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Found 11 results

  1. As the title says. I was just told to update my rams firmware but what am I changing? Where are the changelogs. Come on guys it's 2021 tell us what is different and why we need it. Is that so hard? I'm running this exact ram on a i9-10900k CMT32GX4M2C3466C16
  2. hi im running a system with a 4 stick pack of dominator platinum (32GB) which are causing big sound Problems at my system. the whole problem exists since a few years now and i switched nearly every part in this time except for the memory. every time i try to listen to music, watch a movie or do something else with sound i get popping sounds which make it impossible to enjoy sound. it is really difficult to describe it but its sounds like a piece of sound is missing or broken and if you record it, you can clearly see what i mean. i tried everything i could but nothing solved the problem. i tried overclocking different parts but nothing. i swicht the cpu and mainboard from a I7-3770K with a Asus Deluxe II to a Z390 Maximus Formular and a ROG Strix Z370-I with a i5-8600K. i switched power supplies and more but regardless what i do, the memory does the same and destroys every joy of sound. after i tried everything i could, i reached out to the support of the different manufacturers. i tried to get help from corsair but even after nearly 2 F years they just told me that it cant be the memory... thy even told me that it must be the problem of asus because i could reproduce it on every asus board i have so i reached out to asus. they told my (like i alredy thought) that it cant be a mainboard problem and it is defenetly the problem auf this memory. so i reached out to corsair again, told them everything asus said and they denied everything and cloesed my ticket again. I'm at a point now where I don't know how to go on. i really thought that corsair was a good brand and that the lifetime warranty on my product means something. can anybody help me? i am open for everything. btw. don't even try to play games like cyberpunk. the whole sound of this game causes cracking and popping because of the memory. Summary: memory causes sound problems. switched every part except for the memory (different story why i didn't change the ram). tried the sticks in every combination like single slot etc. over/underclocking doesn't help or makes things worse. Bios, Win etc are always at the newest version. dont have money for new parts listen for yourself:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/snx6rw73nedalnl/AADbeyqLLJ1Q2557RwBwOFFna?dl=0
  3. Hi all! I''m looking to build a new PC with the 4000x as my case and the h115i Capellix Elite as my AIO. I know Vengeance RGB Pro ram won't fit this setup, as there isn't enough clearance with the 280 AIO, but would Dominator Platinum RGB ram work instead? Would greatly appreciate the information and assistance, as I'm so close to locking down this build! Thanks
  4. Hi there Are there the dummy ram sticks available for the dominator platinum rgb like the vengeance rgb pros ? Reason I ask is i have 2x 16gb of dominator and would like the other slots filled with the same rgb lights. Thanks
  5. Hello people. I have this little problem, maybe you can help me to solve it. I have 4x8gb Dominator Platinum (cmt16gx4m2c3200c16) they work just perfect, but one of the sticks is having some weird rgb behaviour, it only turns on blue, It doesn't matter the effect I apply they will work(at the moment I have them all on static color, 3 of them are white and the first one is completely blue), but only if that ram stick has to turn on blue, these are all new sticks(bought them yesterday) so they shouldn't be damaged. Any help would be appreciated
  6. HI everyone, wishes for better and health world!.. My new memory kit CMT32GX4M2C3200C16, Dominator RGB 3200Mhz CL16, can't reach 3200mhz with my: Gigabyte Aorus Elite motherboard and Ryzen 3900x.. I did updated motherboard, I did try disable XMP Profile and manually timing, and other settings,.. I did try some auto, some manuel settings,.. I achieved 3000mhz with XMP profile but giving extra Dram Multiplier setting with 30x,.. but no further than 30... After 30x multiplier motherboard disables OC and gives me stock 2133mhz... I did try some voltage settings less or more... I also noticed that my motherboard gives extra voltage for auto xmp profile, it's about 1.385v not 1.35v. but I think it's normal thing, motherboards do. If you guys have any knowledge of this products or anything, please let me know... I am open for any suggestion... thanks... Keep safe, stay home!..
