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RMA ticket# 6006348


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My computer shutdown whilst ingame and the hardware attempted to restart. It could only manage a 1 second start/stop, start/stop repeatedly until I switched the PSU off and unplugged the power cord. Upon switching back on, I noticed the lack of standby mode from the PSU. No LEDs at the GPU were on and no Motherboard activity. However, the computer started from the main switch and windows booted (no error message). The case fans/LEDs (molex connected) were no longer spinning.

The CPU, cooling fan, LAN-LED and M/B connected case fan were still operating. Shutdown of windows was successful but M/B, GPU and cooling fan do not stop (staying on indefinitely until holding down power button for 4 seconds)

I swapped all of the case fans w/LEDs to the second molex power cable from the PSU and still have no power to fans/lights, so both molex cables are down.

Lack of standby mode still persists when switching on PSU.


Does this mean my GS700 Power Supply is at fault?

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I live in Australia and purchased my PSU from an online retailer on April 1st.

As it is > 30 days, I have asked for advice on their procedure re faulty goods.


They replied-

" regarding the item, due to the item is under a manufacturer warranty, please kindly contact the manufacturer (Corsair) to troubleshoot the problem. if the unit is proved to be faulty by the manufacturer, please contact us again together with a reference/case number from Corsair and we would issue an RA number for you to return the item to us for a new replacement/warranty."


I am hoping for confirmation soon lest the time period expires.

Please can you help

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I have an RMA ticket# 6006348

email from Corsair moments ago

RMA Status approved.

The Part # was found on the RMA application




Which I googled as Corsair gs700 PSU


Thanks for your help. Corsair support is fantastic!


Edit- Recheck of many entries for GS700 and I should have selected CP-9020064-AU as a part number (I think) It's the 2013 model (has 3 color button)

I hope I haven't stuffed up my RMA chance of a proper model replacement

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