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  1. Hello I'm triying to update my iCUE 4.10 to the last version 4.13. I tried directly through the application and with the .msi installer and I hace the same issue ... I can start the installation but diretly the installer is freeezing on this page : https://www.noelshack.com/2021-27-5-1625856381-image-2021-07-09-204620.png If i click on this window I have the message : Corsair iCue not responding https://www.noelshack.com/2021-27-5-1625856476-image-2021-07-09-204754.png I tried to stop all iCue services and process on the task manager before to do the installation and it's the same issue... Do you know how to resolve the issue ?
  2. Hey my newly bought k70 mk2 rgb turns on with rainbow colors when opening, after a while its color remains red. And nothing change this colour. Keyboard always red :) I try Device Settings / And Changed polling rate (anythnig) This is the only way I can change the color. 1 - icue run keyboard colour freeze always icue closed keyboard profile colour worked :))) 2 - and iclue closed on systry. And restart application worked full compatible iclue with coloured keyboard:D What can i do thnx
  3. Ever since upgrading my MacOS to Big Sur, the lighting effects on my K95 keyboard severely lag or freeze altogether. All inputs are still accepted and macro keys appear to be working, but the lighting just doesn't look good at all. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling iCue and have recreated my profiles from the ground up, but nothing seems to resolve the issue. Furthermore, I can't save any profiles to the onboard memory. I get an error every time saying that the keyboard has been disconnected even though it clearly hasn't. Can anyone help with this?
  4. Hey everyone ! I have got a gaming PC (self build) and it almost works like it is supposed to do. When I've had my pc on for a few hours (2 hours or so) and I open / close a software or sometimes if i'm doing nothing, my computer freezes. I just see my screen as when it froze, and my mouse is not moving, also my keyboard won't do anything. A weird thing is that when i have my audio system plugged into the PC it would give a weird noise for a sec when freezing, and then just continue to play the song / video I was watching. The only way to get out of this is to hold the power button or press the reset button on the case of the pc. After reboot it will work fine for some time and it will freeze again. Some people said it could be something with my PSU. I've already tried to completely whipe my ssd and reinstall windows 10, but no succes. I've also reseated my ram and tried a new monitor, and another graphicscard, but still no succes. Does anyone know what my problem could be ? I really hope for a response as I've had this problem for quite a while now, and it's really irritating me.
  5. Bonsoir à tous ! Je viens de m'inscrire sur le forum de Corsair donc, pardonnez-moi si je transcris des règles. C'est pas dans mon intention, je cherche juste de l'aide xD Alors, je vous fait le topo : ma petite souris Sabre RGB a maintenant bientôt 3 ans, mais elle a encore du temps devant elle ! Sauf que depuis quelques semaines, je rencontre des problèmes avec elle... Elle ne veut plus jouer avec moi, elle freeze toutes les 5min en jeu et impossible de se déplacer sur n'importe quel axe pendant env. 1 à 2secs puis ensuite elle se remet à marcher sans soucis pendant les 5 prochaines min (voir moins...). J'ai toujours été chez Corsair, j'ai eu une vengeance m65 à une époque et elle marchait super bien ! Mais je n'avais pas iCue avant... Peut-être que le problème vient de là ? J'ai tenté de régler le problème de bien des façons... - Désinstaller les pilotes de la souris et redémarrer = DONE - Enlever la possibilité à Windows d'éteindre mes périphériques = DONE - Stopper les pilotes USB qui semblent inutiles = DONE - Allez dans panneau de configuration pour désactiver bien des choses concernant les Bus USB etc = DONE - Mettre tout mes pilotes à jour = c'est la première chose que j'ai faite. Malgrès tout ça, ma souris ne veut plus fonctionner comme à son premier jour. Auriez-vous une solution à me proposer ? J'ai testé mon ancienne souris (la vengeance m65) et elle fonctionne sans soucis ! Bon sauf sa molette qui était le problème du pourquoi je l'ai changé XD Je vous remercie grandement pour vos réponses ! La bonne soirée à tous <3
