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Found 10 results

  1. So i bought the K100 RGB Optical over a year ago, and it worked fine on my laptop for like a day, stopped working and show no signs of life, only solution? keep reseting the USB hub by unstalling the hub through device manager, i assumed it was a power problem, finally got a real pc, and it worked great, for like a week, then it just outright stopped showing any signs of life in the same way, reseting it does nothing but have the light flicker on during bios after uninstalling the USB hubs again then off and unresponsive
  2. So i build my pc 2019 with an i9 9900k an corsair h150i aio (at start 3x 120LL later upgraded to QL) and in a bequite darkbase pro 900 rev2. I also removed the front so completely open and i got 3x 140mm QL fans in the case so should be pretty high airflow. All temps measured at around 21-22°C room temp and the 9900k is stock, no oc. Back when i built it the temps where "fine". Idle around 35°C liquid and 42°C CPU, while gaming (~35% cpu usage) 45 liquid and around 70-75°C cpu and with high load like prime95 after 10min or so around 55°C liquid and 95°C but still 4,7ghz so no throttle. i guess fine for a 9900k from what i have heard. I didnt really look much on temps since then, yesterday i reset my pc and while testing some games i was pretty shocked to see the cpu temp at 95°C, liquid at 67°C and cpu throttled to 3.4ghz....... while like 40% usage. I did some further testing with the intel xtu and some static load (100% usage with prime95). During the following tests all fans where 100%, the pc was cooled of before (33°C liquid at start) and the pumpspeed in icue was shown at 3000mhz in the preset intense. At stock cpu ~120w, the pc shut of after 5 sec and hitting over 100°C cpu...... Locked to 100w limit, after a couple seconds 95-98°C CPU after one minute 58°C liquid (from 35 before) Locked to 75w, stayes at around 80-87°C for a couple minutes but after like 10min starts going to around 90°C. Aio broken? I checked thermal paste looked fine and repasted it but same results. Nice.......i mean i like corsair products specially icue and bought heavily into the ecosystem but i am really disappointed, over around 3 years, i had 4 LL fans fail (3x LED flickering and one motor dead) and multiple lightstrips as well as one ls450mm fail (cant control them anymore after a certain led, probably internal connection between leds broken)
  3. Bonsoir, la led du bouton d'alimentation est éteinte, bien que le PC soit allumé et fonctionne correctement. Elle a commencé à faiblir et clignoter très faiblement puis s'est éteinte. J'ai vérifié les branchements, le logiciel iCUE, rien n'y change 😅 je suppose donc qu'elle est morte, ou pas assez de jus? (je ne pense pas que ça soit le problème, j'ai une alim' qui fait 550W, une RX 5500 XT, un R5 5600X, 5 ventilos, un clavier, tapis de souris, casque, souris (le tout avec RGB), une manette Xbox Series, un HDD externe, deux SSDs et un NVMe constamment branchés, donc oui je ne pense pas que l'alimentations soit le problème). Le bouton en lui-même fonctionne parfaitement, c'est juste la led. Merci pour votre aide!
  4. My headset randomly stopped turning on, and will not charge at all. I saw some other people had the same issue of it being in bootloader mode, if anyone knows how to fix this it would be great, thanks.
