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  1. I hold the MFB and I never see the blue light, or anything different show up. I've tried to force update the firmware to no avail. Flipping the switch does nothing for when holding the button. I dont seem to see any other reports of a problem like this, usually with a red blinking led, but I have no indication at all. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  2. My headset is failing the sound. It's happening always during the day. And this is complicated, because this let me embarrass during meeting on the job, etc. The headset is very expensive and I believe that have some solution. I uninstalled corsair icue; All devices corsair are upgraded; But anything fix the problem. I hope get a solution.
  3. Bonjour, Quand mon casque virtuoso SE s'allume, la led de mon micro clignote puis s'eteint. Je ne vois donc pas le voyant vert de mon micro pour me dire qu'il est allumé. Ce problème intervient sur les deux type de connexion. J'avais penser à le réinitialiser pour voir si ça marche mais je ne trouve pas de petit bouton et rien sur icue. Le firmware est à jour. Si vous trouver une solution ce serait super ! Merci !
  4. I have a Virtuoso headset. I like quite a lot with two exceptions. One is that there is no hardware lighting profile. This is very annoying as when you charge the headset with the system off the headset blares WHITE all over my room. This can make it quite hard to sleep. I would like to be able to set this color. Or at the very least it needs to be made black. The other issue I have with the Virtuoso headset is the non replaceable battery. But I digress.
  5. Gfycat link because video is too big to upload As title states: Corsair Virtuoso SE is powered on and working. The dongle, and LED mic indicator flash momentarily, and then turn off. If I mute/unmute microphone, the LED mic indicator remains on. So far I have: Uninstalled and Reinstalled iCUE software Checked for updates on all devices Paired dongle and headset Updated and installed all computer drivers Updated and installed Windows Re-started computer several times Changed which USB ports I am using Plugged in device on USB mode and waited for full device charge before using wireless mode Nothing has worked.
  6. Hello everyone, let's cut to the chase: If I install iCUE, the headset starts making a hissing/white noise sound whenever there is sound playing. Of course I can try to lower my windows sound and pump up the program sound, but when listening to something quite the white noise is VERY persistent and annoying. Upon uninstalling iCUE the hissing is gone and nowhere to be found and cannot be replicated. I have found this post, but the help there did not work. I think the issue is the same though: iCUE does not uninstall the Windows driver and windows is using the faulty windows driver. In completion with iCUE it is doing the hissing sound. Another issue I am having with iCUE is the mic LED. Without iCUE installed the LED is white when unmuted and red when muted. Muting and unmuting changes the LED immediately. Upon installing iCUE the LED is green when unmuted and changes slowly to red when muting urself. But the delay is about 2 seconds. Can the delay be turned off somehow and how do I fix the white noise? Just so the question won't be asked: Sidetone is off. I have tried soft resetting my Virtuosos I hope somebody can help me, since I'd like to take use of the equalizer, since the virtuosos need the EQ for better sound. Thanks in advance
  7. Hello, I am here because I brought a VIRTUOSO RGB Wireless a week ago and it eventually arrived. I tried the wireless mode which works pretty well, but I noticed some light cracklings, though when I unplugged and replugged it it worked fine again. The real problem is when i set the 7.1 surround on, I have a permanent really bad quality sound in background (like when you have a headset that is really cheap and bad in terms of audio), I wrote it on youtube and the first result is almost what I have, but only in background, this sort of bad sound effect, in foreground the sound is really good. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling iCUE 4 with all last versions, but nothing, I also tried on several computers so it looks like it is coming from the headset and not from my computer. I don't know if I missed some settings, I did an EQ that suits to my activities but nothing more. Whether I'm in wireless mode or with usb c cable the same thing is happening. Hope it is not coming from the headset I really don't want to take it back... P.S : If you want to head what is the "bad quality" I'm talking about, it was my first research on youtube, it's almost exactly what's happening.
