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  1. Hallo zusammen, bitte um kurze Hilfe bezüglich der richtigen Lüfterwahl bzw. einer Lösung mit den neueren SP-Lüftern zur einheitlichen RGB-Steuerung aller sich im 570x-Gehäuse befindlichen Lüfter. Möchte lediglich neben den 3 bereits vorinstallierten Frontlüftern einen weiteren Lüfter zur Luftausfuhr hinten am Gehäuse installieren. Folgender nun neu bestellter und eingebauter Lüfter, der ebenfalls an den Corsair RGB-HUB angeschlossen ist, ändert leider die Farbe nicht und leuchtet konstant hellblau: Corsair iCUE SP120 RGB ELITE Performance (in weiß!). https://www.amazon.de/Corsair-Performance-120mm-PWM-Lüfter-AirGuide-Technologie-ansteuerbare/dp/B08XY2D47H/ref=sr_1_5?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=corsair%2Blüfter%2Bweiß&qid=1633175098&sr=8-5&th=1 Hatte nun hier gelesen, dass die neueren SP-Modelle nicht kompatibel mit den vorinstallierte SP-Gehäuse-Lüftern am RGB-HUB sind. Aus meiner negativen Erfahrung leiten sich nun folgende Fragen ab: 1) welcher Lüfter wäre der richtige gewesen? Und wo gibt es diese zu welchem Preis zu kaufen? Auf welches Merkmal muss ich achten, um diese vor dem Kauf unterscheiden zu können? 2) Gibt es eine Möglichkeit nun den neuen Lüfter zu integrieren? Reicht es, einfach einen weiteren Corsair-RGB-Hub zu installieren und den neuen Lüfter dahinter zu klemmen? Eigentlich will ich auf eine Software-seitige Steuerung der Komponenten verzichten... Der Kram soll einfach einheitlich leuchten und manuell über das Case steuerbar sein. Wollte dafür nun nicht Elektrotechnik studieren müssen oder mich durch den Forum-dschungel hier kämpfen... Über hilfreiche Hinweise/Antworten wäre ich dankbar. Beste Grüße & ein schönes Wochenende Einfach Ich
  2. Hi all, We're pleased to announce that we'll have USB 3.1 Type-C upgrade kits available for the immensely popular Crystal Series 570X and Obsidian Series 750D very soon! These kits add a USB 3.1 Type-C port on your chassis' front I/O and plug into the USB 3.1 Type-C motherboard front panel header that have started to appear on some motherboards. Both kits are priced at USD $19.99 and will be available on our webstore. Links: Crystal 570X kit - http://www.corsair.com/en-us/crystal-570x-rgb-usb-3-1-type-c-i-o-panel-upgrade-kit Obsidian 750D kit - http://www.corsair.com/en-us/obsidian-series-750d-usb-3-1-type-c-i-o-panel-upgrade-kit Photos! Installed example for Crystal 570X: Close up of Crystal 570X kit: Installed example for Obsidian 750D: Obsidian 750D kit: Connectors on Obsidian 750D kit:
  3. Hey Guys, When I use sleep mode on the windows, The cabinet's Power button and Sail logo on the front side blinks but the Corsair text and logo on the side turns off instead of blinking. When I wake the system light turn on again without any issue. Any idea why it's not blinking like the front side logo and powerbutton. Thanks
  4. Hey guys, We've seen the awesome Crystal Series 570X builds the community has put together and have also taken your feedback into consideration. We're happy to announce that we've released a PSU shroud cover plate to cap off the end of the 570X's PSU shroud, making it easier to hide away the cables that are coming from the power supply. You can find the plate on our webstore: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/crystal-570x-psu-shroud-cover Also available in white: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/crystal-570x-white-psu-shroud-cover And for a quick unboxing/install, you can check out my blog post: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/blog/2017/july/crystal%20series%20570x%20psu%20shroud%20cover%20installation
  5. Hi guys, I've got a Corsair Crystal 570X case which comes with the Corsair RGB Hub. I've plugged into it 5x120LL and 1x120SP that comes with it. The issue is only 2x120LL of the fans start up when I turn my PC on. If I press the 3 buttons on top of the case for changing the RGB settings of the fans, I might get lucky and turn the 3rd 120LL fan on. In 1 out of 100 of the times, the other 2 120LL fans turn on as well. If not, just a total of 2 actually turn on. What I've found out is that the fans on pos. 4, 5 and 6 on the Corsair RGB hub just refuse to work. I've tested so many combinations to see if there is a way to make it work but it just doesn't. Is getting the Corsair Commander Pro the only solution to this? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  6. We've now got an assortment of anodized thumbscrews for mounting the tempered glass panels of the 570X (in case you wanted to customize your build with something that has a bit more pop than the standard stealthy black thumbscrews). Available colors are: blue silver gold red Here's a quick pic of what the gold screws look like when installed: As well as the screws included with the kit (8x short for mounting the side panels and 8x long for mounting the front and top panels): You can find the anodized thumbscrews on our webstore using this link, then select the color you want with the drop down menu.
