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  1. Hey! I recently updated my mouse, but since that time I can no longer use it with the dongle. It only works with the bluetooth now. I tried to force a dongle update ( now on v.5.4.99), but it didn't change anything. I also did a mouse reset ( several time) , but still nothing. On the ICUE side, I uninstalled and reinstalled it (now on v. 4.17.244), but when I connect my mouse with a wire, it no longer appears in ICUE. So, I can't force a mouse update. Can you help me ? HArpoon RBG wireless: S/N:081120281154
  2. So appearently, I saw that my headset turned to static light blue. Re-attaching the dongle works but is temporary. The light probably lasted on the effect I wanted for like 5 minutes, not more. I can't really determine the problem, help will be pretty useful, have a nice day. (This does not effect the sound quality or something about audio at all.)
  3. I just installed a Corsair Waterblock on my 3080Ti Fe and the temp is now locked to 65C where it was running at 80+C when on its stock cooler. This is in addition to the core clocks decreasing as soon as I enter into a game going from 1950MHz to less than 900MHz. Precision is not locking the temp to 65 and all the settings are the same. Is there anyone who has an idea why the card is not behaving properly? I have found that the card is thermal throttling even though the core is at 68C Hwinfo is reporting the highest temp on the card overall is 104C thus the throttling. I assume it is due to lack of cooling on VRMS but am unsure, any ideas other ideas or ways I could confirm my thoughts?
  4. Hi, so i have a problem with my Corsair LL120 fans, which were bought in a 3 pack with node pro controller. My pc has 2 years and until now i hadn't had any problems with it. Few days ago one of my fans stopped showing rgb's. I was really confused and tried to swap cables on rgb hub to see if this is a hub problem, but then something strange happened. I swaped some of the cables and for now only one fan is fully showing animation, but other 2 are just working without rgb. I have them connected in first, second and third port on the hub and hub is connected to node pro. In Icue i have everything setted exactly how it should be. I should mention that my node pro and rgb hub are both connected to the same sata power cable chain. And another thing, sometimes, when i just turn on the computer all 3 fans work perfectly fine, but the next day they can shut themselves down (i mean rgb of course). Please someone help me with this problem because i can't handle it by myself.
  5. Hello. First of all I'm sorry for my english I'm not that good. I bought a new void elite and it was working until this morning. I played a game and turned off my computer but when ı oppend my computer ı couldn't opend my headset and when I tried to charge it there wasn't any light on charcing port light and my computer didn't saw my headset connected. I'm sure it has battery because It was almost full in the morning. It looks like dead no voice no light no any thing that ı can see. Please help me should I return it but I don't want to do because I want to use this headset.
  6. My newly installed H100i Elite Capellix buzzing on and off when I play something like Runescape. Is this normal behaviour, I also stress-tessed my CPU to ramp up the temp, but no sound was made during the test? What could be the problem here, I already tilted my pc and the AIO itself. AIO is top-mounted. Link to sound: https://streamable.com/sdwsmi edit: No very audible sound when idling, besides the pump noise
  7. So I have a weird issue that happened while I was switching my build from a Fractal Design Mini C to a Lian Li O11D Mini. My XD3 pump/res was working fine a few hours ago when I turned off the computer to take it apart. I took everything out of the old case and rebuilt my loop in the new case, and now the pump wont start up again. It gets power, as it makes a very low and faint vibrating noise, but it doesn't spin up. I have tried to have it plugged into both the new and old power supply, both with pwm plugged into the commander pro and not. I read some previous threads on this forum and tried tilting the case and even shaking the pump (soft tubing so I could unscrew the pump without disconnecting the loop). The only thing I added to the loop was more radiator, I went from 2x240 to 2x360 + 1x240. Have I simply reached the limit of what pressure the pump is able to supply? Here is a video of the sound the pump makes when powered with only molex connected, pwm was disconnected (you might have to turn up your volume to hear the vibrating sound): [ame] [/ame] I bought this pump directly from the corsair EU store, so I don't think it will be a problem to return it if I have to, but it seems weird that the pump suddenly stops working like this. I thought I'd try my luck on the forums and see if someone might have a solution :)
  8. I've just recently built a new PC, and I'm trying to make it more quiet by making custom fan curves in iCUE. The issue I'm having is, no matter what I do, the fans are spinning way faster than they should be (about what they should be doing at 70 degrees when the CPU is idling at 32). Are there any common things that I may be doing wrong? Does anyone know of a good fix? I've tried changing the sensor, but it isn't really working.