  6. Hallo, ich habe mir im März 4x8GB Vengeance Pro zugelegt und seither Problemlos genutzt. Seit gut 2 Wochen habe ich allerdings massive Probleme, die mich langsam aber sicher zur Verzweiflung bringen. Angefangen hat es mit 1 Riegel der sich nicht mehr mehr per iCUE ansteuern lies, mehrere Restarts und Updates später liesen sich alle 4 nicht mehr Ansprechen und iCUE zeigt nur noch ein rotes Ausrufezeichen auf dem RAM an. Quasi gleichzeitig kamen unmengen an Bluescreens und Freezes, teilweise mehrmals hintereinander. Habe Windows mehrmals neu aufgesetzt, mehrmals alte und neue iCUE Versionen probiert. Ohne iCUE, sämtliche Treiber gecheckt. BIOS Update und Reset. Das Mainboard auf korrekten Anschluss aller Kontakte geprüft. Keine Veränderung. Habe dann meinen alten RAM testweise eingesetzt und siehe da, keine Bluescreens oder Freezes. Also den RAM reklamiert und gestern direkt den neuen eingebaut. ->Gleiches Spiel, Freezes und Bluescreens alle paar Minuten: driver_irql_not_less_or_equal Watchdog Violation iCUE zeigt ein Rotes Dreieck mit Ausrufezeichen auf dem RAM und teilweise verschwindet der RAM sogar komplett aus der Anzeige. Ich bin absolut ratlos. Bitte um Hilfe.
  7. So i currently own in my rig K70 RGB mk.2, H100I platinum pump, Vengeance RGB ram, and a lighting node pro connect to 4 strips and 4 LL 120 fans. The fans and the strips after about 4 mins or so after start up the lights start to freeze up or shutter(any color changing mode). The only way i can fix is to restart my computer or sometimes restart Cue software. But, still it keeps happening and i dont know why. Everything is update as well. Would anyone know whats going on and how to fix?
  8. Hi everyone! I bought and received this week the combination described on the title: Asus Crosshair VIII Hero with a Ryzen 7 3800x and 16 GB of Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro TUF 3200 MHz (CMW16GX4M2C3200C16-TUF). My problem is that I can't set the memory to work at 3200 MHz. The only frequency in which I'm able to boot the computer is 2133 MHz. Any other configuration, and I end up stuck in the BIOS logo screen with the motherboard Q-Code showing A0. I already tried: - Unplug everything from the computer, maintaining only the basics - Using only one of the two memory modules - Using D.O.C.P to configure the module to 3200 MHz - Using manual mode and configuring all by myself - Tried to configure the module at lower frequencies (3000 MHz and 2666 MHz) All these options make me end up at the BIOS logo screen stuck with the A0 Q-Code. I then have to boot in BIOS safe mode, set frequency to 2133 MHz (which is the Auto default) and reset the computer. The weird thing is, even when I do this reset, I end up stuck again on the BIOS screen logo. I have to turn the computer off physically through the button and wait a while. Only then the computer turns on with memory at 2133 MHz and boots to Windows. With the memory set to 2133 MHz, it boots as it should. Has anyone already seen this kind of behavior? I don't know if my motherboard came with something wrong or if it is the memory that is not compatible for some reason with this system.
  9. Hallo, ich habe bei mir ein kleines Problem. Einige Minuten nach dem Start des Rechners frieren bei meiner Strafe RGB die Farben ein. Meist auf ein helles Rot oder Weiss. Erst, wenn ich in iCue (3.25.60) kurz SDK ab- und wieder anschalte, laufen die Farben weiter wie gewünscht. Ich habe den Eindruck, dass dieses mit dem Battle.Net zusammenhängt, da ich dieses Problem auch später noch habe, sobald Battle.Net startet. Aber hierauf keine Garantie. Gibt es hier eine Musterlösung, wie ich das festfrieren der Farben verhindern kann? In Diablo 3 ist es ja nett, wenn die Farben passend zu den Cooldowns ihre Farbe ändern, aber dazu darf es halt nicht einfrieren... VG Betjal Korrektur: Auch beim Star Wars Galaxies-Launcher frieren die Farben ein. Scheint nicht nur beim Battlenet zu sein somit.
  10. Since half a year my mice is stuttering. When playing CS:GO and moving fast my cursor(crosshair) wont move for like 1/half a second. To me its a software problem because a other mice does its work perfectly. Is there a solution for this problem?
