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Corsair fraud - false advertisement for Xeneon 315QHD165


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I have fallen victim of false advertisement made by Corsair on their website. On 16th of January I ordered the monitor "CORSAIR XENEON 315QHD165".

On Corsair's website, on the page for the monitor, it is stated that the monitor features the following color gamut coverage values:

100% SRGB - 100% Adobe RGB - 95% DCI-P3

These are very important features if someone wants to use the monitor for photography and video editing, which was my main purpose with this purchase. However when I received the box, I realized that it was nothing like that. On the box the color gamut coverage was written as:

99% SRGB - 90% DCI-P3 - and no mention of Adobe RGB, something which in the monitor market usually indicates that AdobeRGB coverage is less than 90%.

I contacted Corsair's customer support right away, hoping for a quick response and resolution of the issue. While waiting for a response from them, I did some research on my own and found out that on a different website, newegg.com, the color gamut is indeed not what is advertised on the official website of corsair. On Newegg's listing, the respective color gamut coverage values are:

99% SRGB - 88% AdobeRGB - 90% DCI-P3

I wrote back to Corsair's customer support, hoping they are going to apologize and come up with some appeasement offer. Instead the response was, we are going to look into it, and since then I have had no answer from them. I did write back to them, a couple oftimes, and their reply was "we are going to contact you soon". The last response I had was on the 30th of January saying that they will have an answer for me "tomorrow the latest".  

On their website, this monitor is still to this day, falsely advertised as one that has 100% SRGB and AdobeRGB and 95% DCI-P3. I have already contacted government bodies that handle consumer fraud. Although I paid 450 euros, I'm still without a monitor as I refuse to open the box for something that I wouldn't have ordered if I had known that the color gamut coverage is not what I need. I will publish this on every PC hardware and gaming forum and social media there is. People need to know about this.

Screenshots attached that prove my point.

Corsair website Xeneon 315qhd color gamut.JPG

Corsair website xeneon 315qhd color specs.JPG

newegg website xeneon 315QHD165 description.JPG

xeneon 315qhd box color gamut.jpg

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  • Corsair Employee

We're working on getting this rectified on our messaging. Thanks for reaching out to us. Do return the item as it's definitely not what you expected, understandably.

For anything further, do contact our team: help.corsair.com


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