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Found 16 results

  1. Hallo, seit kurzem ist mir aufgefallen dass wenn ich meine QL Lüfter auf die Farbe Weiß einstelle dass an 2 verschiedene stellen die LEDs lila leuchten. Wenn ich in die Icue Software gehe und genau an dieser stelle die LEDs auf die Farbe grün Wechsel leuchtet genau dieses LED nicht mehr. Vielen Dank schon mal im Voraus.
  2. Es gibt zwar schon Beiträge mit ähnlichen Problemen bei den QL-Lüftern, aber bei mir ist es einfach unwahrscheinlich schlimm. Ich besitze 9 von den Corsair QL120 ICUE Lüftern in meinem Case und bei insgesamt 5 von denen gibt es defekte LED´s. Die LED´s, die betroffen sind leuchten konstant lila/magenta, wenn ich in ICUE alle Lüfter auf weiß stelle und auch bei anderen Farbmodi leuchten die defekten LED´s in einer anderen Farbe als die anderen. Keiner dieser Lüfter ist älter als 3 Monate und auch mein tägliches Farbprofil ist nicht konstant weiß, da viele behauptet haben bei weiß gehen die LED´s am schnellsten kaputt. Nichts desto trotz war ich gezwungen bisher 4 Lüfter zu reklamieren, wobei vor 2 Tagen jetzt der 5. betroffen ist. Es ist einfach nur lästig mittlerweile und ich warte nur darauf, dass der 6. Lüfter den Geist aufgibt. Es kann doch nicht sein, dass man bei 30-50€ pro Lüfter sowas bekommt?!! Gekauft wurden die Lüfter teilweise bei Amazon und Caseking. Kommentiert mal bitte in die Kommentare, ob ihr das selbe Problem hattet/habt und ob ihr wisst woran das liegen könnte. Ich hatte mir schon überlegt, ob es eventuell an einer schlechten Produktionscharge liegt.
  3. Hallo, bei mir gehen seit einiger zeit einfach mal die Leds der H150i pro und der LL120 Lüfter aus. meistens während dem spielen gleichzeitig bzw. kurz davor drehen auch die Lüfter unerklärlicherweise extrem hoch für so ca. 5-10 Sekunden. Ich hoffe mir kann jemand seine Hilfe anbieten um das Problem zu beheben. Vielen Dank Grüße
  4. first when i noticed was when the ll120 fans (i have 4 fans) started showing a light green color and i couldnt change it. i searched up on google that maybe fan order placement change could help and it showed me the faulty fan. cause the faulty one is the last port 4 and other ones at front 1, 2 and 3. So what should i do? and by the way i am not the original buyer.
  5. Hey folks. So yeah I bought the LS100 Starter Kit aswell but am I the only one who think that the colors are looking wierd some times? Made a simple test with 2 different colors of red 1. one pure red (255, 0, 0) the 2. one was a slightly darker red from a Red Dead Redemption 2 Wallpaper. The 1. is fine like it should. The 2. one on the other hand was almost pink...? https://imgur.com/a/pKGDWYS Other colors are way off aswell. Orange for example is basicly yellow. Did you guys experienced some thing similar?
  6. Hi guys, I've been having serious problems with my AIO for a while now. The pump has been running for several months without problems, only RGB is not working properly. I keep getting red to orange artifacts when the light turns to white. After a Windows reinstallation which I did it ran again for a short time until I got HWinfo. I closed iCue and deactivated the sensors of the AIO and in the settings I set the hook for Corsair and Asatek support. Even removing the driver from hwinfo did not bring any improvement. Any ideas? Thanks for your help and excuse my English.
  7. Hey guys, when my keyboard is lit up across the top (The upper lightbar) it has quite a few "dim" spots. Some of my keys only illuminate halfway, as well. Very odd. Keyboard is a few months old. Also, my "R" key seems to just start repeating randomly while I am typing. It seems this may be a common issue, but I wanted to see what the forums here think.
