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  1. when I unplug the mouse and switch to wireless mode, after about a minute or so icue will just forget that my mouse is connected in wireless mode and my button mappings will stop working. I don't have a precise timing as to when it happens as the mouse continues to function fine until I try to use one of the side buttons that relies on icue.
  2. My mouse was fine after updating to the latest version of iCue initially. I then did the update for the wireless dongle to v.5.0.84 and now my mouse is no longer detected. Tried a reset Tried a clean install (deleted all corsair folders including those in the registry) I tried reinstalling a previous version of icue. Tried uninstalling the devices in Device Manager No luck with anything. My mouse can connect to my computer using bluetooth, but pairing using the 2.4GHz method with the dongle no longer works. Has anyone encountered this and found a fix? i attached screenshots for reference. You can see the version number for the dongle and also that the "Initiate" button to start pairing is grayed out and can't be selected. The last screenshot shows my mouse connected to my pc with bluetooth. This sucks since i can't load my profiles on bluetooth.
  3. Why on earth does iCUE keep adding (1) to the end of the device name? How can I fix this? :confused:
  4. The mouse doesnt work with the dongle or when plugged in with usb cable. Windows doesent even detect the mouse when plugged in with the cable. Works only with bluetooth. Doesnt show up in icue at all the dongle sohws up when its plugged in.
  5. Hello, I'm trying to pair this mouse up to a Bluetooth receiver on my desktop PC running Windows 10 however I'm having a bit of trouble connecting it. The Bluetooth version is reported to be HCI 6.12576 / LMP 6.8891, which is Bluetooth 4.0. Unfortunately it was bought without the wireless USB receiver, so I am not able to connect it that way. On the PC I have tried to add a Bluetooth device by going to Start > Settings > Devices > Add Bluetooth or other device and selecting Bluetooth (Mice, keyboards, pens, or audio and other kinds of Bluetooth devices). The instructions say that I need to hold the PROFILE UP button, then power on the mouse to the BT position while still holding down that button. The LED is flashing blue as expected, but never turns solid blue as I am unable to pair successfully. I am able to connect the mouse via a USB data cable and the PC is able to detect it. I have also installed iCue, but I think that's only for using it with the wireless receiver. I have enabled Bluetooth discovery in the Bluetooth settings by selecting the checkbox 'Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC'. I have also proved the dongle works by sending a file to my PC from my phone. I have also proved that the Bluetooth is working on the mouse, as I was able to pair it with my phone and I am able to see a cursor on my phone screen and move it around. Is there anything else that I may have missed here?
  6. As we all know Corsair names their refreshed models with PRO -> ELITE. That means the Ironclaw RGB Wireless will get refreshed too. Here is the list of changes I wish to see: Improved scroll wheel Improved connectivity Improved connection switch (similar to Dark Core) USB C Battery indicator Fixed mushy feeling on left mouse button
  7. I have a corsair iron claw RGB wireless gaming mouse model number RGP0052. While I’m playing war zone it will start acting weird. The buttons I have assigned for running and sliding and reload will stop working while I’m playing the game. About 10 minutes into playing it will stop working. When I’m done playing for the day I will try and close the computer downAnd I won’t be able to click on the start button to shut the computer down. Plus sometimes when I click on a search bar where you type things it will randomly and continuously show the number six. One of my buttons on the mouse is for the number six. And it will continuously push that button as if it was stuck. Can someone help me.