  8. Problem: About a month or so ago maybe, when I did the most recent updates for the headset and dongle on my PC (windows 10 and latest iCUE version 4.x.x) and also having done slipstream pairing both my corsair dark core SE and my Virtuoso SE to the Virtuoso dongle... I realized it created 2 different playback devices (see attached files/pics). When I have my cable plugged in and I switch back and forth between wireless and wired modes, they don't automatically switch in windows anymore. I noticed this happen when I was playing games (about a month ago maybe?) and chilling on a discord call when all of sudden the audio just seemed to break and then I noticed that there was the 2 playback devices now instead of the 1 after trying to figure out what was wrong. Everything works fine still except for the seamless transition between wired and wireless where I have to physically click to change the playback device for either the wired or wireless. It's even more annoying because I have to switch it in discord because it seems discord doesn't pick it up either unless I switch it in discord settings. Things I have tried: I tested this on my other gaming laptop (windows 10) iCUE version 3.x.x legacy except on my laptop it only shows 1 pair of input and outputs in device manager and only 1 playback device and works with no problems switching back and forth. iCUE versions are up to date on both my PC and laptop also all the way up to date with windows updates. Resetting my PC erasing all files and apps and it still seems to set up the same way with playback devices and in device manager. Uninstalling the Corsair Virtuoso devices showing in device manager, unplugging the virutoso, restarting, uninstalling iCUE, restarting, re-installing iCUE. Nada. Conclusion: I'm not really sure what the issue is. If the firmware was the issue wouldn't it be affecting my laptop the same way? Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance. Versions: Windows 10 (latest up to this point) VIRTUOSO SE WIRELESS RECEIVER Firmware v.5.7.115 (latest up to this point) VIRTUOSO SE Firmware v.5.3.70 (latest up to this point) TL;DR: My Corsair Virtuoso no longer seamlessly switches back and forth between wired and wireless without me having to go to windows playback device and choosing the corresponding wired or wireless version. Everything else works fine. Any advice much appreciated.
  9. Hello. I just bought a corsair virtuoso gaming headset; at first I notice a very nice audio quality, but if I play Valorant (idk if may happen at other games, only play val) at 10-15 minutes the audio crashes and lose LOTS OF QUALITY, making impossible for me to play. I just noticed that happens if using them wireless or even by USB, noticed also that the way to solve it is turn them off and back on. ITS SO ANOYING to do that on that expensive headset!! I hope you guys could help me. Pd: all them controllers are updated at ICUE, so the receptor and the headset.
  10. Hi Corsair community Ich habe mir vor knapp 2 Wochen das Corsair virtuoso wireless rgb gekauft und war zunächst sehr zufrieden. seit gestern jedoch ist mir ein akku fehler aufgefallen... Der Akku entlädt sich aufeinmal VIEL zu schnell , obwohl ich nichts geändert habe. ich meine von Voll auf kritisch dauert es 30 min.... und jetzt das kuriose, immer wenn ich das headset aufladen möchte kommt sofort " charge complete" und ich habe wieder vollen akku..dann wieder nach 30 min wireless auf "kritisch".. Was meint ihr? Akku schrott und umtauschen oder gibt es eine andere Lösung? Ich bitte um Hilfe...ich hab mein geld echt dafür zusammengekratzt:[pouts:
  11. The device stucked in wireless mode, and can't controll anything,( lights volume ,mic... anything), but I have sound so ican listen to music but thats all here is my icue and firmware versions ( v:? for the headphone and 0.16.80 for the dongle)
  12. Got a notification yesterday that there was a firmware update for my headset. It told me 5.3.70 was available after I put my headset in USB mode and I proceeded to click update. I left it overnight and it didn't move from 0%. I found a post on this forum that said reinstalling iCue fixed that so I tried that and now it doesn't show any firmware updates available at all. Is there some place I can get the firmware files to try a manual update through iCue? Headset is right now on 0.17.149.
  13. I have had awful issues with this headset since I bought it and now I don't know what to do Context: Was playing on my PC when all my sound vanished, despite my input and output recognizing the headset and my audio being way up on everything, nothing works. iCUE constantly now marks it as unavailable, pairing doesn't work and takes hours for it to just stop. The dongle / usb constantly flashes red and then goes off after a while, then on the off chance it goes white the sound is still broken and isn't "focused" if that makes sense, the sound is there, but shooting guns ingame will make my eardrums burst. I have done literally anything in the books, repairing software, restarts, reinstall, recharging, pairing, etc. I have done everything I possibly could have and nothing has worked and I've received no help from Corsair about this issue. I have done everything. At this point I have no idea what to do. Any and all help is appreciated.
  14. I am hoping someone can help me make the following happen if it's possible. I've already managed to connect to my Mac using the usb dongle, and simultaneously connect to my PC via the wireless dongle. I can get sound from both. But.. The issue is that my mic on the Virtuoso doesn't input to the Mac. This is the crux of my existence, and something I had really hoped would work. Even with the Virtuoso selected as my input/output on the Mac I get nothing from the mic to the Mac. The PC gets the mic. No, I cannot swap to Bluetooth on the Mac. My employer would never allow it. In fact I can only get away with wireless by having the dongle. Otherwise I'm chained to the desk. If I you could recommend a different configuration that does include wired, thats fine, but it's got to be to the PC. Could anyone advise me here? 🙂 Thank you in advance!
