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  1. Hey Wulfter, You were one of the first to show your interests in these doubleshot PBT keycaps. I want to personally thank you for providing us the feedback and I hope you will enjoy the keycaps as much as I do. These feel and sound amazing! you will not be dissappointed :D:
  2. Thank you for your patience everyone! It's here!! http://www.corsair.com/en-us/corsair-gaming-pbt-double-shot-keycaps-white
  3. There is no angle snap enable/ disable option for the harpoon, but there is an enhance pointer precision. You may want to disable it and see if helps your situation. The option is under performance tab
  4. The switches on our keyboards are soldered onto the board itself. Unfortunately we do not have any guides or videos to removing the switch, because it will void warranty.
  5. This version allow you to save static lighting and save performance settings only. It does not have on-board memory to store your macros and key remaps. If saving macros and key remaps something you are looking for, K95 Platinum is the model you need. I hope this clarifies things a bit for you.
  6. Hello, Do you have the K95 Platinum or K95 RGB? If you have the platinum version, it does have hardware playback. Now in order for hardware playback to work, you will need to completely exit out of CUE once you have set the macros.
  7. It already has the colors set per DPI setting, but you can also customize your own color
  8. The USB pass through on our keyboard is a native USB 2.0 port, so it will not reach USB 3 speeds
  9. I am not able to talk about products that have not been released yet. I am here to gather information and persuade PMs that this may be route we can explore, so the more people who voice their opinions the better.
  10. http://www.corsair.com/en-us/downloads Click on the first download icon. Did it give you an error or did it just not run?
  11. The non K65 RGB uses ABS as well, so it's smooth.
  12. K70 RGB LUX is the replacement of K70 RGB with an updated lighting controller.
  13. 1-888-222-4346 ext 702 Dial in with skype if you are international and the call is free
  14. Where did you sent it in for warranty? If it was through Corsair, we would have replaced your keyboard. Since you mentioned that no spill was involved, you may want to try a hard reset. Call tech support and we will guide you through it.
  15. Call into tech support for a hard reset to see if it fixes it, but if liquid was involved it may have shorted like what Toasted said.
  16. Do your hand a solid and get a 104 key, since you type in numbers a lot. In terms of easier to clean, K70 would be the better choice. K70 LUX and STRAFE internally has the same MCU, so it basically comes down to plastic chassis or aluminum.
  17. There will be some room left. Gap in between the keyboard and MM800
  18. Thank you for sharing your success story and I am glad that your still works!
  19. Are you asking if the width of the MM800 is the same on the MM300 extended? The material for the MM800 will remain the same.
  20. Everyone has their own "wants" for an ideal keyboard. Some people see the use for 18 macros and some don't, but saying that the world has spoken is not a proper way to put this price drop. Like any product, there are promotions or incentives after a period of time. Just because it's at a lower than released price for this week doesn't mean anything other than the fact that it's a promotional deal.
  21. First, make sure you are running the latest software and firmware. Try using another pair of USB port to see if the behavior changes.
  22. there is a guide around here somewhere. After a spillage, most people would uplug if and soak it in Isopropyl and let it dry for a few days.
  23. It is possible to set a macro on how you just explained it. Let's say that the AOE skill you want to use it #1. 1. Open CUE, click on Actions 2. Hit the + key and select the G key on the mouse you want to set the skill 3. Make sure you also check " Mouse clicks" or this wont work 4. Hit record Macro, Hit #1 and left click 5. Stop macro recording and try this in game. ( you can't remove all delays) I just tried this out with my frost mage and confirmed that it works. I hope this helps.
  24. Too big?! I want a bigger one, so I can slide my beer across =) You must have a small desk.
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