  11. Hello, What's going on with you Corsair? I have a Corsair K70 RGB, a Dark Core RGB and a H110i gtx and without any reason my computer start freezing every 1m and i'm only able to stop it when i kill the Corsair.Service.CpuldRemote process. I found some threads talking about it but no one from Corsair is giving feedback. Tried to work without iCue / Corsair but i was unable to save the profile to the hardware (i don't know why, after deleted the memory my keyboard/mouse can't fix the lights).
  12. Pic for attention: I have been having an issue with my iCue temps freezing stalling my fan speeds and having general freezing problems with my RGB Strafe and Scimitar Pro. I have 6 120mm Light Loop fans, 4 LED strips, H115i AIO, Commander Pro, Strafe RGB, and Scimitar Pro all controlled with iCUE and am wondering if the program cant handle all of it. I have a fairly beafy system with everything being corsair in my system besides RAM love the look but the freezing issues have been killing me. I cant upload the logs due to token error so here is a dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vht71eg1vyt6lvl/help%20me%202.zip?dl=0
  13. Till 2 days ago... everything was fine. Then I got a firmware update for my Lightning Node and iCUE update. And this is what I ended up with: I have 4 RGB strips connected to Lightning node pro link 2. The effect runs for around 2 minutes and then 3/4 freeze. So i have LEDS in order 1-2-3-4. When it freezes: 1 - works 2 - freeze 3 - freeze 4 - freeze When I unplug them and plug them in, only 1st one works. When I change to 2 strips or 6 or 5 or whatever still only 1st strip works. Restart doesn't help. Strips are stuck even during restart. My 6 x LL120 Fans on Link 1 are working fine... Now I wonder... anyone else have an issue like that? Maybe someone has an old firmware for Lightning node? Is there an option to go back to previous version at all? I really hope so, because we all spend a lot of money to have things like that and having an issue like that makes my blood boil. Thanks in advance for any response. PS. Reinstalling iCUE didnt help, i got into same situation just right after.
  14. So, for a few months i was plagued with the Corsair One locking up and restarting shortly after booting up or waking up from sleep mode. I'd usually launch a game and within 30 seconds it would freeze, restart, and then no issues after that for the rest of the time spent at the pc. A google search led me here, where many people were experiencing these issues. It's the Nvidia Drivers!!! I reverted back to 388.71 (released late 2017, probably around the time my corsair was made), and all is good, no more issues. NOTE: I use DDU to uninstall the drivers Completely ... using this process: Download your new drivers that you plan on installing directly to your desktop as an .exe file from the nvidia website. download DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) Run windows in safe mode (hold shift as you click "restart") ​ once you boot up, uninstall your nvidia drivers using DDU, it'll restart automatically. once it does, go back to safe mode again delete the drivers again using DDU (just in case you know?) it'll restart, restart again on your own into safe mode while in safe mode, install your new Nvidia drivers. Restart Optional: Download Nvidia Experience to get the instant replay recording features again in your games.
  15. So after trying every, and I do mean EVERY possible thing, and still failing to install the CUE for my new K70 RGB, I've found the only way to install it is: Let it fail, force reboot. Copy the installation files from a working install, into install destination "C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\Corsair Utility Engine" (my Surface got this ... questionable software installed without any issues) And yeah it works now >.> Eh, I wish someone had written this and saved me hours of trial and error madness.. (Corsair please fix). Here is a download link for the files if you lack a second PC that magically can install this software.
  16. Howdy folks. I've been facing this issue for quite a while now. Done quite a bit of google fu, but to no avail i'm afraid. After running for about 30-60 minutes all monitoring wihtin Icue "freezes", resulting in fans being stuck at whatever tempo they were at, at the time of freeze. The result of which being like in the picture below: Any help would be highly appreciated!
