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Found 9 results

  1. Like a monkey with a typewriter, I have made Shakespeare. iCue has had a lot of issues for being on my i180 corsair computer. You'd think it would be smoother with more control but there's actually more features locked down that require other software to change like the fan curves because my SSDs were boiling. Anyways, the main issue with the comp is that sometimes it will turn back on right after shutdown for no reason. I tried everything from disabling fast startup to right before registry edits because that scares me. For shits and giggles ive always noticed the keyboard is the last light to turn off on the comp so i unplugged it before shutdown to see. It didn't turn back on. A fluke or a good day. This issue comes in waves like it turned back on 10 times in a row one night. I do it again the next night, no re startup. The next night, again doesn't flip back on. I can't believe a keyboard that doesn't have wake on sleep enabled was able to somehow hang up shutdown maybe through corsair to fail then reboot. I have recently also disabled plugins on iCue to see if i don't have to unplug it everynight. So, if you're having this issue, unplug that monkey!
  2. So, I want to preface this by saying that I made the switch to Corsair 2-3 years ago, and likewise, that this will be a longwinded post. I didn't exactly have problems with the other products I was using, however, I wanted to try something different. Up until the last year or so, I haven't had any issues with Corsair. I found the iCue software to be a little complicated, but only because I am not well versed with this sort of thing. As for the two mice that I've had, no issues whatsoever. I accidentally broke my Corsair headset (don't quite recall the make/model), and replaced it with my Void Elite RGB Wireless headset. Initially, it worked great. After a few months or so, I noticed that I could no longer use USB 3.0 or 3.1 (believe this exists) slots. I corrected this issue after a little reading. As of right now, I'm experiencing what appears to be a faulty connector/receiver either with my one USB 2.0 slot on my computer, or the cable that I use to keep my headset charged at all times (I've always had these plugged in). That, or the issue was with the default cable connector, or the headset slot itself where the cable connects into. I cannot properly diagnose the problem, and it's extremely frustrating, because my headset may work for 2-3 hours, and then it will say "Charging battery" off and on, and it may go away, or it may eventually shutdown on me. Rinse and repeat. Sometimes it's after 20-30 minutes, and if I get lucky, I restart it, it seems to charge, and then I'm good for a few hours. I want to also add that I replaced the default charging cable that came with the headset with another one that is compatible with it. The problem persists. Unless someone on here can help me come to a solution, I'm going to go make a switch, which frankly, I'd rather not make, but I have been more than patient with this, and to my admission, I've kind of just accepted this and decided to make due with it. As of this post and my registering on these forums, I'm intent on finding out the issue, and fixing it, but I will need help. Lastly, before anyone asks, everything is up to date as for iCUE and the firmware for all of my products. I always make sure of this. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi All, I just installed windows on my PC, changing the SSD, using the last version of ICUE software (3.27.68). When I shutdown Windows I get this error related to ICUE: "the instruction at 0x00000000774E030B referred to memory 0x0000000007D12F80. The memory could not be read" Reassembling the old disk (where everything is still installed and there is the same version of ICUE) I do not get any errors. Does anyone have any idea what may be causing it? Thanks Semola
  4. Hello, I'm trying to troubleshoot some unpleasant behaviour on my four year old build (2016) I put together with the idea of longevity and stability at the time. i7-6700K oc 4.5Ghz (also happens at stock) 32GB Corsair DDR3*00 Asus z170 Sabertooth TUF moboCorsair AX860 850W modular power supply MSI NVIDIA RX2060 Video card Corsair i115 RGB AIO Cooler (20 degrees idle, 70 under load w/ all cores at 4.5Ghz) Samsung 970 m.2 NVMe SSD 2TBWindows 10 Pro x64 1909 Lately the system has been periodically (once every few days) shutting completely down (no hints in event viewer), both under load (compiling) and sometimes during a 3D card use transition. The odd thing is that when it shuts down like this, I cannot immediately bring it back up with the power button. Previously I was able to get back to functioning by holding the power button down for 15-30 seconds, releasing and powering up again. That doesn't seem to be working any more. Now I am having to pull the power cord from the PS and wait for an hour or so, plug it back in and fire up. Thankfully it works when I do this, I'm not sure what the exact rest time it needs is though. I haven't seen this sort of thing before, esp. the having to wait to get back on line (almost like some devices' thermal warning shutdowns). I've replaced the video card, the AIO Corsair 115i, re-installed Win10 x64 Pro and re-seated everything. I'm thinking initially it's the PS and am ready to RMA with Corsair as it's in warranty but wanted to see if anyone has seen this behaviour before. Thanks! Edit: The red/orange power LED is on on the motherboard during this time, there is also flickering light on the ethernet connection during the time I can't power up fully.
