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Any way to keep the Scimitar Wireless DPI LED on?


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Waited a very long time for Corsair to release the Scimitar in wireless form, just picked one up and realized the DPI light above the DPI toggle button only stays on for a few seconds after clicking the button. One of the best features of the wired Scimitar was the LED by the numkeys on the left that was always on and changed color depending on DPI profile. I could glance at the mouse and see what DPI profile it was on. That isn't possible with the wireless version as far as I can tell. Is there a way to force it to be on all the time? If not, is this a expected future feature or something that could be added?

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Not that I know of.  There is a check box in the mouse settings about turning off LEDs after X minutes and disabling it might have a secondary effect, but I suspect the Scimitar is going to be like the other wireless devices and have several built in behaviors to try and extend battery life. This is one of them.  It does seem like this should be user selectable rather than chosen for you and with your hand on the mouse you may see more of the DPI lights than the main RGB LEDs that you can control. 

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