  9. Hi guys, I am using a K70 RGB Mk II and a Harpoon RGB Pro as my mouse. Everything was working really nicely, no issues at all, then last night while I was playing Cyberpunk, my keyboard froze. It wouldn't accept inputs. I restarted my system by pressing the button on the tower. When I then tried to switch profiles through the button on my keyboard (I don't have them synced to programs or anything), two profiles with coloured patterns (one has rainbow wave and the other has colour shift) will change. However, when I try to switch to my default one, which is just the solid colour white (I use this for doing uni work, etc) it does not switch. It just freezes the colour it was doing before. Additionally, the WinLock button does not change colour. This happens on both my colour shift and solid white profiles. It produces the input - the computer will obey the WinLock command, but it will not change colour at all. I have found that if I switch to my solid white profile, then change the brightness, it will flick back to the profile I want. But I have to fiddle with it every time to have it recognise it. So far, I have restarted my system, updated my iCue software to the latest available version and deleted and manually recreated my iCue profiles. None of these efforts have had any effect. Prior to now, I have not had any issues at all with iCue software. It has worked perfectly. That is why I am confuised about this. My mouse is changing profiles (I have it set to lighting link) correctly. There are no issues with it. It also did not freeze originally, while I was playing Cyberpunk. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks :)
  10. so i’ve looked through all the forums posts and people have similar issues but all of them have something to do with the iCUE software, mine however dont turn on at all, they worked at first when i put together my case but when i trouble shooter some other case fans when i powered the pc on the LL140 lights just don’t turn on(the other case fans aren’t connected to the corsair ones at all)
  11. Hello. I have four 120mm Corsair QL fans in the front of my case. The RGB connectors are plugged into a Lighting Node Core. The fan connectors are plugged into a Commander Pro. The USB connector of that Lighting Node Core is plugged into the Commander Pro. I also have an H150i Elite Capellix. The fan and RGB connectors of the Capellix are plugged into a Commander Core. The USB connector of the Commander Core is plugged into the Commander Pro. The USB connector of the Commander Pro is plugged into a header on my motherboard. Unfortunately, when iCue runs, the lighting effects of at least one of the fans is glitched out when in Rainbow Wave mode or the inverse static color when set to a static color. For example, three fans are red and the other is green or three fans are green and one is blue. I tried swapping the RGB connectors many times. Currently, three fans are affected. I have an Asus motherboard and an MSI graphics card, but Asus Armoury Crate and MSI Dragon Center are currently not installed. This is a fresh install of Windows. Logitech Gaming Software is installed, but not set to start with Windows. Also, Aurora is installed. Thank you in advance. Edit: I found the issue. I plugged in the RGB connectors one by one. The RGB connector for the first fan from the top went into Connector 1, the RGB connector for the second fan from the top went into Connector 2, etc. The fourth fan from the top was causing the issue, so I swapped RGB connectors 3 and 4. Now, when I make all fans red, they're all red except for some blue in the back of the third fan from the top, which now has its RGB connector placed in Connector 4. At some point in time, I'll be replacing the third fan from the top. Edit 2: Also, the same spot on the third fan from the top glitches when using the Rainbow Wave preset.
