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  1. If you have any further questions could you please start your own thread since you posted this in an 800D thread?
  2. Or you just have a bad card. this isn't PSU related.
  3. I understand. A faulty product is what brought me here to these forums three years ago. I wasn't exactly all that happy either. But on the other hand it's only after i found out my self how many products are actually sold that i started to look at things a bit different. I'm the sort of person that doesn't sweat things like that though. It's a manufactured item and they all have casualties. It just burns when it's you. The self test can only be run without NO cables attached to the PSU. Otherwise you'll get a red light every time. Might want to double heck it if you had it still in your machine.
  4. Then you should have also read how many PSU's they sell. You are going to have some failures here and there. Also please keep in mind this is a support forum. All your going to see here are complaints of failures of every type and time frame. I know that sounds like the fan boy response, but it's the truth. Multiply that by 12 months and thats a hell of a lot of power supplies! But i completely understand where your coming from though. Somehow it just kind of burns when it happens to you. I know...thats what brought me here to these forums 3 years ago. :biggrin: 99% of the timme they will ship you a brand new unit, but still have the right to use refurnished if they have to. You should be fine with a new unit., In the rare event that yoiu would need another RMA, make sure you ask for a pre-paid label. They will cover shipping on second RMA's and products less than 30 days old. LOL sorry for the typos...I'm trying to get used to a new KB. :)
  5. From previous post: Usually i question techs other than the Corsair team, just because many of them will just tell you it's good with out even testing it. But I was thinking this didn't sound like your typical power supply problem. I really don't think there is any safety risk or risk of damage to your components, at least not from your PSU. I would use it.
  6. Did you try removing the PSU from your system and starting it with a paper clip? This is going to be the fastest way to figure out if the red light is a fault caused by the PSU or the MB. The "click" is normal,it's a relay switching on. It should be heard just a second or so after you hit the power button on your case. You may also hear it at shut down. If they are unwilling to help you just use the link on the left to request an RMA. Corsair will replace it for you. I would still test with a paper clicp first, or really if you have access to another PSU to test your system with would be the best way to go.
  7. Poik Corsair sells 150,000 PSU's a month x 12months and that is a $%^& load of PSU's.. Not to mention this is a support forum. Your going to see many others with the same complaints, but that doesn't mean there is an inherent problem with that PSU. There is an acceptable percentage limit of RMA's. Unless the PSU exceeds that number your not going to hear anything from them. If your having problems with your PSU , please use the link on the left to request an RMA and they would be happy to replace it for you.
  8. Please try the suggestions outlined in this thread. http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=85166 If none of these help, then please submit an RMA request.
  9. Good call! I doubt it's the fans that are faulty. If you have a smart phone you can download a Decible app to see how loud they are. If it were a bad run of them there would most certainly be other complaints.
  10. Yes, it has to be flowing the same direction as the other fan
  11. No apologies needed! But yes, they sure will.
  12. Just try it both ways and see what works best for you. If you reverse the fans to exhaust sure your CPU temps will be slightly higher because you are using warm case air to cool the radiator. Really even if you have it as an intake it's not going to affect your case flow at all. It doesn't matter. Dust is going to get in to the radiator no matter what. You can blow the dust out with compressed air if need be. But a periodic dis assembly for cleaning is a good idea anyway. In most cases a pull only config is not going to cool as well as a push config. You need to be forcing air through the radiator to cool to the best of it's ability. Trying to suck air through is not going to give you near the same flow. It has one power connector and a single tach lead that gets connected to the CPU_FAN header. Yes, disable any control to that header.
  13. Hey Dieter, Is there any chance you can post a short video of the sound please?
  14. Hi there from Poland! Corsair is closed on the weekends so if you requested your RMA anytime between friday afternoon and now, chances are they are just catching up. Tickets are answered i the order that are received. So it may take them a day or so to catch up. Also please check your spam folder sometimes they end up there too. But yes, they will ship to Poland as well
  15. They corrected the issue, shortly after it was reported, however there may still be some out there that have the short wires. If you purchase it directly from Corsair or any of the large supply chains. You should be fine.
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