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  1. I recently updated my headset and dongle firmware through ICUE and now the headset is not pairing to the dongle at all
  2. Ich habe mir letztens die Corsair Virtuoso XT geholt und mir ist aufgefallen das wenn man die kabellose Verbindung nutzt ein leichtes konstantes Rauschen im Hintergrund auftritt also quasi einfach wenn man sie anschaltet. Ich habe gelesen das sei normal bei kabellosen Kopfhörern aber ich wollte einfach mal auf Nummer sicher gehen und nachfragen. PS: Also es ist wirklich leicht aber man merkt definitiv ein Unterschied wenn man die Kopfhörer an und aus schaltet.
  3. Hola buen día, quisiera saber donde puedo conseguir el cable usb wired de los auriculares VIRTUOSO RGB WIRELESS porque tengo cortes ante algún movimiento. Saludos
  4. Hola que tal, les comento mi problema. Resulta que al usar el auricular en modo Wireless el sonido se escucha mas bajo que en la forma contraria, con cable, a lo cual se me resulto demasiado incomodo este problema, ya que mi uso diario del auricular se basa en Wireless y este defecto resultante molesto, alguna solucion posible? Quiero aclarar ademas que el auricular lo tengo desde hace 3 meses aproximadamente, anteriormente tanto en formato inalámbrico que con cable se escuchaba a la misma intensidad, esto me esta pasando desde hace 2 días. Muchas gracias.
  5. Hello, I recently purchased a Virtuoso headset to match the rest of my Corsair equipment (that I have never had an issue with). However, I am having an extremely distracting issue with the headset. When giving iCUE control over the headset, it seems to enforce its own kind of loudness equalisation, making listening to music or anything with dynamic volume levels very irritating as it continuously fluctuates. I have tried both Stereo and 7.1 Surround modes and Auto Audio Repositioning but nothing makes the issue go away. Now I have no choice but to use Windows Spatial Sound with a third party EQ software and sacrifice the 7.1 Surround support, which is incredibly frustrating as it is a primary reason I purchased this headset. Thanks, I hope there can be a fix for this in future, Jack
  6. Bonjour J'ai acheter le casque virtuso tout d'abord je l'ai reçu avec le scotch de la boite enlever (mais ce n'es pas ça le problème) Déjà quand je connecte le casque en sans file tout vas bien juste quand je suis sur discord (pas en partie vocale ex: je me mute) le son met entre 2/4s avant que je l'entende. Après 1h/2h d'utilisation le casque fait des bruit très étrange et se déconnecte. (pareille en mode USB pas jack mais USB) Et je ne sais pas si c'est normal mais en mode JACK (le petit file sans l'USB) mais avec ça je ne peut pas réglait le casque dans l'application. Peut-être que vous pourriez réglait ça avec une mise à jours mais si vous ne pouvez pas je me ferai remboursé et je prendrais un autre casque.
  7. Hi, I've been experiencing this issue for over a week now. No matter how much I charge my Corsair Virtuoso (non SE version) when I unplug it, iCue show's the battery status on Critical Low and the led on the headset blinks red really fast. However, I can use the headset more than 12 hours on that bugged "Critical Low" status, but as I can't see the real battery status, sometimes when I'm playing games it just goes off and drives me insane. I tried : Repairing iCue Re-installing iCue Soft-resetting my headset (holding the mic button for 15 seconds, then switching to usb mode and back) Re-installing Windows and deleting everything I even tried the headset on another computer and the issue persists. Please, please help me. I tried everything that I could but I just can't solve it. I created a support ticket but it's been over a week and they haven't written me back. iCue version : 4.12.214 (Also tried 3 but issue still happened.) Windows 10 Pro (Version : 21H1, Build : 19043.1055, Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.2020.0) Does anyone know how to hard-reset this thing ? Or can anyone send me a firmware file so I do a force update and see if it solves this problem ? Any help is appreciated...