  7. I’m a noob at this but was just wondering, with the corsair 570x case, what are the ports like? Are there any HDMI? At the moment I have a prebuilt HP pavilion tower, and all the ports (hdmi etc) are on the back, with USBs and headphone jack on the front. I know that the Corsair crystal 570x they are on the top but from the pictures I’ve seen there are no ports on the back other than power supply ... so how are you meant to link it to a monitor? On my current pc it has 4 USBs, but on the 570x it only has 2, right? Which means if I were to have keyboard, mouse, headphones and I assume monitor connected via USBs, that’s not enough. I may be waffling because I have no idea what I’m on about but can someone help :( Edit: Solved
  8. Hi, Can anyone tell me if the thumbscrews sold here are compatible with the Corsair 460x case? https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Cases/570x-thumbscrews-config/p/CC-8900102 Thanks Alex
  9. Hi guys, im going round in circles here! Sorry if its been answered a million times. 570x Crystal Filters, where can i get the replacement plastic screw lugs for the filters? as i've officially knackered all of mine! Thanks in advance
  10. I have a 570x in white and I am so beyond excited about it. I have loaded it with a few extra fans. I could not find any of the ones that came with the case, so i ordered 3 Cooler Master MF120s. I had already purchased a splitter to run the power since my motherboard only had connections for three fans. All 6 fans have power, and are working great. The 3 fans I bought extra are on the back and top of the case. They came with 2 4 pin connectors. I have hooked one into the power splitter, but when I routed the second connector to the RGB controller on the back of the case, they won't go in. Has anyone used this type of fan and can recomend how I can get these connected? I really want the extra lights to really show off how awesome the case is.
  11. Hello fellow Corsair Enthusiasts, I have seen similar posts similar to this topic but they never give a definitive answer. I recently purchased the Corsair Crystal 570x and the H100i AIO CPU cooler. I want to know what the optimal setup is for this case. Option 1: https://imgur.com/5IHYYPf - Mount radiator in the front and set all 3 front fans (120mm) to "Intake" This would suck in cool air from the ambient atmosphere. - There would be 2 more (120mm) fans at the top set to "Intake" as well. (NOTE: The front and top part of the case both have dust shields) - There would be 1 (120mm) fan in the rear set to "exhaust" Option 2: https://imgur.com/0zVPQoU - Mount radiator to the top and set both (120mm) fans to exhaust. - The front 3 (120mm) fans would stay as "Intake" - Lastly, in the rear there would be 1 (120mm) fan set to "exhaust" If there are any more setups that are more optimal please feel free to inform everyone. The debate between "Intake/exhaust" and "Positive/Negative" air pressure has been talked about for a looong time and there is plenty of information out in the web. However, I feel like this case is unique....It is somewhat of an "Open Air" design. There are plenty of cracks and crevasses to let air escape out of. Once again thank you for any information you guys give. :biggrin:
  12. Hey everyone, I am slowly stockpiling parts for my first custom build, and have more or less settled for Corsair for the case and AIO. I have Gigabyte Aorus Pro Wifi, and Trident Z 8G x 2, and want to get the H100i RGB PLATINUM SE for the CPU cooler (i want to go for a mainly white build). however the more i read online, the more it seems top mounting the AIO will be difficult at best, and possibly not possible on certain cases. Can anyone help me confirm if the Corsair Crystal Series 570X will be able to fit my parts with the AIO up top? i'd really like to avoid mounting it on the front if possible. Thank you!
  13. Hi Guys I have a commander pro with 6 LL120 fans connected, it works fine most of the times, but randomly if I have a color patter it just stops doing it, I had them on Sequential in iCue, and randomly you see that is doing the animation only on fans 1 and 2 and the rest of them are static in the last color, and the third one is making the sequence half of the fan and the other fan is static. so I decided to do an static color to check, and even though it works most of the time, randomly you see a fan (any) with a weird color different than the one I selected. For example when I have it sequential, some fans are stuck but if you go to iCue it shows it is doing the effect right, and if you change it to another nothing happens, they keep the same way until I reboot the PC. This issue seems to happens only with the color because they spin fine all the time. Thanks for your help.
  14. My wish is to build a wonderful computer for summer lan events. The theme is white and RGB. I picked up parts from several online retailers. Case directly from the store, all other parts from online. The order went to the week and the parts arrived. I'll add pictures and experiences later.
