to catch the glass, so it doesnt drop onto a hard table if not carefull when the screws are removed, and easier to reinstall after cleaning dust filters)... (the rubber added right now is great, that build quality must continue).


last of all, plz make this version with new types of fans (same type as hd120 rgb but a software to control colours) every rgb aspect of ur product has been able to be customised with a software, so whats with the lighting controllers on the fans (the sp120 and hd120)??? i would rather have a micro storage bios on the fans to be able to store multiple colour styles and customise manually what type of lighting my fans has, to match the rest of the build, like keyboard, cooler, and everything else, which is another reason for u guys to say to go all corsair, xD... aside from that, the fans could have three user bios for which lighting they want on the fans, and can be scrolled with the lighting io on the case, as well as brightness, and maybe add a disable lighting function to the case io... which can be toggles to select which lighting can be disabled in the software... good feature, if your plying in the dark, an intense game, and the lighting is kinda distracting you, then you can go into "all focus mode, xD"


right so enough of my ramble, i think this is what would be a perfect case, and the reason for duel push pull config located on a rad mounted on the top of the case would be so as the top would be tempered, u can see inside the case one set of rgb fans as well through the tempered glass at the top another set of rgb fans... (the better cooling is just a bonus)


if any administrators on foruns have read this, plz be kind to forward this to some of the case designers, as this is what we have wanted, (have read multiple reviews, and it seems this is most of the common things wanted as well as a better cpu shroud, maybe a full basement and a better positioned hole which routs all* cables behind the case) thx.

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How bad do the cables from PS come out the end of the shroud? I JUUUUST ordered this case.


I have the Corsair CX750M and the cables don't stick out at all. Because of the tint on the glass and the black PSU cables you cant really see anything either. It does not look bad but I can imagine if someone has a non modular PSU or oversized one it might be an issue.



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The dislike of the PSU shroud, its side panels without hinges, or even fitment issues with GPU radiators appears pretty consistent across the 570X's spectrum of customers, so I won't quote them here...


Really the case is a marriage between their existing mid-tower range, and their fairly recent brand of RGB products. But a rose by any other name etc. so, unfortunately, it's not enough for gaming enthusiasts or people wanting to make a workstation. If Corsair made something that competed with Thermaltake's or Phantek's cases, however, it might be a very different story.

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I have also purchased the 570x Crystal case and i'm very interested in the PSU shroud extension or cover that would cap off the end like the 460x. Please Corsair could you provide an affordable option to shroud the PSU cable nightmare and bring this case to the 2017 best case to build with.


The case is beautiful and used as a living room piece like furniture, connected to a wall mounted 55" Monitor.


This case deserves attention.



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I wont be able to look at the build once the case is delivered. I'm going to remove the shroud. I want to use acrylic however I'm having a challenge as to what method to use to make grommet holes in acrylic.


I don't have access to laser anything. But I need to remove the shroud first and I don't want to cut it out. It was on display at Fry's today but it was staged in such a way I couldn't take the panels off to get a good look.


Any tool or grommet ideas would be appreciated!

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Finally was able to cover the hideous PSU shroud...I used acrylic sheet [black color] and cut it into exact shape. I placed one on the side of PSU shroud and one in the back of PSU shroud..


I had extra acrylic sheet, so i covered the 2 3.5" HDD with the it..


Now it looks much better. If Hue+ is not there, no wires will be visible.


Have ordered sleeved cables, it will take time to arrive..


[To view the image...right click and open the image in a new tab]





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Guys Corsair now sell the PSU shroud end plate for £3.99 plus delivery. They should supply it free of charge but they just want to make a bit of extra cash ? I'm being cynical


Anyway it only comes in black and i got the white case, so I sprayed it white and it looks great


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