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Found 11 results

  1. I've been using iCue for years with no problems until now. I recently switched from intel to Ryzen and am now having issues with windows hanging and not responding. I have done a lot of troubleshooting trying to figure out what is causing this and I have come to the conclusion that it is, without a doubt, Corsair's iCue software causing this issue. Here's what happens: Randomly, iCue will crash, causing all the lights in my PC to go into "hardware mode." This is almost immediately followed by any apps I have running to stop responding and eventually the only thing I can do is move my mouse around the desktop. Clicking on icons does nothing. Attempting to restart the PC via start menu does not work and if left alone, Windows explorer will eventually crash and not recover. I have to do a hard reset to get everything working again. This happens at least once a day. Things I have troubleshooted: -Reinstalled windows several times -DDU Drivers and reinstall -Bios Update/Cmos resets -Registry cleaning/Defrag hard drives -unplug all non-essential USB devices -uninstall/reinstall iCue -Disable iCue and other non-essential apps, running PC with iCue installed but not running. None of this worked as my PC would still hang and crash. About a week ago, I uninstalled iCue completely and did not reinstall it and have not had a system hang or crash since. Uninstalling iCue seems to have fixed my issue. This is a shame because I have over $300 in Corsair LL Series fans in my PC that I can no longer customize unless I want my system to crash daily. Does anyone else have this issue and have you come to the same conclusion. I have seem similar posts on reddit and even in these forums going back several years and it seems the problem has not been fixed. My Specs: AMD Ryzen 7 5800x ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Motherboard 32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 3600Mhz RAM Nvidia RTX 3080Ti FE 1tb WD Black M.2 SSD 2x 1TB SSDs (RAID 0) 850w EVGA BQ 80+ Gold Power Supply 10x Corsair LL Series Fans Corsair H150i Elite Capelix 360mm AIO Corsair K70 TKL Keyboard Corsair Dark Core pro Mouse Corsair MM700 RGB Mousepad
  2. On the latest and previous versions of iCUE I have experienced a multitude of system hangs and crashes that are next to unbearable. This includes game crashes, system notification sounds coming in 10+ seconds late, Discord sounds being delayed, and even system sound settings not functioning as expected. After arduous testing over many days and reboots, I took a look at the windows reliability monitor and noticed iCUE being the only other software that "Stopped working". Once realizing this, I uninstalled the software and all system behavior returned to normal. This is a MAJOR bug that I would love to see rectified as I like Corsair and would love to fully utilize my gear with a software such as iCUE that *should* make controlling my RGBs hassle free.
  3. Hi I've been having this issue for 3 weeks now where iCue would just die whenever I launch a game, doesn't even matter which game. It does not give me any errors, it just dies and all the LEDs freeze. If I launch iCue again when the game is running it runs fine. I've checked the log but it doesnt seem to contain anything useful, though I'll add it to this thread anyway. I've tried reinstalling iCue multiple times (manually deleted all extra folders and registry records as stated here), tried with a clean profile, tried disabling the SDK and plugins, ... All without succes, nothing works. All attached devices are: Strafe RGB Keyboard M65 Pro RGB Mouse Virtuoso Headset MM800 RGB Polaris Mousepad I'm getting really frustrated about this since I really need my macro's in game, any suggestions? Thx! 2019-11-26T01-10-57.log
  4. I have a st100, a k70, a mm800, 3 ll120, one harpoon mouse and a h100i pro. My problem is that when I install Icue my pc disconnects some devices like my keyboard and all the other devices get freezed for 4 seconds, then everything gets back to normal but if I’m playing this is just fatal. Also sometimes when this occurs my pc just freezes and I have to restart it. I’ve installed windows 10 again and I consider to have a nice hardware and a good psu. X470 asus tuf motherboard, 2700x cpu, rx5700xt gpu, 32 gb of trident z ram, a 850w core reactor and a good ssd. All my drivers of any type are updated, including my peripherals and I have the last version of Icue. I don’t want remove Icue, I manage all my lighting and fan/pump speeds there. Please help me. I’ve had tried everything for 6 months and I’m still stuck. I'm just tired...
  5. This is the only game I have noticed it happening on thus far, but it's been the main game I have been playing since updating ICUE. I have version 3.25.60 I also updated my Asus rog crosshair vi hero bios and downloaded the Aura thing so ICUE sees my motherboard now I'm honestly not sure which is the issue cause I updated icue, and the other stuff at the same time. So, now my ICUE does see my motherboard and is able to sync lights with my MB with my K95 RGB platinum and Nightsword RGB mouse but, in tarkov I have my 2 left side mouse buttons as keybinds, if I load the game and icue crashes, I can then alt tab out and load up icue again.. but sometimes if I use those keybinds I notice they stop working, and that's how I know that icue has crashed again. I literally can't play a complete match in Tarkov and have icue not crash because of the keybinds. i'm not sure how to fix this, but it's extremely annoying not to be able to use my left mouse buttons during games
  6. Hi, I am running FX 8350 in the Gigabyte 970A-DS3P. SMPS- Cooler Master 600 Watt, Storage- WD 240 GB SSD, WD 1 TB Hdd, RAM- Corsair Vengeance 8 GB DDR3 1600. The Issue- Whenever I start my pc and give moderate load to the PC like installing softwares, watching movies or playing low resource games it runs perfectly 1-2 hrs and after that the PC stuck (at that time if any movie or songs were playing then the speaker screams weirdly). Max of the time when it happens it gets fixed instantly if I insert a pendrive to the usb port, sometimes I have to do force restart tho. Sometimes the PC doesn't stuck but just crash(No BSOD just black screen). It happens sooner when I do video editing, or almost never for just browsing. My attempts to fix the problem- I tried Replacing diffrent PSU/ HDD. Recently I borrowed #2 DDR3 1333 RAMs from my friend 2GB each total 4 GBs and ran my pc with those 4 GB RAMs and the issue was fixed my pc was slower than before but it was not freezing or crashing. So I was quite sure that the issue was with the RAM and I replaced my RAM from the Service Center, but the new RAM which I got yesterday is giving me the same issues like before(May be the frequency was little lesser). Please help me with any solution. Thanks in advance.