  8. Hi, Everytime I switch profiles, it does not stay in the last dpi selected for that profile, it keeps at the position from the last dpi selected. For example in iCue I have two profiles, each one with different DPI settings (one for each postion that currently we have 3). So in my default profile I have set 3000, 3500, 4800, and in my game profile 2500, 3000, 1800. When I'm on my default profile I select position number 2(3500). And when I'm with my gaming profile I use position number 1(2500). After exiting the game I click to change my profile back to default, but the DPI stays in position number 1 and not 2 as previous selected for that profile. Is this possible to solve with a software update? Currently I have a IronClaw RGB mouse Thanks
  9. Hello Everyone, over the years i had a couple of Corsair mice, keyboards and other components and I'm pretty happy with them. But one thing bothers me about the mice. These I had since 2016: M65 RGB - Broken wheel (2016/5) M65 PRO RGB - Broken wheel (2016/8) Scimitar Pro RGB - Broken wheel / Still in use (2018/9) Ironclaw RGB - Broken wheel (2019/2) Glaive RGB Pro - No problems so far (2019/11) Dark Core RGB SE - Broken wheel (2020/6) Dark Core RGB SE - In use (2020/8) Everytime one wheel failed, either only scrolling or just middle click, I took it apart and saw that the wheel and axle are made out of translucent plastic. The axle for the wheel is like 1,5mm. The axle broke either left or right side of the wheel, one side meaning scrolling- and the otherside middle click not working. I'm happy with my corsair products, but this bothers me. Everytime I bought a new mouse i hoped they replaced the axle with a metal one...But nope. atm. I'm using my 2nd Dark Core SE, which I'm also starting to feel the wheel scratching/touching somewhere and sometimes the middle click doesn't work. I also googled. Other people are also having the same issues accross different models... I highly doubt Corsair are trying to fix this, since it is an issue for me since 2016... Kind Regards, Caklyn
  10. Hey, i recently bought a corsair ironclaw rgb wireless and i wondered if there is a way to assign a macro to two clicks of e.g. dpi down? As i have copy on one click, i'd like to have cut on two clicks, that somehow possible? thanks in advance!
  11. I am getting some problematic behaviour with iCUE and Ironclaw in that it appears to show this on the screen (but the mouse is still behaving normally) Should I work on a getting a replacement again? I already have the double click issue. And I am unable to use the latest firmware. Ticket #2001345040 technician says that he can only handle replacements rather than technical support for the product.
  12. Bonjour, alors mon problème ici est que j'ai récemment acheté un clavier Corsair K57 (sans fil) et au moment ou je le connecte soit avec le cable usb ou le dongle, ma souris se met à se déconnecté toute les 10 secondes un peu près accompagné de mini freeze du curseur. J'avais déjà cherché des solutions mais ça n'a abouti à rien. J'ai testé: - la technique dans le gestionnaire de périphérique ou il faut enlever la deuxième option dans Gestion de l'alimentation - brancher le dongle tout en appuyant sur la molette (??) - vérification des pilotes Et le bug de la souris ne survient que quand le clavier est connecté. Ma souris: Corsair Ironclaw RGB sans fil Merci d'avance :rouler des yeux:
  13. So I recently got a K95 Platinum RGB and a wired Ironclaw RGB, and both have the ability for on-board profiles, however, the mouse does not have any macro capability. I want to have an auto left-click function for an afk farm I'm running in a game. I am running firmware version 3.24 on the mouse and ICUE version 3.32.80. In ICUE, there is no "record mouse events" under the macro settings for either hardware or software profiles. Does anyone know why?
  14. Hi, I'm aware this has more than likely been asked numerous times but I'm struggling to find a definitive answer. I've just received my Ironclaw RGB Wireless mouse, I love the shape and feel and weight and everything however I am struggling to map the additional buttons correctly. It's got the back and forward buttons on the side which typically, when used on a webpage, would take you to the previous page etc. or when pressing in the scroll wheel it would open the link in a new tab. I'm not getting any of this. I've just gone into a game and it seems as if they're not programmed at all as individual keys? I think what I'm trying to achieve is to have them as mouse 4 and 5 etc. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  15. I am attempting to remap the 'DPI Up' button to Page Up, and the 'DPI Down' button to Page Down. This works, but it also adjusts the DPI of the mouse. None of the lights are changing, like iCue isnt aware the mouse is changing the DPI. This even happens if I disable the buttons. ICue thinks its disabled, the mouse lights don't change, but the DPI increases. Is this supposed to be happening? How can I stop the 'DPI' buttons from changing the DPI settings?
  16. Hi all, I'm trying to see if I can map my sniper button to the right mouse click while still retaining the original mouse right click. It would be cool to see if I can lower the dpi while aiming during a game. AFAIK this is possible with the icue software running but I would like to have this as a hardware action so I can use this feature when playing in another devices. Any workarounds or ideas that some of you have tried are welcome. thanks.