  15. Hi, I built my first pc using 570x that comes with 3 SP120 fans on front. Fan device is not being detected in iCUE software. However K55 keyboard and Vengeance Ram are both in the devices list. All three fans are separately connected to Asus B450-f mobo. Don't have this hub. (attachment) Please recommend the best possible solution. Thanks!
  16. Hey everyone, I am receiving my 570x this week and I am having some trouble figuring out my fan configuration. I want to keep the 3 sp120s in the front I will be adding an h115i 280 with the included ml140s front mounted against the 3 sp120 and I would like to add 3 more ML120, two at the top and one in the back. I also have the corsair lightstrips and one lighting node pro. what would be the most appropriate way to wire this all? Thanks everyone for the help
  17. Azreeno

    Fans setup

    Hello, I recently got a H150I PRO and I do not really know where I should connect my fans. I have a 570x and i've kept the 3x120mm SP fans at the front and mounted the radiator behind them. I mounted the 3 fans included with the h150i at the top and the back of the case as out take. I connected them to a Fan hub connected to CPU_OPT and I've connected my SP fans to the 3 fan connectors of the AIO. The problem is that my 3fans connected to the hub are running at 600rpm while the fans connected to the AIO are running at 2000rpm. Should I connect the 3 fans included with the H150i to the fans connector of the AIO even if they are not mounted on the radiator and connect the SP fans who are not PWM to the mobo?
  18. Hi there, I've been checking all the posts related to this topic but actually couldn't find anything that could help me solving this issue... I recently built my PC, and everything works well, except the front LED logo and the power button. The pins are connected to the Power LED pins of the motherboard in the right position (I triple checked it) and none of the LEDs work. Just to see if it was a problem with the motherboard pins and not the LEDs/cable, I plugged them into the HDD LED pins, so it would blink instead of being static... But with no result either... I also tried to change the order of the cables just in case the polarity was switched, but with no success :( Is there anything I am missing? I checked that the joint of the cable is properly attached too. Everything looks correct and I tried everything I could think of. Hope somebody can throw some light! (literally lol) Thank you!
  19. Hello all, I have the 570x Corsair Case and the H150i AIO from Corsair. I have the AIO mounted in the front of the case, as that is the only place it can fit. The GPU I am looking at purchasing is 328mm in length, and the case offers 370mm of space for the GPU. However, I was wondering if this space also accounted for the front AIO and fan placement? I’m worried about possible spacing issues within the case. Any help is greatly appreciated, Ecliptic
  20. So I know its not E-ATX case. But anyone who tried it with succes. I had my hots after the new motherboard x570 from MSI called prestige creation. I tried eyeballing the ekstra length of the board and it might fit but occupy half the space for the cables routes which only the 24 pin cable will be an issue I think... so maybe just buy a sleeved 24 pin
  21. Hello all, New to the forum, and I am confused about the 570x front panel cables specifically what’s positive and negative. What confuses me the most is in the instruction manual Power LED + and Power LED - cables look the same, and power sw, reset sw, and HDD LED have arrows pointing up on one side. I assume the side with the arrow is positive?
  22. Bonsoir, Voila j'aimerai acheter une config pour comme boitier 570x et en refroidissement H100i j'ai entendu dire que ce n'étais pas possible de placer les ventilo du H100i en haut du boitier confirmation ?
  23. Hi, so this was my first computer build, which was around 3ish weeks ago, and I was first able to use the computer today. I built in the 570X Crystal White, and I noticed today that the Corsair Logo on the front panel does not light up, I've tried unplugging and replugging all the relevant connectors (both on the mobo and in line), and nothing is working. I have no clue if the power button is also supposed to light up, but that is also not working. If you have any insight into this issue, any help you could give would be very useful, thanks in advance!
  24. Hey guys, looking at switching my case over to a 570x because the thermals in my current case are horrid. I have an 8700k with a H150i pro cooler on it running a push/pull on the front of my case. I currently have 3 120mm thermaltake Riing Trio fans pushing air into the rad, and the ML120mm fans pulling air through the radiator into the case. I have 1 140mm exhaust fan out the back of the case and 2 140mm fans on top exhausting as well. I'm overclocked at 4.8ghz but my CPU temps are around 92C. I was looking at getting the 570x because I heard it had better thermals than my current case? Anyone else running a h150i on the front with the 570x? If so, how are your thermals? Thanks!
  25. Hello All, I purchased the 570X this past year, and later bought a single LL120 Fan. Then I learnt I needed the Commander Pro, so I got that. After some finangling I think I came to the realization that I won't be able to use a LL120 fan and the case fans on the same RGB Fan LED Hub. Is that correct? Is there some way else I can just leave the front 3 fans on a static color?
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