  12. I just put together a PC with all new parts and the cooler is not being (and has never been) detected by iCUE. So far I have tried reinstalling iCUE, changing the motherboard USB header it was plugged into, plugging it into a rear I/O USB connection (which prompted a driver installation, only at that point), manually reinstalling the drivers, repairing iCUE, removing all other monitoring software, swapping back to a motherboard USB header, and restarting the computer between each of these steps. The cooler is recognized as a device in Windows since the drivers installed, I have no other RGB control software installed, and iCUE works fine with my RAM and keyboard. I've looked into a bunch of other threads but haven't found a solution, I hate to open up new threads on such a seemingly common problem- but I don't think my problem is one of the usual suspects. Hope you guys can help, thank you in advance, specs listed below. Windows 10 x64 Intel i7 10700K Gigabyte Z490 Vision G MSI Gaming RTX 2060 Super Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro DDR4-2666 Corsair H100i RGB Platinum SE Seagate FireCuda 510 SSD Intel 730 SSD Seagate Firecuda HDD Corsair RM850x iBUYPOWER Snowblind - S Corsair K75 RGB Logitech G600
  13. Hello everyone, I recently purchased a Corsair Vengence 5182(https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07Y16KZHM/) & have had nothing but wifi problems since day 1 wondering if anyone has any guidance or if I should ship it back?(not very satisfied with support for a $2k PC). Support suggested reset the CMOS(they were kind enough to send me the incorrect troubleshooting instructions - for the Corsair One) & reset windows - Here's the thing - I'm not reseting Windows - this PC came new, if it needs a windows reset right out of the box I'll return it and get another brand that doesn't & I'm not taking the PC apart to reset the CMOS - again, I'll return it, I didn't pay for a prebuild to play PC-take-aparter simulation. Eventually I fixed the WiFi by setting the driver to only connect to my 5Ghz channel. Things were working okay(still slow, my other devices see ~200Mbps) for a day until I got a second monitor Asus 245 - as soon as I plug the monitor into the PC my wifi speeds drop to 0(or if I'm lucky 1Mbps) as soon as I unplug it the PC goes right back up to 60Mbps(still slow but playable) - I'm skeptical anything is wrong with the monitor or the cables I'm using - plugging the same cables into my mac & another PC the WiFi works at normal speeds. I've done the normal stuff I think(restart, cold start, unplug after starting, unplugging before starting, make sure all drivers are up to date, switch around the refresh rate to see if that helps, tried a few different cables) & still nada. Any advice? Thanks in advance
  14. I just got this headphone and the scroll wheel took my about 20 turns to get my pc to max. Is this normal? edit: it's also kinda tough
  15. I recently bought a 220T case that came with 3 SP120s and bought 1 more to go in the back of the case. This case came with a Lighting Node Core preinstalled with the fans already hooked up to ports 1-3. I bought a Commander Pro as well and have the 3 factory fans plugged into 1-3 on both the Commander Pro and Node, and they all work fine. However, the additional fan (pin 4 in both the pro and node) that I bought will spin, but not light up. I initially thought the fan's LEDs were the problem, but I am now having the same issue with another fan. My Node in iCUE is set to SP RGB PRO Series Fans, 4 Fans. I've gone through the Support pages but could not find anything to help. I've been messing with this for about two weeks and any help would be much appreciated.
  16. I purchased a Harpoon Wireless through Amazon and I received the first one a couple of weeks ago. When I tried plugging it in my PC did not recognize the Splistream USB Dongle. It literally didn't take any action or make any noise when plugging into the machine. I tried all of the USB ports on my machine. However it worked Wired, and via bluetooth. I forced updated the mouse, I tried resetting, however the initial pair option was blocked out and not clickable in iCUE, so I chalked it up to defective product. And I got an replacement through Amazon. Sadly I am experiencing the same issues with the replacement. My PC is not recognizing the Slipstream USB dongle. It still works wired and Bluetooth. I have also already submitted a support ticket for this issue, figured I would reach out here to see if the community has any pointers. Thanks.
  17. After about one cycle of prime95, chip skyrockets its temp. In genersl the h80i pump never seems to increase its temp alomg woth the cpu, only ranging from about 28degrees to 30, while the cpu goes from 30- 100. I feel vibrations through the tubing, and the top seems mounted tightly with no wiggle room. Tried rearranging fan connectors as was listed herehttps://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/h80i-letting-the-cpu-reach-95-degrees-c-panic.2183736/, but no luck. Running a modest 4.4 OC @40 offset voltage on an i5 8600k. In general the chip ran hot though. Voltage sitting at 1.29-1.32 tops.
  18. So, as the title states iCUE is not running at startup, even though I have it set to run at startup. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling, I checked to see if it was enabled under startup in task manager, setting the program to run as an admin at startup, editing the registry entry and adding --autorun to the entry. Nothing I've tried has worked. The only Corsair products I'm using are an H100i Pro cooler and Vengeance RGB Pro RAM. This started when I stopped using my old M65 RGB Elite, because it was getting old. Now iCUE won't run at startup. Hopefully, someone will have a workaround for this. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hey everyone so my current setup is a commander running 3 LL120 fans and 4 Corsair RGB strips. It was working fine then I upgraded by replacing my motherboard and CPU. Since then the fans update fine but the RGB strips don't update as quickly (typically once a hour or two.) besides the first light on the RGB strip. Any ideas what could cause this? I'm on the latest firmware. (Note: the strips are lit but just in hardware lighting.)
