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Found 8 results

  1. ICue showing temps not correct with other monitor software..but everything else just works..
  2. Hello, this is my first post, it will be a big one. I have the H80i V2 AIO cooler. It is a thick 120mm that features a stock push-pull configuration. I tested two setups: One as the default, using 1.) Corsair stock fans (~3000 max RPM) under the push-pull configuration. The second setup, using 1 single 2.) Noctua pull (~3000RPM fan). As you can see from the data, there is no temperature change: Here is a picture of the Corsair Link im talking about. First off, I do not know even what sensor I am looking at. Whether it is the pump temp, or the liquid temp. Never the less, the problem is that the pump itself gets obscenely hot, it exceeds the 45C warning in the Link program and the Pump itself turns to RED :mad:, yet while everything else is fine in temps. I have tried different push-pull configurations but it does not seem to change. Is it defective? 1.) Corsair stock fans 2.) Noctua config Can anybody think of why this is causing this? For anyone curious my GPU runs "cool" at max 76C at load. Here is a pic of my pc (excuse the bad cables management): Here is my PC 3 in-take, 3 out-take. Currently the pic has only the 1 Noctua fan because I like the quieter setup since the fan temps are almost identical as seen in the data pastebins.
  3. I've had my system for a little while now, having put it together a couple of years ago and for the most part, everything has been fine. Recently, I've dsicovered that my RAM (4 x 8gb Vengeance RGB Pro 3000Mhz) has not been running at the speed it's supposed to and has also been running quite hot, never going below 40C and going to near 70C under loads that barely bother the CPU and GPU. And finally, the colour control has been coming up with errors as well, in iCUE, it appears with a red triangle and I have to force update the firmware to temporarily fix it. I've enabled XPM and manually adjusted the frequency in the BIOS to match the RAM's advertised speed, no results, and I've sped up my fans also to provide better cooling for my pc to keep my temps under control. For the RGB control, I've turned off the SDK function in iCUE and the "Enable full software Control" but I get the same results both ways. Any advice or suggestions on this would be much appreciated, thanks! System Specs: Intel Core i7-9700K Asus ROG Strix Z390-H Gaming MSI Geforce GTX 1080Ti Gaming X Trio Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro (4 x 8gb, 3000Mhz) Corsair H100i V2 AIO Corsair Obsidian 500D RGB SE 6 x Corsair LL120 & RGB Fan Hub 2 x 2TB Seagate Barracuda HDD Corsair Commander Pro
  4. Weeks of searching the internet for fixes seems to have proved fruitless. My CPU at idle ranges from 40-55, with the base at 40 but then spiking to 55 or sometimes 60 at random points. I've attributed this spiking to the way BIOS is OC'ing my Ryzen processor so I believe I can fix that just with some tweaking, but still a minimum of 40c when the ambient temp is 27 is a bit high for an AIO innit? CPU clock never goes above 4.3Ghz and voltage is set to 1.35. During gaming it sits at about 47-54c depending on the game, and spikes to 60-65 randomly, which again I'd attribute to my BIOS playing jump rope with my core. Cinebench gets about 65-67 at 5 passes, and I haven't had the guts to run prime95 for more than 3 minutes but the temps there are about the same. During these high workloads the CPU will sometimes spike to 74C, which is my main concern. AIO Liquid temps stay at around 32-34C, and both the tubes and the radiator seem lukewarm at best. Kinda odd since I've been hearing people say how the tubes should be hot to the touch... I've reseated the cooler, wiped and applied some Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, made sure the CPU_FAN header for the pump is at max, and tried tapping and tilting the AIO, albeit not by much (last thing I want is for this thing to leak). So any suggestions as to what's going on? Is the pump busted (it's regging 2000+ rpm in iCUE), is my NZXT H500 hotboxing it? Is the radiator clogged? Help!!! (also thank you)
  5. Hi, I have a asus Hero VIII with a H115i cooling block. I noticed it was getting a bit noisy lately, despite the cpu temps being lowish, but that some of the temps in Corsair Link were a bit strange. There is one fluctuating between 80 and 130 C, which seems high for a cpu temp. (and another that seems stuck at 50C, which seems unlikely. Any suggestions on what those values correspond to? This value is worrying me.... It comes from these values in Corsair link; Any idea whether that is a problem, and what the value corresponds to? Thanks, Tom
  6. el_mendaa