  17. Bonjour, J'utilise un k95 Platinium et une Glaive. J'ai plusieurs questions par rapport au software Corsair (le logiciel icue): Il n'arrête pas de planter quand je veux créer mes macro. (j'ai plusieurs profils, notamment en fonction de certaine applications, mais normalement, ça devrais pas poser de soucis). Comment ça ce fait que le logiciel freeze lorsque je veux faire mes macros? Pendant une dizaine de seconde a chaque fois que je change de panel, de profil ou de macro. Et il arrive souvent aussi qu'il me remette sur le profil par défaut. Et un autre points, quand il dit que les micro logiciels sont pas les même entre le clavier (ou souris) et qu'il demande soit d'enregistrer sur le clavier (souris) j'arrive pas a comprendre lequel est de garder sur le clavier, lequel est de garder celui du logiciel? (c'est assez étrange, a chaque fois que je lance le logiciel, Et encore autre chose, un petit détails, quand on enregistre une macro, le nombres d'actions est limité? Si oui, a combien environ, vous savez? J'ai vu qu'il y a une intégration pour faire des Intégration du jeu sur farcry 5, est-ce qu'il y a/auras ça sur d'autre jeux? Mon système: Win 10; icue 3.7.99 (je viens de le télécharger sur le site). J'ai formaté il y a 2 mois mon pc et le logiciel icue n'a jamais fonctionné correctement, même quand il n'y avait presque rien d'autre d'installé. Si besoin de n'importe quel info supplémentaire sur mon système, demandez-moi. Merci d'avance pour les potentiels réponses. Musiquo
  18. I am having an issue that is most definitely an issue with the K70 Lux RGB and how it interacts with the USB ports on this PC. Whenever I plug in a USB device (be it a controller, a secondary mouse), Steam will freeze. The caps lock and num lock indicator on the keyboard will also not work anymore. As soon as I set the polling switch on the keyboard to BIOS, then Steam unfreezes. When I set it back to This is most definitely an issue with the keyboard as I have not had any of these issues prior to owning this keyboard. While you can say that it might be a compatibility issue with Steam, that's not really acceptable considering a gaming keyboard should at the very LEAST be working with Steam. I've tried changing between USB ports, from USB 2.0 to 3.0 and back. Tried updating all the drivers and it's still the same issue. I've looked all over these forums and there is definitely quite a few of us experiencing the same issue. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Start computer. 2. Notice that CUE has loaded up since my lights are showing RGB effects 3. Plug in a USB device like a controller or another mouse 4. Notice that Steam freezes and is unusable. ALSO notice that if you press Caps Lock or Numlock, the lights will not light up, no matter what you do. 5. Set polling switch to BIOS 6. Steam now unfreezes and is usable. 7. Set polling back to default. Caps lock and Numlock also now works again. 8. You can now unplug and replug USB devices without issue, but this only lasts for maybe 1 or 2 replugs. You have to go back to Step 1 again. I don't want to have to do this workaround every single time. Note, I also just tested this and you can replace Steam with the Windows USB Game Controller screen. This keyboard is definitely causing USB conflicts and it's not just me. Relevant specs: Motherboard - Asus Maximus IX Hero Keyboard - Corsair K70 RGB Lux Attaching CUE log files as well 2017-06-10T11-48-37 - Copy.zip
  19. Bonjour à tous et à toutes, alors voilà mon problème : récemment j'ai acheté un clavier Corsair K55, sur tous les jeux, il n'y avait aucun problème, par contre, j'ai remarqué que sur R6 et Brawlhalla, le jeu ne répondaient plus au bout de qlq minutes de jeu... J'ai désinstallé/réinstaller, vérifier le cache du jeu, rien à faire, mais j'ai ensuite remplacé mon nouveau clavier par mon ancien et MIRACLE, je n'ai pas eu de problème... J'ai mis à jour les pilotes du clavier mais tjr rien, je n'ai pas envie de changer de clavier donc si vous avez une solution n'hésitez pas !! PS: Je suis sûr que le problème vient du clavier car comme 2em preuve, quand mon PC freeze au bout de qlq minutes de jeu et que je débranche mon K55, le jeu se débloque ! Merci d'avance
  20. Hi there, I am considering buying the One Pro with 1080 Ti but I have 3 questions I would like to ask before I pull the trigger considering it is an expensive investment! 1- The no. of posts I see in the forum about the noise and rebooting/freezing issues have really worried me. Are these issues that common or is it because of the fact a good amount of people post here was as a result of the issues? 2- Following question 1, does the 1080 version have less of these noise and freezing/reboot issues? 3- I am not resident of USA and it is hard to source the machine from where I am. So I am thinking of buying it on Corsair website, ship to my friend in Missouri, then I can physically collect it when I travel there. However, I saw the price on Corsair website is excluding tax, I wonder is the tax going to be paid when I get through to the check-out stage online, or will I friend need to pay it when he signs for delivery (and how much approx. in this case)? Because I do not live in USA so dealing with any issue involving returning/replacing the machine will be such a headache and potentially costly for me (shipping), therefore I would greatly appreciate any help with this before I buy!
