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Static/ringing noise when using Corsair Virtuoso XT

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I have a corsair virtuoso xt which i bought and received legit today, but for some reason whenever it's in wireless mode, there's this weird static/ringing noise that plays in the headset and none of the icue app presets work at all, when i switch to wired mode the static disappears and the presets begin to work, however regardless of whether it is in wired or wireless mode whenever audio plays there is a slight hissing noise/static noise in the background of the audio which makes the audio quality somewhat poor. any idea on how to get rid of this noise?

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Under sound properties, advanced,  untick allow applications to take exclusive control of this device. As well as Give exclusive mode applications priority.

Dolby is meh at best on these headphones. I wished they had added back the 7.1 selection in ICUE just like they have for all other Virtuosos. I am not sure why there is only a Stereo and that is it.

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