    H100i V2

    Hello guys since some weeks i bought a Corsair h100i V2 to my I7 4770k (Not overclocked) but im starting thinking this temps are not normal in idle i get 38-42ºC and in full load i get 69-75ºC when is in full load the liquid does not get more hot that 35-36ºC. When i was mounting the backplate for the first time I noticed the backplate is a little bit loose even with all four screws installed but i saw in another forums that is normal. And i dismounted and mounted again and i get the same because i throught the pump doesnt not sit correctly on cpu. I dont even know if this temps are good of if i have any problem with my cooling system Can you help me guys? Thank you :)
  7. BLUF: I would do it again in a heartbeat. Dramatically lower temps and a relatively easy process. After installing a shiny new H115i on a shiny new Core i7-7700k, I was dismayed to see it hitting 80c under load and OCed to 4.9ghz. I decided to make the leap and delid, after seeing how straight forward it look thanks to Rockit88's tool. So I grabbed one, plus their relid kit, and Liquid Ultra off Amazon. Off to the races! Before getting started - slightly nervous about the possiblity of wrecking a $330 chip... Delidding Core i7-7700k by nchopp, on Flickr The kit is well-made, and the multiple videos on their site and YouTube make it fairly idiot proof. It included a wooden pick/scraper that came in handy for getting the JB Weld type adhesive removed from the chip and spreader. Delidding Core i7-7700k by nchopp, on Flickr Ready to start turning... Delidding Core i7-7700k by nchopp, on Flickr When they say there's an obvious "pop" as the adhesive releases, they aren't kidding. It was surprisingly easy. Delidding Core i7-7700k by nchopp, on Flickr Taping off the die: Delidding Core i7-7700k by nchopp, on Flickr Applying the Liquid Ultra: Delidding Core i7-7700k by nchopp, on Flickr This stuff really is interesting. It moves around like mercury, not so much like a liquid. It cleans up easily with rubbing alcohol in case you get it on the table. Or the floor. Or your chair. My young assistants helped make a bit of a mess. Applying it to the heat spreader: Delidding Core i7-7700k by nchopp, on Flickr Time to relid: Delidding Core i7-7700k by nchopp, on Flickr The super glue I was using was the type with a brush - looking back, not the best choice. I'd use one with a precise applicator tip, as I had a tough time getting it just in the right spots. It also made removing it from the tool difficult after it had set - I ended up having to use some q-tips, Goof Off Super Glue Remover, and a knife to get it out. That was a bit sporting. I used Arctic Silver Arctic Alumina as the interface between the heat spreader and the H115i. I used the method recommended by Arctic Silver, a 1mm wide line down the vertical center of the heatspreader. Now the fun part. IT WORKED. Results: Before Delid at 4.9ghz: Idle: 49c Load: 80c After Delid at 4.9ghz: Idle: 27c Load: 57c After Delid at 5ghz: Idle: 39c Load: 68c 5ghz wasn't obtainable before the delid - was stuck at 4.9ghz no matter how how I pushed the voltage. I'll probably drop it back down to 4.9ghz for long-term. Then again, I should see a few more degrees drop once the Alumina is set in. Screen captures of the results follow. Before Delid - Idle by nchopp, on Flickr Before Delid - Load by nchopp, on Flickr After Delid 4.9ghz - Idle by nchopp, on Flickr After Delid 4.9ghz - Load by nchopp, on Flickr After Delid 5ghz - Idle by nchopp, on Flickr After Delid 5ghz - Load by nchopp, on Flickr
  8. BLUF: Getting 70c temps under load with an i7-7700K at stock. So I've been having problems with my H115i since getting it. I had an Asus ROG STRIX Z270F, but it started flaking out very quickly. I'm now running an MSI Z270 SLI PLUS. On install, there was some play between the backplate and screws. After installing the cooler, there is none. I tried installing some small silicone washers on the Asus, it made no difference. The install is with Arctic Silver Arctic Alumina, following the install directions from Arctic Silver - 1mm thin line down the center of the spreader. I also tried the old-school application method, spreading a very thin layer across the spreader. No better. On idle, temps sit at around 30c. Loaded with x264 stress test, they immediately hit 70c+. The coolant temperature never goes over 33c. This is with the pump on performance, and putting the fans at max doesn't make a difference. Temps 1 Temps 2 Case setup: Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Glass. H115i in the front, both fans pulling. Four 120mm Asiahorse exhausting, one in the rear and four on top. Setup 1 This is not what I was expecting. Thoughts? The only two things I can figure are that either it's not making good contact with the spreader, or the pump is shot.
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