  21. Dear Reader, When I connect my Xbox One Controller (Wired or Wireless doesn't matter) my Steam just freezes completely. The way to unfreeze it instantly is to pull out the USB for my Strafe RGB Silent keyboard and then I can use my controller normally. As soon as I plug the keyboard back in, Steam will freeze back up again. I'm not the only one having this problem as I already posted on both Steam and Reddit getting responses from people having the same problem. There aren't many of us, but I really hope we can address this problem and fix it. I'll be happy to provide any type of data to help anyone interested in fixing this problem. Kind regards, Joost
  22. Bonjour, Voici mon problème. Sur ma configuration principale, en signature, aucun problème. En revanche, sur ma configuration secondaire: - I7 3770K - Asus Maximus V Extreme - Corsair Vangeance LP 2*8Go 1600Mhz - Corsair GT Force 120Go - Corsair RM750 80+ Gold - 2 way SLI EVGA GTX970 Superclocked J'ai un soucis avec n'importe quel driver. Effectivement, lorsque je veux installe le CUE pour mon K70, le driver de mon H2100 ou le driver de ma M65, le PC freeze arrivé au moment de l'installation du driver. Je pensais d'abord à un soucis d'Overclocking, mais même avec CPU stop, bios par défaut, j'ai le même problème. Il n'y a que sur Windows 7 que cela fonctionne, sur Windows 8 et Windows 10, plantage à chaque fois. J'ai donc essayé de me mettre en mode compatibilité, et de mettre "ancienne version de Windows", mais toujours pareil. Je n'ai aucun soucis avec n'importe quel autre driver, c'est uniquement avec les drivers de chez Corsair... Si quelqu'un a déjà eu ce soucis, si quelqu'un a la solution, je suis preneur...c'est très frustrant. Cordialement,
  23. I've had corsair keyboard for like 1 year and few months. basically I got the RMA for a keyboard recently because it was crashing my system all the time. Now I have this brand new keyboard and my problem is that the animations in CUE are extremely slow and laggy. the whole software is kind of slow and laggy.. like when you switch between profiles such as rainbow wave and rain, the animations for those 2 are super slow. anyone knows how to fix this ?
  24. Hello all. Recently I've been having a lot of issues with the corsair utility engine software. My keyboard is the corsair strafe RGB. I haven't had any problems when I bought the keyboard (few months ago) it only started appearing quite recently. Basically whenever the software is on, it freezes my entire system whenever I play some games. Sometimes it happens when I alt tab, sometimes it happens straight away when I launch the game. It's weird because I've never seen anything like that happen before.. Whenever it freezes, the game still keeps going but I get an immediate lag spike, as if my internet was less than 1mb of speed, and I'm unable to turn on or off any applications/software.. Like say for example, when the freeze happens I'm unable to turn on google chrome, because it'll just keep on loading. Same thing when turning computer off. It will always have "logging off" on the screen and it'll never turn off unless I hold the power button for 5 seconds. Not even caps lock,num lock or scroll lock will work, whenever i click any of those buttons the light doesn't lit up Honestly this is the weirdest glitch I've ever encountered. Anyone else experienced this ?
  25. Hi. I was using my headphones earlier, when I held the power button (I don't know if they were previously on or off) and they froze in a way. The stopped working, but the power light and the charging light were on. They were charging when I held the button but the light stayed on after I unplugged them. I have tried holding the power button, pressing the application power button, and checking the Knowledge Base, and I haven't found anything. The only thing that has happened is that I took them to a different room, the power light seemed to flicker, but I doubt that means much. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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