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  1. That vinyl job looks excellent! I didn't know anyone was still looking at this project - you've made my day!
  2. Check out the Dell S2417DG. 1440p 144hz+ is amazing, and this computer can handle it in most games. In games where you can't achieve 1440p 144hz, gsync will be your rescue! If you could spend more money, there are some really nice 1440p 144hz+ IPS displays as well, but honestly I would get the TN high refresh rate monitor and then an IPS high res monitor for almost the same cost as a high refresh rate IPS display.
  3. The K95P supports multiple hardware lighting layers, including animation layers. I have three different animation profiles with multiple layers saved to my K95P right now. In CUE 2, make sure you are creating a hardware profile if you intend on saving it to your devices.
  4. Very good tutorial! quick note on his comment on "opacity" though: The outer ring on the color wheel changes the brightness of the color, not the opacity. If you create a custom solid lighting layer in advanced mode and decrease the opacity through the lighting effects editor, you could actually be able to see effects shine through. This is not the case if you attempt to change the brightness using the outer ring of the color wheel.
  5. Did you open the keyboard and clean the liquid out? As far as I'm aware, soy sauce is an acid.
  6. Sticky switches can be cleaned if you're really bothered by them Glad to hear your keyboard is still working!
  7. So yeah your warranty is gone, but that's not the end of the story! Take a look at this thread: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=156932 Lucky you, mechanical keyboards are resilient to liquid damage, provided you take the proper steps to clean the spill and give the keyboard ample recovery time. Here is another reputable resource for dealing with spills: https://m.imgur.com/a/9sHx7 I strongly recommend you try these methods and am confident that your keyboard will end up working in the end.
  8. Honestly the only thing I could think of that could go wrong is the printing scale. If you want more specific help feel free to shoot me a PM and include a picture of what happened.
  9. Yes, this lighting profile would work best on the new K70 Lux due to the new lighting controller.
  10. Maybe a sort of advanced option in the lighting menu that lets you specify a "trigger" key (or perhaps a trigger group of keys) that starts the lighting effect? If that were the case, you could easily set up a key to light up an entirely different region of the keyboard.
  11. This is a problem I've heard about before. You have probably scaled the PDF when printing it, which will mess everything up. I've answered this problem before, but the thread is long and it is difficult to read the whole thing. This is the solution I worked on; please forgive me for copy/pasting. If you don't think this is a print scaling issue, please post a picture of the problem you're seeing.
  12. Maybe contact Corsair Support then. I had a similar problem when the driver wouldn't install and it was a problem with Avast...
  13. It sounds to me like something went wrong while installing CUE. I've had problems installing CUE once, and it was because of my overzealous Antivirus software. If I recall correctly, macros are run on a virtual input device, which would require a driver. I would try to completely uninstall CUE 2.X using iobit Uninstaller or by deleting it's mention in the registry, and attempt to install CUE 1.16 again. I think you are missing drivers.
  14. Yes, that file is sized to work with A4 paper. When given the option, choose "No scaling" when you print. Also, if you cut out a small portion you can verify that it will fit the keyboard before cutting all the squares out.
  15. Yes, check my dropbox PDF folder for printable layouts. Paper looks very good, and is practically free. It's what I'd advise anyone without easy access to a laser cutter (or similar equipment) to do.
  16. I don't know of a place that sells them. You could ask a local signage shop if they could cut one for you. They are expensive to get custom made, though.
  17. That looks like a scaling issue. Chech your print settings, and I will check the file for scaling issues when I get home tonight.
  18. I only officially support the US layout, because that's the only keyboard layout I have and can design for. If I were to get my hands on a board with the UK layout, I'd be happy to provide UK support for this mod. Any other files I host are given to me by other contributors that have keyboards I do not have. I don't test these files (because I don't have the required hardware), but I provide them on the forum here if other people would like to use them. As for the RAPIDFIRE series, I believe the new layout is identical to the old layout, but I do not yet own a RAPIDFIRE or Lux board so I can't verify that.
  19. I mean, it's not too hard to remember that double symbol keys are flipped. The main function of every key receives the brighter lighting this way. It is Corsair's design choice. I have no issues typing on any set of keycaps, not even the flipped STRAFE font caps. Food for thought: the "way they are supposed to be" is likewise a design choice. Standards change over time. People innovate and deviate from the standards. Sometimes deviations fail, and other times they work just as well or even better than the accepted standard.
  20. That is a USB power issue. You have your USB slots powered when your PC is off and your PSU is on. These keyboards go into demo mode (what you are seeing) when there is USB power and no USB enumeration. To fix this, turn off USB charging while the computer is off. You should have an EUP or ERP setting in your bios that you can enable/disable. Enable the setting and I'm 90% sure this issue should go away. Also be sure to try it with EUP enabled and disabled. I find the setting unintuitive because on most motherboards you have to enable the feature to disable USB power, but some motherboards change the wording so that you have to disable the feature to disable USB power. The feature is a mess...
  21. I believe you've made a typo, Henry. Don't you need to enable ErP to disable powered USB ports while the computer is "off"? I could be mixing up ERP and EUP, though iirc they are essentially the same thing...
  22. I use a keycap puller. You can remove keycaps by hand... It is just difficult and you run a greater risk of breaking the stem. That being said, I've pulled keycaps with my hand and never broke anything. You just have to make sure you're pulling directly up and do NOT twist, or you will break something! Here's a guide by WASD: [ame] [/ame]
  23. As long as the red L measures 10mm by 10mm, you have printed at the correct scale. In case you would like to test the scale out, you could cut out the arrow keys on their own (or some other small section) and try to put it on the keyboard. It should work just fine. Be careful if you plan on using cardboard. It could work just fine, but the overall thickness should be no more than 1/16" or the keycaps will hit the backplate. I reccomend using craft paper (it is rigid enough to last a long time) I never used any sort of adhesive. That would be up to you, but I think that would void the warranty and make the mod difficult to remove in the event you are trying to RMA a defective keyboard. The model has low tolerances (designed for laser cutting) and fit snugly around the switches, which should hold them down if you cut carefully.
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