  7. Hey guys! I've got an ASUS Prime B350-PLUS mobo with a Ryzen 5 2600 and CMD16GX4M4C320016 ram. Latest bios and everything. The problem is that, that I can't get them to run them anything higher than 2133 mhz. It won't post with the docp profile at 3200, but I can get it to run at 3200 with the ryzen dram calculator but it won't be stable as i get a bsod eventually and it's full of errors with memtest. Only 2133 looks stable without any errors. Should I change motherboard or any suggestions?:(:
  8. Hello all, I have done a little research without much fruit falling to the ground, so I've decided to throw this out to the field for some feedback. Last year I bough the Corsair chips found in my profile for a new Ryzen 2700X build. Everything went great, no issues, ran it for a while - then deceived to upgrade to an X570 to prepare for a 3950X upgrade later in 2020. Did the fresh install as usual, and all went well, no BSODs, no problems. Ran it fine with all my games, no issues with anything. Then one day, I wanted to play around with OC options. I mean, why have all this new O- capable hardware and not OC, right? Then I learned that my Corsair chips are different. Had no clue when I bought them (same label, same part #, same price, sam packaging) one literally says AMD, and the other clearly says Intel on it. Using CPU-Z, I come up with one difference in these 4 chips: Problem #1, I obviously have them in the wrong slots, so now do I fix that to see if it changes anything? 1& 2 are Single Rank? (see attached image) Problem #2, Slots 3&4, are Dual Rank. (see attached image I never noticed this until the other day when I attempted the OC option in BIOS and BOOM! BSOD. First one ever with my Ryzen. That's what started my investigation into my hardware, and how I found the differences in these 2 Kits. My questions are: 1. Is that what is "Definately" causing the issue? 2. Can I fix it by doing the off-set slots of the Dual Rank chips in 1 & 3 and the Single Rank Chips in Slots 2 & 4? 3. Or should I just take out the Intel labeled chips and stick with 16gb for now and attempt OC? Appreciate all your guidance. Let's break it and fix it together! Sync http://www.ksa4pt.org/mt-content/uploads/2020/01/cpu-z_memory-screenshot.png
  9. Hi, I bought by accident CMT16GX4M2Z3200C16 instead of CMT16GX4M2C3200C16 This is dominator platinum rgb 16gb ddr4 3200mhz. I’m going to use it on a ROG z390-F with an i7 9700k at 5ghz or 5.2ghz. As far as I know, it will work, the specs say “intel 300 compatible” (let me know if I’m wrong). But what about the OC? When I enable the XMP, will it load values optimized for Ryzen and not intel? Are these values just the timing and volt, and I can change it manually to solve the problem? or it’s more than that and it’s better to return the product? I did not open it yet, but it’s just too much work, if there is no difference I will keep them. Thank you. Edit: I just got this reply from customer support, which btw is amazing, they reply within a day if not faster. “Z series SKUs are optimized for Ryzen, but should be perfectly fine on Intel platforms.” Still...it means that it will work, but will the performance by affected?
  10. I have a 64G Dominator Platinum 2400MHz C14 kit (8x8) purchased in feb 16 for an X99 build. I now want to upgrade to an X299 system. None of the motherboard vendors list my specific memory kit in their QVL. They list very similar memory kits but not mine specifically. For instance, ASRock Taichi XE (the board I’d like) lists the following: CMK32GX4M2A2400C14 CMK32GX4M4A2400C16 CMK64GX4M4B3333C16 CMD64GX4M8B3333C16 ver4.31 My kit: CMD64GX4M8A2400C14 All of the QVL kits are listed for 2/4/8 socket support Looks like board supports Dominator, 64G, (8x8), 2400C14 but it doesn’t list all these attributes together! My kit is still available and is quite expensive. I’m hoping it’s not obsolete! Is it likely it just wasn’t specifically tested or is my kit not useful in a X299 build? Thanks for any guidance, Don
  11. Hi, I bought a Dominator 16GB, 3200MH, 2x8 kit to replace a Vengeance 3000MHz kit that had gone bad. Since then, I got the Vengeance kit (also 2x8) replaced via RMA. My question: can I use all 4 sticks simultaneously as long as I keep them on separate channels? My mb is a Gigabyte ga-z170mx-gaming 5. Thanks,
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