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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I am getting very high liquid cooling pump temps on my h100i (brand new machine). Sometimes it has exceeded 60 degrees Celsius and caused iCue to throw up warnings. My full system specs are at the bottom. Room temp - 28 degrees Celsius Idle temps: Pump/cooler - 35-40 degrees CPU - 39 degrees GPU - 37-40 degrees Gaming temps under load: Pump/cooler - 60 degrees or more (VERY HOT!) CPU - 70-78 degrees (normal) GPU - 77-80 degrees (somewhat normal for a 3080ti) Full system specs Case: Corsair 280x w/RGB fans 2 front intake fans 2 floor intake fans (ML120’s) H100i liquid cooler (2x exhaust fans) Full clearance under the case for max air flow ( on a wheeled open bottom PC stand) Corsair RM 850 gold PSU CPU - intel i7 11700 RAM - Vengeance Pro DDR4 @3200 GC - ROG STRIX 3080ti OC 12GB Samsung EVO PRO 980 m.2 nvme M/B Gigabyte z590m Gaming X Any help why my liquid cooler is boiling would be much appreciated. All components are brand new and the case has good ventilation. Playing with fan curves and settings doesn’t make much difference. Thanks in advance for any help/opinions/advice. Cheers Dean
  2. Hi, I've recently noticed something interesting about my H100i that I bought about 3 or 4 years ago. I've been having relatively high temperature for a while, so I've blown out all the dust, reapplied thermal paste, and made sure the cooler is mounted properly, but my temps are still relatively high for my i7-4790k. However, I recently noticed something that brings my temps down. I noticed that by physically hitting the top of my case close to where the radiator is mounted a few times, my temps drop instantly. A few light pats seems to do the trick, and I'm just so confused as to how this is even working. The effect is dramatic, I notice my package temps drop more than 20-30c instantly. The image below shows my temps right after I hit it. I have to do this at least once a day since the temps rise back up after a few hours. Is this just an issue of my H100i being old and needing to be replaced due to blockage and buildup? Is there anything I can do so I don't have to keep abusing my poor PC? Thank you for the help. https://imgur.com/a/aq1EC7i
  3. Hello everyone, so I am considering purchasing the "Hydro Series™ H100i RGB PLATINUM 240mm Liquid CPU Cooler" I have some questions. First, my current fans in my case are Corsair HD120 fans, will the fans that come with the new CPU cooler work along with my HD120 fans or will I have to have all my fans matching? Next, my current RGB connections are all connected to my Commander pro can the new fans that come with the cooler connect to the commander pro or do they need to connect directly to the motherboard? Next, What does the Liquid mean? Do I need to have a full liquid cooling set up for this to work? also, will this cooler work along with my current CPU? which is an Intel I7 7700 Thank you for your help!
  4. Where the tubes connect to the pump - I noticed that the tubes are able to pivot from that location (i.e. move in a 45 degree angle). Is this the way it's supposed to be? I'd love a answer because I'm nervous about installing it - that, and I have to wait two days because this CPU cooler requires the original retention brackets.... Please advise.
  5. Hello, I've mounted the h150i pro last friday in my pc. My cpu is ryzen 7 3700x. I did some stress tests and found that i have fairly high temperatures. When idle it's around 45 degree (Ryzen master). When stress testing with aida 64 extreme, temperatures rise up to 75(ryzen master) and 85 (Aida monitor). Pump and fans are set to balanced The liquid temperature is then around 29 degree. I already tried remounting it. I found that there is a thermal pad instead of thermal paste. Should I change it to thermal paste? The thermal pad doesn't cover the full cpu surface. I also tried some overclocking. Set voltage to 1.4 and core speed to 4.3 ghz. The CPU power usage is then arround 105-110 watt. Themperature rised about 10 degree higher to 85 in ryzen master and 95 in aida 64 monitor. What can I do about it? regards, canonsvogel
  6. I'm working on a build using the 100r case with an MSI Z270-a Pro motherboard and the H80i v2 cpu cooler, and I'm having some trouble mounting the backplate for the cooler. The backplate leaves a lot of wiggleroom, and slides back and forth even when I've fully screwed in the standoffs. Could this be an issue with the pre-installed motherboard standoffs?
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