  8. Hi y'all. I can't seem to figure out what is going on with my virtuoso headset. I've listed below what the problem is and everything I've tried to fix it. Thanks in advance for the help! I should also add this is a new issue. It was fine for many months and has only been occurring in the last month or so. Problem: When its connected wirelessly and I am on discord, zoom or any voice chat, the audio becomes garbled then will cut out all together. The time it takes for this to happens varies but is always within a minute. Resetting the headset fixes it for a couple seconds but it fails again. When the headset is connected via USB this issue doesn't happen. The other weird thing is that if I'm not connect to a voice chat, the issue doesn't occur. For example if I'm watching youtube or playing a game, the wireless sound is always fine. Trouble shooting I've tried: Initially I thought it was the 2.4 GHz wifi that was interfering but I turned that off on my router all together and it still happened. In addition I used a wifi analyzer on my phone and there's no other wifi signals on 2.4 GHz around my computer. I have also done a fresh install of iCue software and the Realtek audio drivers to no avail. I've heard that there have been some issues with the recent iCue software and windows, but the fact that in USB mode the issue doesn't happen makes me think that's not the issue. Once again, any and all suggestions are welcomed!
  9. Hallo, Ich habe mir ein neues Virtuoso RGB Wireless gekauft nachdem ich dieses Problem bei meinem alten hatte (Am Anfang war alles ok aber nach knapp einem Monat fing es im Wireless (Slipstream) Modus an zu piepen, egal ob Ton abgespielt wird oder nicht) Ich habe in verschiedenen Foren nach einer Lösung gesucht und viele Leute hatten ähnliche Probleme und die anderen sagten, dass er/sie das Headset durch ein neues ersetzen sollte. Also habe ich mein altes Headset umgetauscht, nur um herauszufinden, dass ich das gleiche Problem mit meinem neuen Headset auch habe. Also brauche ich eure Hilfe, was kann ich tun, um dieses Problem zu lösen. Ich habe die anderen USB-Anschlüsse meines PCs auch schon ausprobiert und wenn ich es mit Aux versuche, habe ich dieses Problem nicht. Außerdem bekomme ich, wenn ich es per USB anschließe auch keinen Ton! Danke schonmal für die Hilfe im Voraus!
  10. Hi Ordered my CORSAIR VIRTUOSO RGB Wireless XT straight from Corsair UK. Have had it just over 9 days. Suddenly last night whilst playing Destiny 2 the sound became heavily distorted, we are talking unintelligible here. This happens when its on Wireless, Wired USB Mode, Wired 3.5mm mode, Bluetooth or even just when its on Wireless/Wired mode and no dongle/cable is plugged in as the onboard voice prompts are distorted to. To me this sounds like the onboard systems of the headset have gone wrong. I have tried Soft Reset Reinstalling Icue Disabling Doly Atmos Going into Advanced headphone properties and setting it to 2 channel 44/48Khz Forcing firmware update from ICUE of dongle and headset and then soft resetting again. Is there a hard reset of the headphones that can be done? I have a ticket open with support but no reply yet. Wouldnt have expected this from a £250 pair of headphones!
  11. I've seen a bunch of suggestions on how to fix this but none have worked, I've paired the two, reinstalled drivers, uninstalled the devices, clean installed iCUE, forced updates to the dongle and headset, checked privacy settings, set the headset as default communications device. I get the sidetone in the headset but Windows does detect any sound, it does detect the microphone though. Just curious if anyone has found another fix, sucks I just bought this and it is giving me issues right out of the box. Questioning why I'm even loyal to Corsair now since they still haven't responded to my warranty claim on my VOID PRO's that drain the battery in an hour and won't fully charge. Thanks
  12. Hello, I recently purchased the Corsair Virtuoso RGB wireless SE and the wireless function doesn't work out of the box. I have ICUE installed, I have the newest version of the drivers, I have uninstalled all drivers, restarted, reinstalled the drivers, am using the dongle that was included in the box and the wireless still doesn't work. :mad: When I turn on wireless it works fine for ~2 minutes, then starts to crackle for a further minute, then audio cuts out completely. According to my friends, my microphone still picks up my voice fine, so the Bluetooth is working properly. I owned the older version of the virtuoso previously and the same thing started to happen, I assumed it was just my headset being broken so I bought another one If I swap to wired mode, the headset works fine, but I bought this headset to be a wireless one and I cannot get it to work, please help.