  15. Hi So basically i got two problems. First is my Virtuoso RGB Wirless sometimes changes it's whole sound. When it happens it gets more quiet, the bass is gone and the sound is just not full anymore. After sometime it just comes back on again. I noticed it happens a lot when the LoL client is open. But i haven't noticed a pattern or a certain trigger to it. Also i noticed the headset struggles to sustain a constant a audio when it has to play more quiet sound, for example a song fading out. Then it just becomes choppy and i just can't enjoy the music to the fullest. Somebody got a fix?
  16. I have recently picked up a pair of virtuoso xt and I am quite disappointed that it is not able to switch between audio sources seemlessly on pc. On my old virtuoso non-se, I can simply switch the audio output between my speakers and headphones by toggling the (wireless to usb) button. This is such a big QOL feature and why is it not available on the xt? On the xt, I have to bring up the sound tab on windows and set the device as default. It feels like a massive downgrade to me that I have to switch the audio output manually on the xt. There are also posts on forum and reddit which report the same problem, but it remains unsolved.
  17. No audio plays on wired mode but when I switch it to wireless everything is fine. Didn't have to pair it or anything. When I go to pair it it keeps asking me to switch the headset to USB mode but it's already switched. Would like to get a hold of the better sound quality but if not then I'll continue to use wireless.
  18. Hey all, I know there are other people with this problem since its wireless/wired + a goxlr and the only way to make it really work is enable listen on line-in where you have to select different devices to listen to when switching between wired and wireless. Wondering if anyone has made or come across a batch file that does the switch for you? I am getting annoyed having to switch between the two as much as I do. Anyone able to point me in a direction to get this sorted so I can still control system volume with the GoXLR and can make Line-In update according to whats active in the drop down? Cheers.
  19. Hello, I recently purchased a Virtuoso headset to match the rest of my Corsair equipment (that I have never had an issue with). However, I am having an extremely distracting issue with the headset. When giving iCUE control over the headset, it seems to enforce its own kind of loudness equalisation, making listening to music or anything with dynamic volume levels very irritating as it continuously fluctuates. I have tried both Stereo and 7.1 Surround modes and Auto Audio Repositioning but nothing makes the issue go away. Now I have no choice but to use Windows Spatial Sound with a third party EQ software and sacrifice the 7.1 Surround support, which is incredibly frustrating as it is a primary reason I purchased this headset. Thanks, I hope there can be a fix for this in future, Jack
  20. Hello, I am having an issue I have seen posted here but with no concrete answers. I am having to constantly switch the Virtuoso headset back to 2 Channel, 24 bit, 48000 Hz format in Windows as the 8 Channel format does not work well with games that require stereo audio like Hunt: Showdown. Not sure why it resets as it did halfway through a game once. Auto Audio Re-positioning is OFF. I have updated Windows, iCue and firmware. I have uninstalled iCue and drivers and reinstalled the drivers Windows automatically installs. This actually fixes the issue as the headset sounds and functions fine without iCue and no pesky 8 channel format. But I need iCue for fan and RBG control. As soon as it is installed it redownloads the drivers and the 8 channel mode pops up. Any ideas?? Thanks!
  21. I recently updated my headset and dongle firmware through ICUE and now the headset is not pairing to the dongle at all
  22. I just go the virtuoso xt and i can change the color on iCue but it doesnt want to save the color i set it to when icue is closed or its disconnected from icue like it will with my other pc components. I would like to keep it set to red not the default blue when icue is closed or when im paired to my phone via bluetooth. Is this possible and i dont know what im doing with this messy software or is it just not currently possible?
  23. Ich habe mir letztens die Corsair Virtuoso XT geholt und mir ist aufgefallen das wenn man die kabellose Verbindung nutzt ein leichtes konstantes Rauschen im Hintergrund auftritt also quasi einfach wenn man sie anschaltet. Ich habe gelesen das sei normal bei kabellosen Kopfhörern aber ich wollte einfach mal auf Nummer sicher gehen und nachfragen. PS: Also es ist wirklich leicht aber man merkt definitiv ein Unterschied wenn man die Kopfhörer an und aus schaltet.
  24. Hola buen día, quisiera saber donde puedo conseguir el cable usb wired de los auriculares VIRTUOSO RGB WIRELESS porque tengo cortes ante algún movimiento. Saludos
  25. Hola que tal, les comento mi problema. Resulta que al usar el auricular en modo Wireless el sonido se escucha mas bajo que en la forma contraria, con cable, a lo cual se me resulto demasiado incomodo este problema, ya que mi uso diario del auricular se basa en Wireless y este defecto resultante molesto, alguna solucion posible? Quiero aclarar ademas que el auricular lo tengo desde hace 3 meses aproximadamente, anteriormente tanto en formato inalámbrico que con cable se escuchaba a la misma intensidad, esto me esta pasando desde hace 2 días. Muchas gracias.
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