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  1. I was thinking and I think I can do this: - Connect hydro x + radiator fans LL + temp sensor to same Commander XT. - Complete with 2 other fans - Connect 1 fan to motherboard. - Connect Velocity 2 to ARGB from motherboard And this way, I don't need to buy anything and I think I am able to control lights + fan speed + pump speed through icue.
  2. For clarify, I got this components: 9 x Corsair SP120 3 x Corsair LL 1 x XD5 (old version) 2 x Commander core XT. 1 x Velocity 2 ARGB (5v) -> conneced to motherboard 3 x Corsair RGB LED Strips -> connected to XD5 and XD5 rgb conected to commander XT. Motherboard is MSI Z790 PRO A DDR4 WIFI. I want to control all via ICUE. If you can send mi the cables I need to buy in aliexpress link or something else were I can get from Spain. I will appreciate, also maybe I need an extender.
  3. mm I have realized that I can't connect xd5 to motherboard because if I do it it will always run at full speed. I need a solution to be able to connect all fans to commander XT. Also it looks like I have connected the XD5 water sensor to wrong pump, can I use one commander for water temp sensor + pump speed and second commander for radiator fans? (It matters for easy cable routing, also I had finished my cable routing and I think I need to rework on this.
  4. Hello, I am usinng 2 commander XT cores for control all fans but the pump is connected to my MSI motherboard. When I try to run the XD5 configurator from XT Commander, it always ask me to select the port for the pump, but the pump is connected to the board. Can I get the XD5 detected from the motherboard? I don't have more avaliable ports in XT Commander, so, what do you suggest?
  5. I found this on amazon and managed to clean it usin top inlet port: Vicloon Conjunto de 12 Piezas Blanco Botella de Limpieza Cepillos, Nylon Cepillos de Botella, Tubo Limpieza del Sistema de Cepillo para Botellas de Cristal Deportes Botellas de Agua Tetera : Amazon.es: Hogar y cocina
  6. It is in the walls but inside, a brush can't reach it. I will live with it at least until next maintenance which probably I will buy specific product to clean liquid cooling loops.
  7. this thing is hard stucked in the inner portlet tube, I was shaking for more than an hour with different composition, it will be my new pet, I will look at it and maybe try some cleaning loop liquid if I can find it for the next maintenance.
  8. 1. If you have 2 commander XT Core connected combine it into a virtual single device with extra elements. It is a pain to select each commander to regulate the fans. 2. Make profiles for videogames in the cloud so users can copy default profiles for each game and modify with that base. For example for Counter strike, custom ilumination, macros for fast buy, etc, that people can upload to the cloud to share or download from others. You should work more on usability of application, you need invest a lot of time to learn how to use it. I suggest you to add a tour that shows the best things you can do with it for every device.
  9. I can controll the lightbulb with my mobile phone using Philips hue application. Can I use my computer bluetooth to control it from ICUE? I think I can't but maybe I am not doing it good.
  10. Hello, I am trying my new Scimitar Elite RGB and my new K70 keyboard, but after checking youtube videos and official documentation, and forums, I am not able to configure it like I desire. First problem I have, is that I am unable to install ICUE 5 on Windows 10. I tried changing locale, language and reinstall .net framework but nothing works. It looks like the program opens but all I can see is the black line I marked in red, if I put scroll over taskbar icon, it looks like it loaded ok, but I am not able to continue. So, I had to install ICUE 4, that it's working. The problem that I have is that I can't use mouse lateral buttons as extra buttons like G1, G2, G3 ... G12 and the game I am trying (New World) doesn't recognize it. In other hand, I was looking to alternative option like if I press control + G1 (lateral mousse button physical labeled with number 1) it execute a macro like press control + r or whatever. Is there a way to do this in ICUE Software? I am little frustrated because ICUE software it is not intuitive, even for me that has been using it for controlling 2 commander XT + corsair hydro XD5 + 10 rgb fans + 3 led stripes. I come from "logit" mouse and I am struggling very hard to get the things working like I hope that they will work before buy the mouse. Also, I don't know what is the sniper MODE and why I have a DPI setting that I can't delete assigned to my dpis... I would like to have 2 profiles for this game, and switch it by pressing a key in my keyboard. Finally, I would like to swap DPI buttons and profile button to G keys and use it for other functions in game. Can I do this things with this mouse? I am considering to use other mouse.
  11. Just distiled water. It looks clean before I dissasembled the loop or at least I didn't notice. I am going to use 20% isopropyl alcohol and 80% distiled wáter, fill 70% reservoir and shake It, then repeat with distiled water. I think It Will be fine if I do It for some minutes just to clean the reservoir.
  12. I am thinking un use isoproilic alcohol 25% and 75% distiled wáter and shake It, then repeat with distiled wáter and then refill. I Hope It could work
  13. I am doing maintenance to my build, dissasemble all circuito and It looked fine, but today when was going to assemble It back I have notice this inside my xd5. Should I care? I don't know if I should do something before mount my circuit. My idea was to add more propilenglicol like 30% and 70% distiled wáter and look at It more often. Thank you in advance
  14. Thank you for reply. I will use the Y splitter, I though maybe I can´t because too much power for the commander core XT. Any tutorial or link showing how to turn off the lights?
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