  13. Hello all, I have had my headset for months and a few weeks ago it started having an issue that I have seen a few other posts about where the wireless dongle stops connecting to the headset and iCUE just displays a red triangle in the corner. since then I have contacted support and have gotten firmware to a force update which didn't work and just today a replacement dongle just arrived. The issue is that the new dongle still isn't working. This suggests that I have either gotten very unlucky and got a DOA dongle or there is a more widespread issue with iCUE or windows or something. This inspired me to try the dongle and headset in two other computers that I have in my house. The first is a desktop that is probably a few updates behind my laptop. this didn't work so I tried it on the second computer I had lying around which is my old laptop that I replaced last year. I reinstalled windows on this laptop and even with a fresh install of windows and the latest version of iCUE the issue still pops up with both the new and old dongle. So basically in summary I am incredibly confused. The issue must have something to do with iCUE since that is the only consistent variable I can think of but stranger yet is that I have tried the newest version of iCUE(v4.11.274), the version linked on the headset's product page(v3.38.61), and a random old version that I found(v3.30.89). This all puzzles me because I have updated everything I can think of to the latest versions available as well and reverted everything to a version prior to the issue. I would have expected one or the other to work at the very least if it is a software issue. So now I have ruled out both software and hardware issues. I hope you all see the problem there. I am still in contact with support but I was hoping that maybe one of you might have some wise words of wisdom that I have missed thus far. I will attach my logs if any of yall want to take a look but I couldn't make anything useful from them except for that the PID for the dongle in the update json file(PID: 0A3E) and the one listed in the logs(PID: 0A46) don't appear to match. CUELogs.zip
  14. Hola, Se me han roto las almohadillas de mis corsair virtuoso y me gustaria saber si existe alguna manera oficial de comprar recambios ya que no he encontrado ninguna. Gracias
  15. Hello everyone, I need good EQ (equalizer) settings for my Virtuoso Wireless SE Headset for gaming on Playstation 5 for example Call of Duty or Warzone. I tried different profiles and also searched here in the forum, but I couldn't find anything suitable. Please help! :[pouts:
  16. Hallo zusammen, ich benötige für mein Virtuoso Wireless SE Headset gute Einstellungen vom EQ (Equalizer) für Gaming auf der PS5 zum Beispiel Call of Duty und Warzone. Ich habe verschiedene Profil versucht und auch hier im Forum gesucht, doch ich habe nichts passendes gefunden. Ich bitte um hilfe! :[pouts:
  17. Hey I recently got the Corsair Virtuoso RGB .. However, one thing bothers me a lot. I also own several Corsair products (keyboard and mouse) According to some games, I use different colors and hotkeys, hence a few profiles. But what bothers me a lot is the "profile switching" of the headset. I don't want the headset to switch profiles. Reasons: When switching programs or games (Multi Monitor setup) sometimes the headset loses the sound, this is especially noticeable in the teamspeak. Then I have to switch the sound output back and forth so that I can hear everything again. Also, some games sometimes lose sound. What is still annoying is the mute from the microphone. I mute it, and when the "profile changes" it is discouraged again. It shouldn't be like that. I found a similar post. (https://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=202538) This describes my problem as well. Please give us the possibility that the headset works independently of profiles, so that it is excluded from the change. Dongle firmware: 0.16.80 Firmware: 0.17.149 iCue Version: 3.37.140 Windows 10, 1909 Deutsche Version: Hey, Seit kurzem habe ich das Corsair Virtuoso RGB.. Allerdings stört mich daran eine sache sehr. Ich besitze ebenfalls Mehrere Corsair Produkte ( Tastatur und Maus) Entsprechend einiger spiele nutze ich verschiedene Farben und Hotkeys, daher auch paar Profile. Was mich nun aber sehr stört, ist das "Profile Switchting" vom Headset. Ich möchte nicht, dass das Headset, das Profil wechselt. Gründe: Beim Switchen von Programmen oder Spiele (Multi Monitor setup) verliert das Headset manchmal den Sound, Merktbar ist das vorallem im Teamspeak. Da muss ich dann die Soundausgabe hin und her wechseln, damit ich wieder alles höre. Ebenso, verlieren einige spiele manchmal den Sound. Was noch stört ist das Muten vom Mikrofon. Ich Mute es, und wenn das "Profil wechselt" ist es wieder entmutet. Das sollte so nicht sein. Ich habe einen Ähnlichen beitrag gefunden. (https://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=202538) Dies beschreibt mein Problem genauso. Bitte gebt uns die möglichkeit, dass das Headset unabhänging von Profilen Funktioniert, also das es vom wechsel ausgeschlossen wird. Dongle Firmware: 0.16.80 Firmware: 0.17.149 iCue Version: 3.37.140 Windows 10, 1909