  5. I'm asking here since I can't seem to find it anywhere on the packaging or website but I have a new machine with a Corsair CX650 power supply that does not power its usbs down when I shutdown my pc for the night, leaving my room lit up with my audio interface's leds. Many similar threads on other forums have suggested enabling ErP in my motherboard's bios, which exists but I'm not sure if this power supply has ErP support and if there are any known issues with it. My motherboard is the Asus rog strix b450-f gaming if it helps. Thanks.
  6. This is really annoying, I've just bought this keyboard. I'm a programmer not a gamer, so need something that is great for typing, and have finally found the one in that respect. Its plugged into the USB ports on a Dell TB15 laptop dock. I have no control over the USB ports on this device. The problem is, when I shutdown my PC, the keyboard goes dark. Then about 1-2 minutes later it springs back to life; full animation running. This is a problem because my PC is in my bedroom. Things I've tried that didn't work - Turn off the lights before shutting down - Set the first hardware profile to black - pushing the brightness button when PC shutdown - pushing the HW profile button when shutdown - Checked firmware update (latest version) - Forced a firmware update No matter what I do, the animation starts after a minute or two and no button pushes work to switch it off. Oddly, it is a left-to-right wave animation which isn't actually assigned to any hardware or software profiles. Please help! This keyboard isn't worth the money I paid for it if I need to unplug it every night before bed.
  7. My PC suddenly shutdown and restarted itself the other day while I was playing Civilization VI. It was as if there was a power outage, but I have it connected to a UPS. Could it be my PSU? Also, it’s been making a lot of electrical buzzing noise during games for the past year or two, and seems to be getting worse. It is loud enough to hear every time I play a game, unless I use headphones. I assumed it’s annoying but harmless coil whine. Should I RMA? Is it dangerous to use in the mean time? It’s the only PSU I have (HX750 bought around 5 years ago). Here’s a video I made to test whether it was my GPU or PSU making the noise. It gets louder when I move it down to the PSU. [ame] [/ame]
  8. This issue has been going on for a couple weeks now. It started the computer not booting. I would hit the power button, and stare at a black screen for 30 minutes before I give up. Cleared CMOs which works sometimes. Most of the time, i have to just keep repowering until it boots. I also started noticing severe drops in my fps, i don't think its an internet issue as it occurs in single player games as well. The Corsair One Diagnostics program claims everything is running fine, but there is no reason this computer shouldn't be able to run fornite on the lowest possible settings higher than 20fps if a phone can run it better. I tried resetting windows, but i've still had shutdowns & garbage fps. I've noticed that unplugging the keyboard increases the chances that the computer boots properly. If there is an update hitting, shutdown then booting has a higher chance of booting than if I hit restart (i've concluded its possibly due to difference in booting via the fast boot that does not occur when restarting). If i hit restart, its like 0% chance that the computer doesn't black screen. I'm not sure what ways/how i can fix this issue. I do not mind mailing it in to be fixed if needed. Anyone have any suggestions?
  9. Hello. I've recently built a Haswell system about a month ago, that's powered by an AX1200i PSU and everything have been working fine for over two weeks. Ever since then, my system has been randomly shutting down without any warning, and trying to power it on results in the PSU (and its fan) starting up for a couple seconds, then it clicks and shuts down, displaying a red light on the self test area, which then requires me to shut the PSU down, either through its power switch or from the outlet. It seems it needs some time while powered off before it boots up everything, otherwise it keeps doing the same 1-2 seconds power on, click, shutdown and red light cycle. When it does this, the GPU led blinks for a second and turns off as soon as the PSU shuts everything down. Oddly, yesterday after I got yet another shutdown (on an 8 hour computer usage period I've been getting 2-3 shutdowns), the system kept trying to power on but the PSU shut everything off, this time without displaying the red light, but constantly looping a 2 seconds power on, shutting down and doing it all over again. I had read that some users suggested the Corsair Link dongle and software could be causing instability issues, so I removed both software, drivers and hardware but to no avail. I was running my CPU 100MHz higher than stock but I've reverted to stock clocks just to check whether it was tripping something. I have a mild GPU overclock and no memory overclock whatsoever. All reported temperature values are well within usable levels, no TDRs related to GPU temps, no forced shutdowns due to hitting the CPU's TJ Max. I'm clueless as to what could be causing this, and having gone and getting a high end PSU precisely to avoid reliability issues, especially since it's impairing work related computer usage, is quite bothersome to say the least. What could be causing this issue and how can it be fixed? Thanks EDIT: I should add that the PSU's self test is supposedly ok as when running self test without any cable connected to the PSU, it powers on just fine, same with its fan, displaying a green light.
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