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Found 6 results

  1. Hi hoping someone could give me some advice, Whilst screwing my radiator onto the case, I’ve accidentally stabbed one of the tiny fins, and in doing so it looks kinda bent. Is this still usable and is there a chance that I’ve pierced through any parts containing liquid? I’ve attached a pics for a closer look! Thank you!
  2. Hello, Corsair community. I have just experienced a faulty PSU that just destroyed my Motherboard and most likely my other parts... I don't know what to do, I have the receipt of where I purchased my motherboard which is from CanadasComputers. But I wanted to contact Corsair first if they can do anything about my motherboard being damaged. I had the Power supply for about 1 or 2 months now and it was working fine, but then all of a sudden, when I tried turning it on it, turned on normally; my RGB turned on and everything but then it made a weird noise and then poof my computer turn off and then I tried turning it back on and then it made a spark and small smoke came out of my motherboard side where the 24 pins connector was, and then it wouldn't turn back on... it made a weird noise and it smelt very bad. I was very scared and I unplugged everything. My motherboard was the x570 Rog Crosshair and I am devastated, I don't know what to do , I have the proof of purchase ; receipt for both my motherboard and Corsair PSU from certified retailers, but I don't they can cover for the damage the PSU has done because I bought my PSU and MOBO from two different retail ; Canada'sComputer and Amazon.Ca sold by Amazon(Amazon Prime) Please any tips on what to do?
  3. Hello, I've ordered a Corsair RBG fan hub controller online and received it on the 5th November, after installing it on the same day, following the instructions, I've plugged my PC back in and as soon as I turned it on, a load of black smoke came out from behind the panel which made me turn it off immediately. After removing the panel more smoke came out which sounded the fire alarm and I've noticed that the SATA power cable from the controller has fully burnt down damaging my other cable components. (H150i pro hydro series cooler). If I return the product, do I get compensation for the damage the faulty product has caused? And what are my options. I've reported it to the corsair support members but they've not explained it clearly on what happens. I've shopped with corsair multiple times and never experienced a single problem until now.
  4. Update Installation Problem (3.7.99) Whenever a new update comes out my keyboard stops Lighting "K95 RGB Platinum" so I always have to update it to re-light, but today I had to install it to light it but I can not install the latest version since I get it the following error. https://imgur.com/Ad3tbTQ
  5. Hello - I seem to be having an issue with the VOID PRO RGB Wireless headset regarding on/off issues. Now I've skimmed through a lot of threads with people regarding the same issue so I might of missed some important information but all of the things I've read so far doesn't seem to help, so I'll explain what's going on briefly with my particular problem: -Headset turned off randomly mid-use. -When plugged in, there's a slow phasing orange/amber colour on the infomic. -On/off button doesn't work. -CUE settings says the headset is not connected even though it is. -The only way I can get the headset to actually turn on is when I do the 'update firmware' thing on CUE, but at that point if I unplug the USB cable from the headset, it turns off again. When I plug it back in, the amber colour is phasing again on the infomic, thus meaning I have to repeat updating the firmware whenever the headset turns off on it's own or when the cable's unplugged. -Even after I update the firmware, the lighting is set to the rainbow pulse effect when it should be set to the charging lighting setting which confuses me. -I can't put it in pairing mode either. -It's still detectable in both Playback and Recording Devices and it's coming up as a Corsair device in Devices and Printers rather than an Avnera AV6302 device so it's not in bootloader mode. I mean, really I could turn off the auto-shutoff option in the settings and always have the headset plugged in and left on so I never have to annoyingly update the firmware all the time, but buying the headset for the wireless feature was ideally the main reason as to why I purchased it. Honestly, it's probably something simple like the headset is damaged or I'm just an idiot and it's a very easy fix haha. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.
  6. Hello, recently my HX750 PSU finally kicked the bucket. I was playing a 2D sidescroller game that is far from taxing on my current system and suddenly I saw a flash of light come from my case where the power supply is seated and my computer shut off. I've had my current build for 2.5 years and I've never had any other problems with my computer except for having to replace the CMOS battery a couple months ago. Upon further investigation I can see the PSU no longer works. I did the paperclip test with no luck and I tried it with a single cooling fan plugged in and the fans did not turn on but I did hear a faint click noise a second after I hit the power switch on my dead PSU. I tried that PSU in a another working computer setup and it did the same thing and it didn't power on that computer. I then tried my sister's working HX650 in my computer and my motherboard would not power on(The LEDs would not turn on, no fans, no response from the power button, etc). I made sure all the cords were connected properly and tried to start up my computer with a single stick of ram and the cpu hooked up but nothing was receiving power which leads me to think the motherboard is fried. I do know that when a power supply finally goes in the fashion that mine did it is possible for it to take out the motherboard along with it. So my questions are: 1) The warranty period for my specific PSU is 7 years and I've only had it for 2.5 years, would I be able to recieve a new/refurbished PSU? 2) Because it seems the PSU took my motherboard and potentially other parts with it, does the current warranty cover those damages or am I out of luck in that regard?
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