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Freeze with CMT6GX3M3A2000C8


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hello Masters And Commanders!



I am a fairly desperate fellow here with a monster machine acting up like a child, i have been out of the OC game for sometime, due to lack of time and some broken parts i was to lazy to get replaced.


now i finally got them replaced, namely my 6GB Corsair Dominator-GT 2000Mhz set.


I got a brand new set from corsair cause the set i had returned had been discontinued apparently. (new set = CMT6GX3M3A2000C8)

but it seems that the bugs haunting me before i concluded they where broken have not left me, with these replacements.



Now enough with the story telling and on to the issues at hand.

I really hope you can help me narrow down this issue and maybe even help me solve it.



Issue is as follows:

i had a broken set of Dominators that i returned and i got a fresh new set back from dear corsair, installed them. happy as i child, only to be let down by the fact that the system:


1. Froze with everything on "auto" = Freezing after a cpl of minuts depending on use pattern (gaming = quick ; browsing = slow)


since my other set of memory failed i have bought a set of 6GB (i do not prefer this manufacturer) whom are running without a hitch.

I would love to have my machine running with the intended set of memory instead of my "temporary replacements" .. but if they freeze even on "Auto" i am at a loss...


I hope I am making sense, and that you can help me out here.. finally getting this system running as-it-should would be awsome!


Thanks in Advance!



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Keeping in mind that the Intel i7-920 and i7-930 are only guraranteed to run memory at a maximum frequency of 1066 MHz.... if the XMP voltages and timings are not set correctly then you're not going to be able to run the memory OC'd even if you select a preset XMP BIOS option.


Just because the Corsair memory has been tested and confirmed to run at 2000 MHz. does NOT mean that your CPU/Mobo will allow you to run your PC at the 2000 MHz. memory frequency. If all Intel CPUs could run the memory at 2000 MHz. then Intel would guarantee operation at this frequency not 1066 MHz.

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so basically i have bought my self a super set of memory that i wont be able to use..


Then again i would like the sticks just to run atleast, stock or maybe 1600... reselling them is going to be a pain, and i much prefer corsair over other manufacturers...

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  • Corsair Employee
Update to the latest bios and load the XMP profile. If you continue to have issues manually set the tRTP to 11 in the bios after loading XMP. If you continue to have issues it is possible you are running into a limitation of the CPU and you would need to test to see if 1600MHz would be stable.
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