  18. Hi Corsair community Ich habe mir vor knapp 2 Wochen das Corsair virtuoso wireless rgb gekauft und war zunächst sehr zufrieden. seit gestern jedoch ist mir ein akku fehler aufgefallen... Der Akku entlädt sich aufeinmal VIEL zu schnell , obwohl ich nichts geändert habe. ich meine von Voll auf kritisch dauert es 30 min.... und jetzt das kuriose, immer wenn ich das headset aufladen möchte kommt sofort " charge complete" und ich habe wieder vollen akku..dann wieder nach 30 min wireless auf "kritisch".. Was meint ihr? Akku schrott und umtauschen oder gibt es eine andere Lösung? Ich bitte um Hilfe...ich hab mein geld echt dafür zusammengekratzt:[pouts:
  19. Hello, I've been using the virtuoso non-SE for a few days now and updated the headset's firmware recently. Since the update I noticed that the dongle flashes red while the PC is off. Has anyone else come across this issue and how do you fix it? Thanks
  20. I just bought the standard Virtuoso. The audio cable seems not to work at all! It doesn't work with the Virtuoso and it doesn't work with my previous logitech G633 headset. In addition the jack on the Virtuoso seems messed up. The cable doesn't insert all the way, it's not flush with the headset, i.e. you can still see silver on the jack. The jack also makes a scratchy noise while inserting it, which sounds wrong. If I try another audio cable with the headset it can work but the sound is very messed up. The voice sounds warbled and it sounds like the singer's voice is in the background. Hoping you can help because we've spent a lot of money importing this headset from the UK (I'm based in Kenya). It's not easy or cost effective for me to return it.
  21. Hi there, whenever I use my oculus quest 2 whether I use it with the oculus link with my headset connected or if I even use it completely separate from my headset an extremely bad audio crackling occurs. I’ve tried reinstalling my icue and drivers multiple times to no avail. I’ve wondered if anyone else has ever run into this interference between the virtuoso and quest 2 before?
  22. Hallo Ich hab mir vor einigen Monaten ein Corsair Virtuoso SE gekauft und hatte eigentlich sehr gute Erfahrung damit. Allerdings ist es so, dass bei sehr lauten Geräuschen (z.B. Explosion einer Granate in einem Spiel) das Headset für einen kurzen Moment knackt. Ich habe auch schon mit der Software von iCUE probiert rumzuspielen aber hat auch nicht geklappt. Kann mir da wer helfen?
  23. I have Corsair Virtuoso( non SE) and my problem is that in wireless mode I have low sound even all max sound. I have tried - turning to 2 channels from sound control panel - restart (wireless to usb then wireless) -spatial sound on or off any suggestions?
  24. I've had my virtuoso for about 5 months now. I've had many problems with this headset. First, I couldn't use it in the wired mode. This wasn't a big deal to me, since I didn't like the braided cable it came with. But now, it doesn't charge. Last night I noticed the charging light wasn't glowing, as it normally should. I ignored it assuming it was signaling something else. This morning, it was completely dead, and the left ear was very hot. I love the headset but the amount of problems I've run into makes me want to buy a different brand. I love corsair but this is just outright stupid.
  25. Just purchased the Virtuoso wireless headset and K95 Wired Keyboard and the lighting will only show a steady state red. I have configured a Lighting Link "Rainbow" selection as the first profile on the list and I've selected that profile. I've only seen the actual colors selected shown once, and only for a minute or two before it reverted back to steady state red. I reinstalled the iCUE software today, and ensure both devices had the latest firmware installed. At first I thought it was just the headset, because I bought that first a few weeks ago, but after plugging in the K95 today and seeing the same thing happen, I'm thinking it's a software issue. Please help; thanks in advance!
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