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  1. I don't suppose that you have a Corsair Dark Core RGB SE Wireless/Wired Gaming Mouse with Qi Wireless Charging, do you? I had 2 of these mice, both with the same problem that you are having, in the end I bought an Ironclaw cordless mouse which works perfectly (most of the time).
  2. It seems to be a bit hit and miss whether you get a good one or not, I loved mine (both of them) but they both randomly moved the pointer to the top left and randomly disconnected. I charged them with a QI phone charger, which worked well, but the battery life was a letdown. If I could be sure of getting a good one (and if the battery life improved), I'd buy another today.
  3. If you bought it from Amazon, they are responsible for the first 12 months, under UK/European law, so take it up with them.
  4. I bought a Dark Core with QI charging and it would randomly disconnect and also randoly move the pointer to the top left corner of the screen. I had no problems with the QI charging, but the battery life was appalling, I charged it over night, used it for an hour in the morning, went to work without switching it off and when I came home, it was as dead as a Dodo. I really wanted to love this mouse, it was perfect for me, size, buttons, everything, so much so that I returned it for a replacement (thanks Amazon), but it was exactly the same, so I returned it for a refund and bought a Logitech G903. Not as nice and it registered double click about 70% of the time. I liked this mouse so much, that I keep looking at it and wondering if the problems have been solved, but Corsair are still saying "up to 24 hours battery life", which, in my not so humble opinion, is nothing to boast about.
  5. I have just installed a Gigabyte RTX 2080 gpu and iCue doesn't detect it. It detected my previous Gigabyte GTX 1070 card. As far as I'm aware I have the latest version of iCue and I downloaded and installed the latest Nvidia drivers on Saturday, when I installed the 2080.
  6. Hi c-attack, thanks for that. I'll have to have a search through my cupboard. Cheers.
  7. I'm currently using a pair of ML 140 LED fans on this cooler and the original fans are in a cupboard along with quite a few other corsair fans. Can anyone tell me how to identify the original fans that came with the H110i GT so that I can return them with the cooler?
  8. Gave it a shake, no luck. Looks like I will have to accelerate the timetable for building the new one. Created a ticket on Saturday and the RMA was approved today (Tuesday). It would probably have been quicker except that for some reason my receipt and screenshot of Link didn't go in with the original ticket. Many thanks to Corsair for their excellent service.
  9. I've been using the old one while I gradually build the new one, new case, new motherboard, new psu and new cooler. I've been doing it a bit at a time, due to other commitments, until it's at the stage where I need to start dismantling the old one for drives, gpu, fans etc. Building it into the new case (Define R6) is proving to be a bit of a challenge after my 900D. Still, I may turn the old one off tonight and give it a bit of a shake, that is if I can lift it:biggrin:
  10. Thanks for that, when I saw that the coolant was the same as the cores I figured that it was toast. Luckily, it's still within warranty. Even more luckily, I'm part way through a new build, using a Ryzen 2700X, cooled by a H100i Hydro PRO RGB. Yesterday I used the current computer to play a game and the temp stayed at about 70 C, so hopefully it will be ok until I get to the stage in my new build where I have to start pulling bits out of my current build (drives and gpu).
  11. I have been using my current system for just over 2 years, it includes a Core i5 6600K, overclocked to 4.4 GHz and cooled by an H110i GT. The temps have been low to mid 20's at idle and max of 55 when gaming. This morning, it shut down and when I tried to reboot it, I got a red light on the motherboard (for the cpu) and a warning that it was over temp. I eventually got into the bios and saw that the temp was 89C. I then downclocked it to 3600 GHz which dropped the temp below 80 and enabled me to get into Windows. I started Link and the temps were: Core 2 -62 Core 3 -63 Core 4 -58 Core 5 -55 Package -63 Load 20% H110iGT Temp 62.2 Pump 3197 rpm Fan 1 -1129 Fan2 -1126 These temps are with the pump on performance and the fans set to my own curve. Nothing has changed in the system so could anyone suggest a cause? Playing around suggests to me that either the pump is on its way out or there's a blockage in the rad.
  12. I put it on the CPU line, i.e. 6600K O/C to 4.5 and cooled by H110iGT.
  13. You will only be able to use the H110i GT in the R6 if you configure the R6 in the open layout, i.e. remove the HDD trays and move the front HDD panel to the back of the case. Even then there may be problems with the height of components on the motherboard. I have just bought an R6 to replace my 900D and have been in contact with Fractal Design about this very point. The above information is what they gave me. Looks like I will be buying a 240mm cooler.
  14. I've been using an H110i GT for several years, the last 16 months with a pair of ML Pro Blue led fans. In all honesty I don't believe that Corsair do a better cooler, particularly with those fans, which is a shame as I have just bought a new case and the H110i GT won't fit in the top of it.
  15. You can also get adhesive magnetic stripshttps://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B009IQ9Y9U/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 My only slight worry is that the magnets might affect the electronics in the CoPro.
  16. How about one of these NZXT AC-IUSBH-M1 Internal USB Hub? It's no good if you have no usb 2.0 headers on your motherboard, but if you have one it helps a lot.
  17. The H110i GT definitely works with any 115* socket, I'm using mine on an 1151 board. Not sure about the AM4 socket though.
  18. It's a while since I looked, but aren't there 4 holes in the bottom of the tray (like the one in the picture) that you can use to screw the HDD in place? Failing that, remove the bung and use screws and washers.
  19. It looks to me as though you remove the tray, use 2 or 4 short screws to fasten the SSD to the tray (from the rear of the tray) and then replace the tray, so that you can see the SSD but not the tray. I hope that this makes sense.
  20. snapper69

    H150i Pro RGB

    It can also be controlled by Link, if you don't want to install iCue, which is, after all, a BETA release, rather than the eventual full fat, all singing and dancing version that we will eventually get.
  21. The 900D has space for 12 HDD's and if you don't use the 5.25 bays, you can fit more in there. It is a BIG case though.
  22. Shame really, I have a Commander Mini, which I have been using without a problem for quite some time, I also have a Commander Pro (still in it's box). The C mini is useful for controlling the old led strips and perfectly ok for controlling case fans. It's a shame that it's no longer supported. Looking at the number of parts that are still in their boxes, I'm beginning to think that buying computer parts and actually using them are 2 different hobbies.
  23. I'm fairly sure that the coolant doesn't flow through the fins, so some slight damage shouldn't matter. You shouldn't need to run your fans that high, the fans on my 280mm rad run at 800 to 900 rpm. Of course it depends on the temperatures of your cpu and the cooler coolant. Check them in Link and try running the fans at a lower speed and see what difference that makes.
  24. DO NOT swap it with your supplier. You will need to contact Corsair, using the "Support Ticket System" link at the top of the page (you will need to register again for that) and tell them what you have posted here, along with a copy of your invoice for the cooler, plus any photos that you have. You will probably need to send any damaged parts to Corsair for them to examine. They deal with situations like this on a case by case basis.
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