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Found 17 results

  1. I just realized that the white LL fans are better than the black LL fans? Here’s the specs comparing them… they’re the same price but the white one is better? Please make the black LL fans stats and performance equal to the white versions, please. Black LL Fans: • Price: $129.99 USD (3pk) or $39.99 USD (Single) • CFM: 43.25 CFM • Static Pressure: 1.61mm-H2O • RPM: 600-1500 RPM White LL Fans: • Price: $129.99 USD (3pk) or $39.99 USD (Single) • CFM: 63 CFM • Static Pressure: 3.0mm-H2O • RPM: 2200 RPM
  2. Hey everyone, I finally managed to get my aura motherboard in sync with icue and I'm very happy about it. Only thing that's left is my NVME drive. It is this model: Adata XPG Spectrix S40G RGB SSD 512GB M.2 NVMe, and it has support for Asus Aura (meaning I could see it and control it from the aura utility) I was wondering if support for this device with ICUE is available through any workaround. If not, is there some place i could add a feature request for future support? I tried the JackNet utility but it wont recognize it, nor does OpenRGB (there is a relevant issue open there tho, so I'm hoping for the next release and see if it does any better) Thank you in advance.
  3. Something I've noticed is that there's a gap between the 10-button Corsair Nightsword, and the 17-button Corsair Scimitar. So I got to thinking: Would a 12-or-so-button mouse by Corsair even be viable? I'd like to think so. It'd be the perfect middle ground between a MOBA/MMO mouse, and a FPS mouse. Questions are, though, where would you put those two extra buttons? What would it look like? What would the other features be? Personally, I'd like those extra buttons to be hovering off the right click end. Sort of like an Ironclaw Wireless or Dark Core, just with two extra buttons on the right hand side. As for the other two questions, I'd just like to see how corsair would interpret the design. They're the pros here. What do you think?
  4. Requestet an RMA for LL120's 31 days ago and haven't got any response. I know things are sorta slow during Covid, but one month seems kinda excessive, no? ID #2001257723
  5. Hello! I am making this thread to first of all thank the iCUE developers for adding windows spatial sound support for headphones, which was a feature that a lot of people requested, as well as ASUS devices support. I would also like to request some other features that i believe a lot of corsair product owners would really like added to the iCUE software. The first feature i believe should be added is a Gradient lighting feature for RGB headphones, just like there is the gradient feature for Keyboards and Mice. The other feature, although it is for a device no longer being sold but is still owned by lots of people, is to light up all the M keys + the Windows lock and brightness indicator keys at the same time and be able to use the different lighting modes that are supported for all the other keys on them such as gradient or raindow wave on the K95 RGB (+other devices that do not have such support) In my opinion the alternating between two colors option in some settings is a bit limited and i think it should be replaced by a more gradient-like setting menu, so that you can add more than just 2 colors. Also, the void visualizer feature on keyboard is not really responsive and it really could use some fixing, and last but not least, i believe that you should also have a visualizer for the headphones (the color brightness should go up and down depending on the volume that sounds reach, or maybe it should switch between configurable colors, like green being for no sound being played and it goes to red the louder a sound is played) Sorry for my bad english, i was trying to sound professional lol Thank you for reading this, i hope you take these requests in mind, plus i believe there should be a feature request megathread of some sort (if there isn't one already):biggrin:
  6. I would like for one of my keys to have two separate actions. Press once to copy a text, and press twice in quick succession to paste the copied text.
  7. This is a follow-up of my old request thread that was in the CUE 2 subforum. If anyone has any profile requests, you can do it here if you would like me to take a crack at it: https://alex.krastev.org/requests I will decline any requests that make no sense! Try and be clear with your requests. As you can see there are already tons of requests so don't expect me to get to your request very fast unless it's a really simple request. Cheers!
  8. Recently I've resetted my lighting node inside of my corsair spec omega rgb case, because there was something wrong with the lighting on one fan. However, this did not fix the problem and I am looking into RMA'ing the fan this issue occurs to. But since the firmware reset iCue no longer recognizes the case, just the lighting node. This messes with the front led strip not being fully active. If anyone has this firmware, I would appreciate it a lot if you send it to me! Thank you in advance! :D:
  9. So I play a lot of Payday 2. I LOVE Payday 2, and will defend it to death. So obviously, I want a good profile for it. I've checked Lewis's profile, and its too chill and relaxed for me. So, how about a good one for the "assault" phase of a song? One with tons of huge flashy effects very quickly. Here's an example song. [ame] [/ame]
  10. I would like to be able to rename fans in the iCue Dashboard. For example, I would be like to be able to rename "Fan #2" to "Top Exhaust". Also, I am having issues with some Dashboard items not being draggable.
  11. Hello, We're looking for a profile with pastel colors, if we remember well, in the title there was "Unicorne" // "Licorne". Due to a broken SSD we lost this profile, and by that we think that we can find help on this forum. While ago, we took a short video that show the profile working, sorry for quality and black bands. You can watch it below. [ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sifr9aiYeE4]here[/ame] Thanks in advance for your precious help. PS: We think it was the right thread for posting that kind of request, if not, can you move it on the suitable one? Thank you. Fufu
  12. I was wondering why this version doesn't exist. The brushed aluminum look is amazing, but blue doesn't fit my color scheme, and the K95's black aluminum doesn't look as nice. Recently my K90 overdosed on Caffeine, so I took it apart to wash the pcb, alas to no avail. I did manage to de-solder the led's, so at this time the only thing I can do is buying a used K90 and soldering on white leds (I'm voiding the warranty anyway, buying new would be a waste) Please corsair, give us (me) a brushed aluminum look with white/rgb backlighting. I would buy it in a heartbeat, macro's or no.