  20. So this works flawlessly on my pc and my xbox 1X, however PS4 not so much. I can not get it to work, wired, dongle, or Bluetooth. The F1 and winlock trick does not put my k63 into bios mode either, any suggestions? I'd like to get the most out of my $170 keyboard set up.
  21. For some odd reason, my mouse middle button isn't working. The scroll wheel is working fine, but the mouse button itself isn't. I've tried to flip it upside down and rapidly press it, although that isn't quite working. Please help.
  22. Hey, I just returned my Corsair H115i Pro RGB AiO cooler because the pump made a weird noise. I received a new one, which is quieter than the first one. But still, the pump is definitely hearable in balanced mode and makes this noise in performance mode: https://streamable.com/wp9hg
  23. I have a Commander Pro with the RGB Hub on LED port 1 of my Commander Pro with 6 LL120 Fans and LED port 2 has 4 RGB strips on it. RGB Hub fans 5 and 6 have stopped illuminating no matter if I'm signed in or out, regardless or if I try to assign effects to them. They all ran fine until I recently updated iCue and the firmware on my Commander Pro. I uninstalled iCue and reinstalled it and tried to run it again. I tried altering settings in software, nothing. I uninstalled iCue entirely and reinstalled Cue and Link as I had before iCue released, still no luck. I tried updating the firmware on all of my components, and while that processed without issue I am still having this issue. I unplugged my RGB hub and installed another one, still fans 5 and 6 won't illuminate. I reversed the order of the lines so fan 6 to port 1, fan 5 to port 2 and so on. Now Fans 4-6 were illuminated but 1-3 weren't. So now I KNOW that the fans 5 and 6 aren't bad, and I am pretty certain that the RGB Hub isn't the issue because I've tried 2 of them with the similar results. I could possibly change out the Commander Pro, however I'm feeling pretty certain this is a software/firmware issue and I'd like to get some advice on that as while Hardware Troubleshooting is my thing, software troubleshooting IS NOT. Not to mention just swapping out that RGB hub was a pain enough to swap, I can't imagine what a pain it would be to unwire and rewire my Commander Pro. Though I'm pretty much willing to do whatever to get my PC back together again. Help me Corsair, you're my only hope
  24. I've been having this issue for about 2 months now - I use Corsair Link, and the fan RPM on my H100i v2 will constantly have a very minor up-and-down hum, seemingly changing in tandem with the CPU load. The RPM fluctuates very small amounts, 1260-1320 sometimes to 1380. It occurs this way with the fans set to 'Fixed %', and will even fluctuate if I set a fan curve, regardless of its range. Regardless of settings, the pump will even fluctuate small amounts; 1950-1980 RPM, etc. I've done a small bit of troubleshooting the last few days, and have tried; Making sure the Fans/Pump are associated with the appropriate cooling group in LINK, which I believe should be 'H100i V2 Temp' group -- correct me if I'm wrong. Disabling any other fan softwares that don't play well with LINK. I don't use another software aside from MSI Afterburner which I use to set my GPU fan curve. Even then, I closed Afterburner using the Task Manager and then checked my fan RPMs, the problem persisted. Using the Task Manager to close LINK, then using HWMonitor to check if the fan RPMs were still fluctuating; they were. (I don't actively run/use HWMonitor; it was just for this test.) Rolling LINK back to a previous version (, then back to current version, as previous version didn't solve the issue.) Double checking my BIOS to make sure Q-fan control was set to off. And as I've mentioned, it seems to be associated with even a slight increase in CPU activity. The fans will have an increased hum, going up and down every few seconds with CPU load even at fixed %. I don't want to assume it's associated with the pump going bad, as my CPU temps are totally fine. (GIF of LINK display of temps, rpms, and CPU activity) https://gyazo.com/5e7e5713139ddd0ca5cf1818addd22ed I did read a much older post about an identical issue, which leads me to believe there might be a fix. Though, their fix isn't applicable to me unfortunately, as I don't use any form of software like that. (http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=837906) Is this a common occurrence, is it normal, or am I simply overlooking something? Any assistance is greatly appreciated! (Apologies if this post would be better suited to the LINK section of the forums, but I wasn't sure where to post.)
  25. I'm using CUE 2.15.83, and I've got the F1 key on my K65 mapped to switch profiles. This used to work until Windows updated, and now CUE is not capturing that key. What's the cure?
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