  8. Hello Everyone , This is my first post on this forum and i'm looking for help. My issue is probably known but there's no shame to give more details about it while hoping for a solution. Anyways , my issue is i have 4 Corsair Fans ( LL 120 x 4 ) installed in my case , One of them is oftenly working perfectly and the 3 others are whether turned off for no reason or Bugged ( the RGB stutters , bugs , the lighting effect stops etc.. ) Current Situation : The First Fan is working fine The Second Fan : One Half is turned off , the second half is working ( weird, i know ) The 2 Other remaining fans are actually OFF. PS : The Fans are Spinning , this post is only about the RGB LED. IF you are going to ask me if i followed the instructions of how to install the fans ( cables , SATA Power , LNP , HUB , SOFTWARE ( iCue ) ) , Yes , everything is well connected and installed how it should be ;): . Looking forward to see if there's any saviour out there. Have a Good and wonderful Day/Night , Thanks. Little Update - More Info : PS no° 2 : The Original LL120 Bundle seemed faulty , i received a new bundle in order to fix the issue but it doesn't seem to do any good. I'll Keep my Hopes High tho :) .
  9. @Corsair: I have found so many threads all over the internet with this report. And now I have the same issue. FIX THIS. EDIT: Win10 64bit, CUE v2.24.50 Seems to occur after hibernation in my case, if during hibernation I disconnected power on my PC (not sure if that is a necessary condition). So far it only occurs if the CUE software is actually running. If not running, the keyboard works fine. If the error occurs, CUE can't detect my keyboard at all, battery indicator disappears as well.
  10. I recently bought the Corsair commander Pro and connected my rgb lights and everything worked great at boot, after 2 boots lights turned completely off and now won't even turn on at boot, somehow lights are still registered at corsair link. :(:
  11. Hola. Hace poco que tengo un problema con el LED azul de una tecla. Primero pense que se habia quemado o roto, pero despues me di cuenta que esta desconfigurado, ya que al seleccionar la tecla con color azul solamente esta no prende, pero varias otras teclas si. Lo mismo no pasa con colores verdes y rojos. Queria saber si se puede resetear el teclado a su version de fabrica. Desde ya muchas gracias. Adjunto unas imagenes que saque de la tecla.
  12. I had a spillage of coffee on my K70 I clean it up straight away and disconnected from my PC, and I left it for 24 hours to dry. But two days after that the (A) key blue LED stopped working. All other colours work but unfortunately that one blue LED doesn't, how disappointing: sigh!: Can anyone recommend a fix, please? Thanks in advance.
  13. Okay, so a few days ago everything worked fine. But now it seems my ll120 fans have frosen, or at least 3-4 of them In the link software it looks to work fine, but 3-4 of my fans are stuck in the rainbow mode, when i say stuck i mean: The leds are not spinning, when i turn them off in link they just keep being stuck. When i turn on my pc, before link has had time to start up, all of my fans are working just fine, but a few minuts in, they freeze. Thing i have tried: Renistalling Link Renistalling led hub Downgrading Link Pictures: https://gyazo.com/cc23ee053fe60f2efb5669ea972c30e3 https://gyazo.com/2d6e1f700c7cb3ebe120137726a4a05f (Not the best quality)
  14. For the price I'm paying for this keyboard, I just wanted to make sure if it's gonna last me atleast a few years since I'm buying it in a few days. I've heard that some corsair keyboards tend to have failing LED. I've seen a few posts in where they show that some of their LED died within a few months. Does this still happen or have they fixed it already? (sorry if i sound paranoid lol) Thanks ^_^
  15. Hello, I bought and installed a commander pro but i can control just the first fan with corsair link. I pluged all fans on the hub (delivered with HD 120 RGB) then i plugged it on the commander pro. All fans turn but only 4/6 light. Help me :(
  16. About a week ago ive noticed a problem with the widows key LED, since now it has gone away but now another key is doing the same this! This time t is the 1 key but its a lot worst. The widows key problem was fixed by just turning off and on my computer but this is not the case with the 1 key. Ive looked everywhere for answers but everyone was talking about a firmware update that ive tried at least 10 times. I also tried re-installing the CUE software but nothing seems to work! This is an example of what im talking about as you see (its hard to see) The 1 key is a different shade/color then the 2 other keys beside it https://gyazo.com/0c26f597059793e5a179322631c9cf2d (If you need to see other examples of what im talking about shoot me a reply and i will get back ASAP) Thanks for everyones help!
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