  17. Ironclaw wireless with 2 frontal finger buttons for DPI switch Ive been trying to find a way to disable the side buttons that increase/decrease DPI. I have iCue downloaded and have fiddled around with it, but to no success, I was wondering if anyone could help? I have tried disabling it through iCue and it still functions Im looking for a possible step by step on how to disable these buttons Thx http://i68.tinypic.com/do431z.png
  18. I recently wiped/reinstalled all my windows stuff including iCUE for my Ironclaw. All was well until yesterday... for some reason, the DPI UP and DPI DOWN buttons, which are currently remapped to "L CTRL" and "Keypad -" respectively decided to engage the mapped key, and also DPI UP and DOWN when pressed. :eek: You can imagine how well that went over in the middle of a competitive match. I've confirmed that I have all the latest iCUE software and that all the firmware is that latest (which I'm beginning to suspect that's the actual issue). Any fixes? thanks!
  19. Bonjour, depuis peu mes boutons sur le cotés ne fonctionnent plus, et quand je scroll avec la mollette mon pc ne détecte plus ma souris. (Souris ironclaw acheté il y a une semaine)
  20. Hi everyone... i have a Corsair Irionclaw mouse and I am having issues with the cursor. As I move the mouse, the pointer just won't play along. It jumps around when I start moving the mouse. I've tried wireless, moving the connector to different ports, unplugging other devices, and then Bluetooth is just a nightmare...whole different story. I have also uninstalled, and reinstalled...Updated! Any Ideas? I bought it last week and still haven't been able to use it. I am mainly concerned about it working on wireless. I can deal with BT after I sort out the wireless later. >>>> LOL...as luck would have it, I but the Ironclaw and Corsair really starts pushing for the Dark Core Pro RGB! I am wanting that instead now! <<<< :beatchair:beatchair
  21. Bought this mouse a week ago. Just found out that in wired mode, the three side LEDs should display the battery level (e.g. lowest LED blinking red). However, it always just shows the DPI level. I can't find anything in the iCUE software about this. Anyone know what's causing this?
  22. TLDR - title. I have recently gotten the IronClaw RGB wireless gaming mouse, and im enjoying it so far, but I have one issue. when trying to bind the side upper key to action play/pause, it shows that it's done it but in reality it doesnt work in Windows media player, spotify, chrome, anywhere. I'd be really happy if you can help me understand what I'm doing wrong, if pictures/further explanation will be needed I'd be much than happy to supply it Thanks
  23. Hello everyone I have had my iCUE for not even a year and I've had no issues with it up until now. I used my Ironclaw RGB on both Mac OS High Sierra (home) and Windows 10 (work) - the mouse works perfectly with no problems on Windows but it is no longer being recognised in Mac OS High Sierra. I originally installed iCUE 3.10.125 with no problems whatsoever, I then updated the software to iCUE 3.25.60 and that is where every thing started to go wrong. iCUE 3.25.60 is not compatible with Mac OS High Sierra 10.12.6 (that was not clear in the software update originally). I have uninstalled/installed iCUE, reset the mouse, used CCleaner multiples and have updated my mouse dongle via Windows 10. I have contacted Corsair support, they have suggested everything above but nothing has worked thus far. I have iCUE log files that show that the Ironclaw is recognised but the status is empty, there are missing files and the device detector is disabled. Can someone please help me? --- I have resolved this issue myself iCUE logs.zip
  24. I've tried three USB ports, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, and uninstalling and reinstalling icue. For whatever reason, anytime I plug the mouse dongle into my computer, all it does is add a new ironclaw mouse to icue. Right now, my computer thinks I've tried five different Ironclaw mice. Hard and soft resets do nothing. Updating and reinstalling drivers does nothing. The mouse works fine in wired mode. Bluetooth mode allows it to exist as a generic mouse, but icue doesn't detect it (and I'd rather stick to the 2.4GHz wireless mode). I've sent in a support ticket, but three or more days is a long time to just not use my PC. Where do I go from here?
  25. Hi , new to this --> Ironclaw mouse - in bluetooth mode, can not change default LEDS ? (solid or off) - only works to change the LED plugged in USB with iCue - don't see how to change the default profile so it sticks in wireless mode - don't see a save button in icue , or what to do appreciate any help/tips. thanks
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