  5. Hi, I bought a Corsair Void Pro RGB 2 weeks ago. I've been amazing by them. Perfect audio quality, good battery duration, long distance wireless. Everything was perfect. Suddenly, yesterday, after leaving them charging all night as always on the powered USB HUB I've got, I unplugged them from the USB and tried to turn them on. Nothing happens. When I plug them in again, they turn on, but they act strange. I can't turn them off, I can turn the mic off. Apart from that, they are working OK, but they are not wireless anymore... When I unplug them from the USB charging, they turn off and won't turn on again. After 2 weeks of use, is normal that the battery has died? iCue shows now battery is 100% when usually it won't show more than 94%. Things I've tried so far: - Tested several charging modes (HUB USB, PC own ports, Phone USB Charger) - They are not on bootloader mode. (On bold, as will be the first thing I'm gonna be told for sure) - Tried a soft reset as stated here, but I can't do it as I cannot unplug them and turn them on. - Tried a firmware update via iCue. Is there any chance this a known issue and is fixable? I have already asked refund from Amazon and bought a new pair, but the new pair is arriving mid-may and I don't have another headset... Best regards
  6. When I powered on my PC today iCUE didn't detect my keyboard automatically, so I just disconnected and reconnected it. Then it was fine until I noticed that the lights were a dark pink color, I thought it was weird because I always have them set to the RGB values "20, 20, 20" and I never change them. I checked if the values had changed, but no. I tried making it fully white, then it was just pink. I also tried setting the values to 255 on one and 0 for the other two. When the lights should've had been just green, it just was black. Are the green leds dead? I am sorry for my bad explanation and English.
  7. Yesterday my Void headset stopped being able to really charge for some reason. The cable doesn't matter, the port doesn't matter. It dies, I plug it in for several hours, and it turns on but the battery is critical. I open iCUE and it says that the battery is at 5%. I try to force update firmware and it says connect via usb. I do, and it does nothing. The headset doesn't actually charge, and after a few minutes it dies. I've uninstalled and reinstalled drivers. I've reinstalled iCUE. I've updated it. I can't go into bootloader mode or update the firmware because the headset isn't recognizing that it's plugged in via usb. I can't find any record of this happening to anyone else, and it's very disconcerting.
  8. Since about 2 days ago the keyboard has refused to work. It started when i turned my PC on and it would randomly spam buttons, i then unplugged it and plugged it back in and it would show up like the picture attached with no keys functioning at all and not responding to the factory reset. I then left it overnight and came back to it working with RGB but certain keys were not working (a few news, shift, ctrl, backspace), i then restarted my pc again to which it has gone back to the same state of not showing any life except the 3 lock lights been on constantly. The keyboard has not had any issues in the past. I have had it for about 2 years now but i'd expect it to last longer than that. Before i was having these issues there was no signs of it dying, I just one day turned on my PC and it didn't work. I have tried on different computers and continue to get the same thing. The PC wont even detect a USB in the port. I have contacted Corsair Support but I am not sure if it is still in warranty. Posting to the forums to see what people say as I cannot find anyone with the same issue. Here is a picture of what the keyboard does when plugged in, notice the scroll lock, num lock and caps lock lights. https://b.catgirlsare.sexy/cQf4.jpg <--- i would display it but the image is so large that it breaks the website (literally)
  9. Ive just bought the corsair void pro wireless and i charged it overnight in a wall outlet. i tooke it out cause i was gonna stream but when i tried to start nothing happend. i tried to fix it but nothing works now its just buzzing and completely dead. i have pulled the charger out of the pc to see if the battery would charge out. can someone please help:sigh!:
  10. Hi, Corsair H100i Liquid Cooler running on Asus Z87 Deluxe Motherboard and i7-4770K CPU. H100i was purchased in July 2013, so it is almost 5 years old. I reseated and reapplied thermal paste once ~ 2 years ago. CPU temps seemed fine but I started to have problems at boot about 1 month ago. Now PC will not boot. The Cooler fans do not spin. The Cooler light does not turn on. My PC has been down for ~ 1.5 weeks now. I just started the debug process. As part of debug, I reflashed the motherboard BIOS, the motherboard is o.k. I can get into BIOS Settings if I attach a Fan directly to the Motherboard CPU Header, (removed the connection from the H100i). Is it possible that the H100i iwas bricked after a Corsair Link Firmware update or is it likely the Pump has died? Is there any way I can reset the H100i Firmware? I am unable to boot into Windows without replacing the H100i cooler. I think I am still entitled to RMA this Cooler. However the RMA support page login seems broken, I reset my pasword today. I logged in. I only get some text displayed. Any ideas? Thanks.
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