  13. Retro (September 2017) If you have a request you would like to see made, do it here: http://alexkrastev.herokuapp.com/requests Download: Download for CUE 2 only [ame] [/ame]
  14. Blue Dream (September 2017) If you have a request you would like to see made, do it here: http://alexkrastev.herokuapp.com/requests Download: Download for CUE 2 only [ame] [/ame]
  15. If possible, can we get a stop all running macros option? Kind of self explanatory. Thanks
  16. Oh my... where to start... I guess at the very beginning is best. Opening the box, one finds a very high quality device with semi-complex functionality and no documentation at all! There's a tiny trashable pamphlet that says the equivalent of this is your keyboard, those are the keys, plug it in and pray... and that's it. Given the nature of the very unintuitive CUE and how it's to be used this is a very unsatisfactory situation indeed! These might be the most expensive keyboards on the planet and there's no docs??? What?!? :evil: The Box itself, well, whoever did the design work could stand to take an art class or two! And the fact that the box images are all of an US English Keyboard when the box contains a Japanese language keyboard with no printed box markings to indicate the language or layout (other than a "JP" in the model number) isn't going to help them fly off the shelves where I live (in Japan)! No one seeing this in the store or on a webpage will buy this thinking "This is the Japanese Keyboard version" without vigorous investigation prior to commitment. This is an absurd level of marketing incompetence! :evil: [*]Plugging it in, installing CUE, and rebooting, instills momentary trepidation and dread for M65 mouse users - because the "M65 Gaming Mouse Configuration Utility" doesn't and can't recognize the K70 - of similar age. Installing CUE or CUE2 confirms the worst, that two separate configuration utilities will be needed. :evil: OK, not a huge deal but everyone else gets this right - why not Corsair - the best HID manufacturers on the planet?!? Oh good, CUE has a "?" button for on-line help, hot-help, or docs through Windows help system... oops, not so fast.. it doesn't frigging do ANYTHING at all. :evil: Wait, WTH?!? CUE is listing every device Corsair makes EXCEPT the ones I actually own and have plugged in (K70 LUX - nonRGB and the M65 mouse). For my hardware (K70 and M65) all I see is NO DEVICE CONNECTED. What is this... did I download a configuration utility or a freaking advertisement? Insanity! My hair is now falling out without me even having to pull it - this is bad! Shamefully bad! Be embarrassed Corsair, be very embarrassed! :evil: [*]Using CUE more, I find that quitting CUE and reloading it will at least get the K70 recognized - still no M65 tho. Oh just wonderful, I have discovered that if I use the "Launch at startup" option (on by default) then I ALWAYS have to do this - quit and restart CUE in order for the K70 LUX to be recognized. :evil: And now I have discovered that the "?" hot-help only displays at certain window sizes and is obscured or doesn't render at all at other sizes - what?!? :evil: Oh my, the CUE GUI seems to have been written by people who have no experience coding for windows... why? Corsair makes so much awesome stuff - why can't they afford an experienced and competent Windows programmer? Please hire a programmer like myself - grey, balding, in need of a shower, and then pay him enough so that he'll actually WANT to use soap - those guys know how to code! The CUE utility can't handle losing focus. Switching to another app and then back to CUE makes all interactivity with CUE go completely wonky. Buttons don't highlight or respond, menus don't pull or pop, interface redraws fail, and continuing to click on different gadget elements with CUE in that condition freezes an otherwise perfect Win7 installation. Frozen completely - needing the 5-second hold of death with total immunity even from the Vulcan pinch [Ctrl Alt Del]. Resizing the CUE window helps prevent (or delay) this to some degree - as does bringing it in and out of "Full Screen Window" mode, but this is just not an acceptable level of stability! :evil: That's apparently not the only way CUE can freeze my Win7 installation however. Adding CUE to the task list while running a game, a web browser, and a music player will ensure a system freeze within an hour or so. Why? This is NOT the beta version... in fact this isn't even stable enough to be in BETA but that said, this is supposedly the 'stable release' version of the tool (software version 2.6.79). Of course one can not be 100% certain as the Update Check seems to be coded in such a way that using "the most recent version" causes an error message. "if newest = true then OK" not "if update_required = false then error". Jeeeze... :evil: [*]Working around the mess, which is CUE2, the concepts and workflow are generally good - once you figure out what you're supposed to be doing WITHOUT ANY DOCUMENTATION! A few things don't work (like the "Download Custom Profiles" which displays a list of profiles for a completely different device other than what is connected), but besides those and when it's not freezing the machine it's a nice design concept. Layered opacity lighting levels, recordable macros, the ability to use an English GUI while working on a Japanese device, embedded live firmware updating, multi-profile management, custom GUI skins & profile icons, hot-links to web support, and so on - all went very noticed and appreciated. :sunglasse So, those are my thoughts and rants on the K70 LUX (nonRGB), CUE Bugs, and madness in general. I'd love to hear some feedback on any of these things or just thoughts and/or experiences (or rants) of your own. Overall I seem to notice a trend here. Corsair has some awesome hardware designers but the software end needs certain and immediate help. This is both odd and unfortunate because decent Windows programmers are not uncommon but crafting hardware which screams and provides high quality experiences is. This would seem addressable from Corsair's personnel department - but maybe there are complications - someone's nephew perhaps - or other... it's a complex world we live in to be sure! All other things aside, I'm digging my new K70 LUX (nonRGB) - what an awesome keyboard!
  17. Is it possible to make it so that every time you hit a key 1-3 jagged lines(lightning bolts) are produced from the key?
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