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I had this question about the upcoming HEDT Workstation Sockets for the Threadripper 7th gen series, and I'm only confused with previous AIO Coolers since they had Socket compatibility from the previous Threadripper sTR4, sTRX4, and sWRX8. I cannot tell if it is or isn't incompatible, even though it isn't starting availability until November 21st, 2023, or around early next year 2024.

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Those who had "compatibility" mostly had mounting compatibility, but the coldplates were not adapted to such a big IHS, and the thermals were abysmal.

The fins on the coldplate have to cover the IHS surface to cool properly, and they never do when using AIOs made for Ryzen or Intel Core which have tiny dies in comparison.

So, regular AIO with mounting kit is better than nothing, but Threadripper AIO is better.

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