  7. I would like to start out by saying that my corsair voids are around 2-3 years old and are definitely out of warranty, but this problem only recently sprouted up out of nowhere and it's insanely annoying and getting progressively worse. I'll begin with the smallest problem, which is persistent enough to be insanely annoying. I'm playing a game with my friends while in a discord voice call with them. All good. Then, it's silence. My mic stops working and I can't hear my friends. I go into my discord voice and video settings and see that it's set to default for both input and output, and I know that in my sound control panel that everything but my voids are disabled for audio and recording. Back to the discord settings. I found that going into the drop-down and just simply re-selecting "default" for my input and output fixes the problem for a couple seconds/minutes. This doesn't always work, however. If it doesn't work, it's usually because all my audio is cut out. Restarting my headphones, moving ports with the adapter, etc. all don't work. Restarting my computer works but it happens so often that I'll spend more time restarting than actually using my computer. So, one alternative solution I've found is going into the iCUE software and forcing a software update onto my headphones, which fixes the problem instantly, but again only until it happens again in a couple minutes. But wait, the problems don't end there. Now let's get into my most played game, Rainbow Six Siege. Oh boy, I love how I can hear exactly where no one is because my headphones decided to cut out mid game. No problem, I'll try restarting them. Nope, bluescreen, game crash, or whatever other issue. Thanks for the abandon penalty because the game literally won't load again! Oh and while you're at it, please be sure to destroy my ears with random audio glitches that don't happen with any other headset, that's fine. I'm sorry if I sound mad, but it's because I am. I don't see any reason for these problems to be happening and I am really contemplating swapping to a different set of headphones (I'm thinking HyperX Cloud Stingers). What do I do to fix my problems? I'm extremely frustrated and hate having to deal with this on a daily basis. My headphones are out of warranty so I know there's no point in contacting the Corsair support email as the last time I did they just asked me if I had a warranty, and when I said no they just told me they couldn't do anything.
  8. Dear Corsair Support, My Corsair ONE Elite, GTX 1080ti, i7-8700k is crashing during games and the Uniengine Heaven Bench even at clock speeds. The game or application will play for a few moments before crashing with artifacts across the screen: white squares, strange colours. The sound bugs out for sometime, keyboard and mouse lockup before the whole the system requires a hard reboot. I have tried reinstalling new drivers, changing drivers, reducing clock speeds through MSI afterburner. Resetting computer via CMOS button. Returning everything to factory settings. All temps when monitored appear to be normal: between 50c and 68c at max GPU load. PC has been working as intended for 6 months before this with only minor and infrequent crashes every now and again. Before the PC was crashing in particular applications leading me to think of incompatibility software but now the GPU is crashing in every 3D application. Any help or support would be much appreciated - happy to send in for RMA and pay for any repair services to help fix as warranty is likely expired. Looking it similar threads, users report the potential issue might be a faulty PSU or failing Graphics Card? Any help would be much appreciated - submitted a ticket but tearing my hair out! Ticket number submitted: #2001145359 Best, Nick
  9. Hi, I've used iCUE for now couple of months and everything was doing fine. But recently the program just started to act strangely, when I open it, it opens but after that as soon as I click anywhere it's lagging and (stop responding), if I wait like 2-3 mins it does the command I asked but as soon as I try anything else it does it again. Sometimes it just doesn't respond and end up crashing. I tried to uninstall and reinstall a clean version but it keeps doing it. Any ideas ? Thanks
  10. Hello, so i've recently built a new PC, and am using the H100i Platinum Cooler. I have a big issue that when i plug in any usb device in one of the 2 front case slots (Ps4 controller, phone etc..) the ICUE software starts glitching out, sounding the windows usb sound and rebooting the RGB color wave every 30 seconds. i can only fix it by restarting the software. please help cause i've tried everything, plugged and unplugged the ports from the motherboard, rewired everything, disable the USB power option, EVERYTHING
  11. After several sessions of attempting to troubleshoot various things about my games crashing under seemingly random intervals, I had ruled it quite a bit of what might be causing it, doing the easier tricks in the book and moving progressively onward. This eventually led me to boot up and play these games with my regular, desktop speakers set as the default audio device. 'Lo and behold, ever since I decided to not use my HS60 headset, these games have not crashed since, and there have been dozens of hours logged since the last crash. Which was surprisingly and often occurrence. So.. that means there is 'something' that is causing my games to crash relating to the headset I'm using. But what? It could be an audio driver (which I can only assume are all installed with the iCUE corsair device manager) conflicting with any default/basic windows drivers that Windows thought was a good idea to auto install for this device. This would be fine except.. I have auto driver install disabled. I have entirely removed any drivers pertaining to headsets (including iCUE) and completely reinstalled iCUE, and yet, the symptom persists. What am I missing, short of a windows reset? I am reluctant to believe that a reset or reinstall would even fix the problem. I highly doubt this is faulty hardware right? this feels like a driver crash, or a driver incompatibility. something else to note, is that when I try to change the sample/refresh rate of the audio quality on my headset, it is grayed out and can not be changed, since that was my go-to troubleshooting spot.
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