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Found 22 results

  1. I have really enjoyed Corsair products lately and recently built a new station with many products that support iCUE. I have been interested in Corsair's IRONCLAW wireless mouse and was going to purchase a used/renewed product from Amazon (Corsair does not currently have any in stock) to save a little money. However, I have heard that a computer mouse that has internal non-volatile memory can potentially contain viruses or malware. Is this possible with the IRONCLAW and is there a way to prevent this with used/renewed devices like applying a factory reset? If so, how do I go about doing this?
  2. So, Ive been noticing lately that when I go to scroll, sometimes it doesn't work right. Ill scroll up, and it'll seem to go up then down a couple times, in a weird way. I investigated the issue further by going to the iCue macro section and recording the mouse input of the scroll wheel. As I suspected, when I would only scroll the wheel in one direction, it would (seemingly in a random sequence) scroll the incorrect direction. I only scrolled towards the front of the mouse, and it records a vertical scroll of -1, then 1, 1, and then -1. I do not have any macros that affect scrolling at the moment. Thoughts?
  3. Hello everyone. I bought an ironclaw yesterday and was working fine until I tried to update the firmware when I installed iCue. After that my mouse stopped responding although it is on with rgb and everything and is charged. It is not showing up on iCUE or windows (on windows it is shown as "Game mouse" instead of Ironclaw rgb wireless that was in the beginning). I still get the dongle on iCUE though but every option is greyed out. I tried a fresh install of iCue, an older version of iCUe, a different PC but it makes no difference. I'd like to add that i tried connecting my mouse to my mobile and it worked fine via bluetooth :biggrin:. But on computer it doenst work wired or wireless. Imo something went wrong on the firmware update and the dongle upgraded and mouse got corrupted but i really have no clue how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. For whatever reason at random the "Enhanced Pointer Precision" toggle becomes on for random profiles. I have Enhanced Pointer Precision turned off in windows as well.
  5. I've lost my wireless receiver/dongle for ironclaw RGB wireless, I've already submitted a support ticket, is it possible to get a replacement?
  6. I'm on my third one of these mouses, I love it overall and can not find another mouse like it but the same thing keeps happening. The scroll wheel keeps breaking. I have used a total of 3 and i'm only at 1 year 8 months from date of first purchase, haven't you guys found a fix? This is ridiculous, I now will be on my fourth....
  7. The mouse doesnt work with the dongle or when plugged in with usb cable. Windows doesent even detect the mouse when plugged in with the cable. Works only with bluetooth. Doesnt show up in icue at all the dongle sohws up when its plugged in.
  8. Bonjour, J'ai un soucis avec ma souris et les réattributions des touches, j'ai trouvé un topic (fermé) d'une personne ayant eu le même problème que moi mais sa solution ne fonctionne pas pour moi. Voilà mon problème : J'attribue par exemple la touche " % " à la touche "augmenter les DPI" de la souris (pour le lancer de grenades dans BF 5 par exemple), mais quand je suis en jeu et que j'appui sur cette touche, non seulement il prend en compte la commande pour le lancer de grenade, mais en plus il m'augmente les DPI de la souris ! Et bien sûr il y a le même problème avec la touche "baisser les DPI".. Sachant que l'option "conserver la touche d'origine" n'est pas cochée dans ICUE, j'ai donc l'option d'origine qui se superpose à la nouvelle commande J'ai essayé de contourner le problème en n'activant qu'un seul niveau de DPI sur les 3 mais même comme ça la souris trouve le moyen de changer la valeur des DPI. Je n'ai aucun profil intégré d'enregistré dans la souris et le problème persiste peut importe que je sois en filaire ou en wireless. J'aimerais donc savoir d'où vient le problème ? Sachant que ICUE est à jour et que tous les firmwares de mes périphérique le sont également. Merci. Lien de l'autre topic:
  9. The mouse goes into sleep mode after a certain period of time. Macro keys don’t work. When I get to mouse’s interface sw, the mouse appears to be turned off but it works like a charm. When the mouse is connected to wireless dongle and try to charge it, the cursor disappears and doesn’t move. Also scroll button is not working properly.
