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Found 6 results

  1. I am planning to build a computer and have heard that there are problems with the 680x Case and radiators ... I wonder if there is space for an H150i ELITE CAPELLIX in the front and an additional 240mm radiator below? If someone asks why: I plan to put in an all in one gpu water cooling. Does anyone have the answer to my problem?
  2. Does anyone know if it's possible to control the logos on the 570x mirror black case with the icue software?
  3. Hello everybody!! Thank you for taking the time to read my mod log for the 570X by Corsair! The name "XV" comes from the roman numeral 15, as this is my 15th major project since I started modded 3 years ago. This mod is for Corsair's modding competition, which I am honoured to be part of. We are 10 modders selected from around the globe to compete for a prize (Which I do not know of time of writing this) and also for the bragging rights to say who is the best modder out there :) Specifications: Chassis - Corsair 570X CPU - 5820K Motherboard - Gigabyte X99 Designare SSD - Corsair Force LE 256GB PSU - Corsair HX1200 RAM - Corsair Vengeance White LED DDR4 32GB (4x8GB) GPU - Gigabyte GTX1070 G1 Gaming Fans - Corsair HD120 3pack with Controller Cooling - Custom water loop Plans: My plans are pretty simple with this chassis. I plan to paint the inside of the chassis white or light grey so that the RGB fans have a greater effect within in the chassis. I will replace so of the inside with custom aluminium brushed panels for structure and aesthetics, and also extend the PSU shroud the entire length of the bottom tray. If time permits, I will install a custom water cooling loop with unique layout inside the chassis. On the outside of the chassis, I wish to fabricate custom aluminium panels with a unique design which will sit outside, giving a futuristic look and feel. This project will only take a few weeks to complete, so there might be some compromise on what I wish to do compared to the time that I have to work on this project. After all I am a father of two kids under 3 years old and have a full time job ;) :D So I hope that you stick around, and I will post up some photos as soon as I get them from the camera, haha. Take care guys, and see you all at the next update. Kind regards, Justin / MetallicAcid
  4. I love this case sooooo much...i'm willing to do extra hours just so i could buy this case... Everything about this case is perfect except : 1. PSU Shroud is open and we could see all the wires in the front.. 2. There is not even a slight gap between bottom of MOBO and the PSU Shroud.. The second one i can deal with it by routing it differently or by making a small holes in PSU shroud.. But the PSU shroud extension should have been given for this case, atleast as an optional accessory... I've never registered for a forum before...But i love this case sooo much & just to requesting corsair i've joined this forum.. Please corsair, requesting you to consider providing an additional PSU shroud as an accessory to cover up that gap in the front.. Thanks, Shyam
  5. Just got mine in the mail last week and I must say that Corsair did an excellent job with the aesthetics. Crystal 570X is hands down the best looking case that I've ever seen. I have a few minor gripes with this case however, which I'm sure have already been brought to your attention; 1. The PSU cover, which actually looks like you ran out of budget, as it's open exposing wiring and all. It does already have holes for screws though so with a small piece of metal with a small cable passthrough it would be rather easy for anyone to close it off. 2. The back of the case is see-through, again exposing wires. I understand that this was part of the design and the cable cover was a great addon. I just wish it was more complete with an option to cover up everything. The tempered glass panel could've also been smoked, although I'm sure someone would have an issue with that too. :roll: 3. The way 3,5 inch drives are displayed is a bit hit and miss. Actually it's just miss. Could be fixed with a full metal cover though. Or just throwing them out altogether, which I plan to do next week. The biggest issue by far is #1. Would it be totally impossible for corsair to manufacture an additional piece of metal to cover the PSU cover completely, seeing everyone seems to think it's the only major flaw with this case? I'd do it myself, but I lack the tools to work steel. Any suggestions to perfect the looks of this stunning case are most welcome.
  6. Alex Ciobanu - SimpleModz - 570TRIX Daniel Bolognesi - Twister Mod - CrystaliZed Daniel Cannon - Singularity Computers - Pellucidum Justin Ohlsen - MetallicAcid - XV Laurent PETIPAS - Watermod - 570X MKII Richard Keirsgieter - Kier - WTLO Ronnie Hara - Ronnie Hara Mods - Red Samurai Stephane Beaulieu - Snef - Clear Sky: City of Angels
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