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Please forgive me if i make any errors or don't post enough details, Its my first time posting on a forum.


I've had my K70 RGB for about 10 months or so and recently the LED's haven't been portraying the colours being programmed by the software. I currently have a profile which sends out various colours of purple however certain keys, namely: 4, R, F, C, F4, Home, Page Down, 5 and the next button on the media controls, show a more blueish colour which implies the lack of RED. From this information, I decided to put a pure red profile (255,0,0) and the keys mentioned above display a green colour (Images attached). So we can definitely say the issue is with the RED colour, either being very dull, completely dead or the software is being funky.


Now the question is how to fix it, obviously, but is this an issue with the software or the RGB LED's itself? My software version (1.15.36) is up to date at the time of writing and so is the firmware version (1.33). The program also says the device is functioning correctly which it is, except for the LED colours. I am an electronic engineer (student) so I know LED's have a lifespan but it seems all the issues are with the RED which leads me to believe that its a defective LED. I have heard of other people having issues with other colours dying so who really knows. Having said that, why would the LED exhibit green when i set G and B completely off? So maybe software issues?


Im half ready to open it up and solder some new RGB LED's but I want to know if anyone else has the same issue and has fixed it. Hopefully its a software issue because at the premium i paid for my first mechanical keyboard, I wasn't expecting on opening it up and doing some component replacements.



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Follow Henry's advice here. The keyboard has a 2 year warranty on it, and in the even that this is a dead LED, you can RMA. The LEDs are pretty solid in my experience though... I have a water damaged spare K95 RGB here and the LEDs work absolutely fine. Hopefully the hard firmware reset fixes the problem for you! :) Let us know whats going on when you can
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Hi thanks for the responses.


I cant really send it back in, I placed this order from Amazon and got it shipped to South Africa so to pay the shipping fees to get an RMA would end up costing as much as buying a new keyboard.


A quick update, I have 2 more LED's that are being faulty, they all seem to be exhibiting different colour faults, some are Red, others are blue.


I will have a go at the hard reset ASAP, hopefully that will fix the issue :)

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