  10. Hallo Zusammen, ich verwende seit ein paar Wochen eine Ironclaw RGB Wireless über den (zugehörigen) USB-Dongle. Des Öfteren stockt die Maus, bzw reagiert nicht wie sie sollte, als würde sie die Bewegung nicht erkennen. Beim verwenden mit Kabel ist mir das bislang nicht aufgefallen, möchte sie natürlich aber auch ohne Kabel nutzen. iCUE und Firmware sind immer aktuell. Kantenglättung ist deaktiviert und Oberflächenkalibrierung wiederholt durchgeführt, ändert alles nichts... Hat jemand eine Idee, wie sich das beheben lässt? MfG
  11. J'ai une ironclaw RGB wireless depuis 2-3 mois max. J'adore le format de la souris , le style. Le nombre de bouton. Elle est physiquement parfaite pour moi. Le problème: j'ai des problème de double Click TRES FREQUENT! sur mon Click gauche en mode wired ou en mode wireless (2.4ghz) et a l'occasion le Click gauche agi comme s'il restait collé . J'ai l'impression que ça devient pire après chaque Windows update (que je ne fait pas, sauf par accident) je soupçonne donc un problème de software plus qu'un problème de hardware. C'est vraiment très très fachant. Surtout considérant qu'elle est neuve et qu'elle coûte 120 $+ ça rend le gaming presque impossible J'ai Scroller un peu sur les forums. Essayer de baisser le pollin rate a 500-250 et même 125 aucune amélioration.
  12. I got my mice today. It's so good. But I can't update firmware on iCUE. Can you help me guys?
  13. Hello, I've been using the Iron Claw Wireless for a few months now and I have come across an issue that I do not know how to solve. With the default bindings on the mouse, the DPI buttons are right next to the index finger or left mouse button. I have often misclicked on this causing my aim to go crazy when I play some of my fps games. To fix this I tried to rebind those two buttons as media keys (next song, previous song) and rebound the profile change (behind scroll wheel) to the DPI change. My issue is that even though I rebounded my DPI switches to media, they still retain the old function. I have already looked to see if Retain Original Key Output was disabled, and it is, and I have already reinstalled the software twice. I don't know what to do at this point, any help would be appreciated. tl;dr Rebound DPI keys so they are media, they still function as if I didn't rebind it with the addition of the media keys.
  14. Hi there, that's very nice, that you added hardware actions, but it contains keyboard actions and delays only (macros). That's useless as I need to confirm some keyboard actions via mouse clicks. So, nice efforts in right direction, as iCue is not reliable and stable, but on half of its way. Any chance it will work as "normal" actions soon? Thank you for answer. Or do I miss something? vyndalin
  15. Hi, it seem ever mouse I have from Corsair suffers from this, my M65 Elite was swapped out and seems "ok" but my Ironclaw wireless which is 4 months old is now doing the same. Ive tried it on my pc, laptop even my MacBook and it does the same on them all. I read somewhere that slowing the poling rate may help but every setting on wireless and wired made no change, oddly upon changing it was ok for a few mins but then its back to double clicking :(: Seriously thinking of binning all my corsair mice (I have them on every system) as they all seem to not only cost a small fortune but never make it past 6 months old without seeing to be replaced :(:
  16. Hi! So I recently contacted Corsair due to my problems with the iCUE and some other stuff. But they just told me to reinstall the software which obviously didn't help. So I decided to post the Email I sent them here, in case any of you would be to more help. Sorry if 'ts a lot of rambling, I was really tilted when I wrote this due to me losing lots of competitive games because of the problems I've been encountering. Hello! I've been a consumer of your products for around 5 years now. Right now, I'm using a Virtuoso headset, an Ironclaw Wireless mouse, a Strafe RGB keyboard, and an st100 headset stand. Sadly, I've had my share of problems with these products. First of all, I've had my Ironclaw Wireless mouse switched out two times in the span of one year. The first problem occurred a few months after my first purchase. I got up one morning, started my computer and used the mouse for about three seconds before the scroll wheel broke completely. It was completely useless. I'm not sure what happened, but the scrolling wheel seems to have detached in some way. The second Ironclaw mouse I got worked fine for about a week. Then every click became a double click. E.g. when I tried to mark a folder on my desktop, it instead opened it. I quickly gave it back to my reseller and got a new one. This one had the same problem, but the non-intentional double click occurred very rarely. So, I learned to live with it. But it doesn’t end there. The DPI down button the first mouse I got was flawed. Somehow you could make it click again after the first click by just pressing it down slightly more. This made it uncomfortable to use it was easy to trigger the “second click”. The mouse I’m currently using has the same problem. Also, the option button on my second Ironclaw was also flawed right out of the box. It only worked if you pressed it from a certain angle. But after about two days, it didn’t work at all. The option button on the mouse I’m currently using works fine. But I’ve had some problems with it like those I had with my second Ironclaw. Moving onto my headset. Every now and then it acts weird. Sometimes when I turn it on the sound is heavily distorted, or only coming from one speaker and I must turn it on and off a couple of times before it goes back to normal. The audio is also cutting while playing game. Not in the sense that it disappears completely. But the audio changes, like if I were changing EQ presets. Now to my biggest concern. The iCUE. If I were to make a list of all the problems, I've had with it your software, it'd probably take a few hours to read. So, I'll try to make it quick. The software sometimes suddenly stops working and all my devices disconnect from the iCUE. Which makes all my settings disappear for the time being. To solve this, I must go into the activity manager and turn it off completely. Then I must start the software again manually and wait for my gear to fully connect to the profiles I've made for them. This can take up to five minutes which heavily disrupts my gaming sessions. Sometimes my macros don’t work at all. The software and RGB settings work fine. But the macros don’t work. At all. The only solution I've found to this problem is to turn my pc on and off. I'll let you decide if that's something that should be okay. The settings I've made for my mouse on the iCUE stops working for about three seconds. This is absolutely devastating as I'm using customized macros and DPI. Recently I was in a competitive game when all my Corsair gear suddenly disconnects from the iCUE. They reconnect and then disconnect again and again until I restarted my pc. Once again, I'll let you be the judge if that's acceptable or not. End of a relatively short list compared to all the problems I’ve had. Now I really don't want to change brand as I've grown attached to your products. But if these problems don't get fixed, I might have no other choice as I just get more and more annoyed for every day that goes. The fact that I had to get three different mice just to find one that is decent enough to use is, at least in my opinion, unacceptable. Thank you.
