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Nvidia driver updates cause iCue Lighting Effects to stop working on Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5

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Every time I update the Nvidia graphics drivers for my GPU (RTX 3090), the colours of my RAM (Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 (4 x 16GB)) immediately revert to the default rainbow lighting effect, rather than the solid colour that I have set on my Murals. Clicking the button by the RAM on the Home screen to turn off the colour doesn't make a difference; the rainbow persists. My hardware lighting is set to a dimmer tone of the same colour as my murals lighting effect, so I'm unsure why there is a rainbow at all. 

I'm aware that this can be fixed by restarting the PC or restarting iCUE and then forcing an update on the RAM. However, doing this every time I update my Nvidia drivers has become a hassle, and I am wondering if there is a less disruptive, long-term solution.

P.S. All of my Integrations (including Nvidia), Software, and Hardware Updates are up to date. As of posting this, I am on the latest version of iCUE; Core, v. 5.12.97.


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9 hours ago, Gman156 said:

However, doing this every time I update my Nvidia drivers has become a hassle

Restarting your PC once every three weeks or so should not be viewed as a hassle.  CUE uses GPU resources to create all those UI elements.  When you update the Nvidia driver with CUE running, you will crash the program.  Best practice is to quit the app prior to the driver update.  A manual relaunch of CUE after should return things to normal operations.  Occasionally you may need to restart the CUE service from the app or restart the PC anyway when there are changes to GPU metrics data.  

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