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Recently bought a second-hand Ironclaw mouse from Amazon, plugged it in, and opened ICUE 5, just for ICUE to crash. As the mouse was second hand I thought it may have been that, so I refunded the mouse and bought one from Corsair themselves.
However, the new mouse from Corsair also seems to crash ICUE. This time I decided to find a way to solve this issue, yet have not found a way for ICUE to notice the mouse and not crash. The methods I have done so far are:

  • Reinstall ICUE 5. (This, did nothing.)
  • Uninstall ICUE 5 and install ICUE 4. (This leads to ICUE 4 not crashing when the mouse and slipstream dongle are plugged in, however, ICUE 4 does not recognise either.)
  • Use Bluetooth to connect the mouse to the PC. (This allows me to use the mouse however, this does not allow me to use any customisation for the mouse, as ICUE does not recognise the mouse.)
  • Turn off auto-download updates on ICUE 5. (This allows the slipstream dongle to be plugged in and updated, and the mouse to connect via the dongle, however, when the mouse is updated this is when ICUE 5 crashes. This allows me to use the mouse without Bluetooth, but does not allow for any customisation for the mouse through ICUE 5.)
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