  17. I am getting some problematic behaviour with iCUE and Ironclaw in that it appears to show this on the screen (but the mouse is still behaving normally) Should I work on a getting a replacement again? I already have the double click issue. And I am unable to use the latest firmware. Ticket #2001345040 technician says that he can only handle replacements rather than technical support for the product.
  18. Hi, I'm aware this has more than likely been asked numerous times but I'm struggling to find a definitive answer. I've just received my Ironclaw RGB Wireless mouse, I love the shape and feel and weight and everything however I am struggling to map the additional buttons correctly. It's got the back and forward buttons on the side which typically, when used on a webpage, would take you to the previous page etc. or when pressing in the scroll wheel it would open the link in a new tab. I'm not getting any of this. I've just gone into a game and it seems as if they're not programmed at all as individual keys? I think what I'm trying to achieve is to have them as mouse 4 and 5 etc. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  19. Hey guys, I hope I didnt post it somewhere that's just for technical errors and issues cause that's not my thing. I just recently made a purchase for the K70 RGB Mk.2 and the ironclaw wireless and I have some questions for these 2 that I couldn't really find answered while browsing. Keep in mind that I haven't received them yet. Here they are : 1. I chose the Ironclaw wireless instead of just the normal one mostly because of design(sounds stupid maybe to some but yeah.) That said I'd like to ensure that I ll be able to use it while wired in without any issues. 2. If No.1 is a yes, will the batteries life time get ruined if I just keep it plugged in? 3. Will it be easy to just swap it from plugged in to its wireless mode(Mostly talking about slipstream. Not that much for bluetooth.) 4. Will it be possible to create macros for the keyboard? 5. The keyboard has a USB port on it's back. Will I have any delays if I decide to connect my mouse there or will it be just if I'd have put it in a USB 3 port on my pc? Thanks for your time and once again, sorry if this ain't the place for these type of questions. I just couldn't find any other.
  20. Lately during games my RMB doesnt always respond when i click it and have to click it 2-3x til it works. its intermittent. sometimes it happens every few minutes. Anyone else have this issue or can provide a fix? Thanks!
  21. I bought the ironclaw for my First Build, and since then it just makes problems. Sometimes it wont Connect and just flashes, it wont recognice any inputs or if i move the mouse it´s stuttering when its in wireless mode. The newest one is when i turn it on after unplugging it from the cable sometimes , it kills my keyboard and im forced to restart my PC. Im just pretty annoyed to pay that much for a Mouse which wont really work, and me being kind of new to Pc im not sure if thats just my fault and im doing something wrong or if the mous is broken.
  22. Hello! Today I bought the Ironclaw rgb Wireless and the mousemat MM700 Polaris. I put the dongle of the wireless mouse in the usb of the mousemat. And i connected the cable of the mouse in a usb port in my PC. It started working. I was already use ICUE for my keyboard so i opened the software and my mouse and mousemat were also added. I created my own profile for the ironclaw mouse, and the first hours it worked perfectly. But after a few hours, the settings will reset theirself. The changed buttons and colors are gone and back to factory defaults. So I checked up the internet and they gave as advice to pair the mouse in the settings of ICUE. When I click on this in the software settings, or also when I want to update the mouse firmware, it tells me to connect the USB cable directly. But the dongle is in my pc, and the mouse is also directly connected with the cable from mouse to PC. And the error still showes up that I have to connect the device to my PC with an USB cable. I tried to reset the mouse, I dont know if it worked well, but the error and the first problem about the factory default is still showing up.. Can you please help me? Thank you in advance. Kind regards
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