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  1. I'm not sure about anyone else here. I just wanted to know how many others have USB connection issues with this device? I have gone through a good many and after a little while they all have the same issue. The bad USB jack on the back is too flimsy to hold up that thick cable they give you with it. If I bump the cable or touch it then mine auto disconnects. You have to move it and prop up the cable and hope it doesn't disconnect. I don't treat mine rough or even move it around. It has been in the same spot for a good while now. I went to clean under it and it disconnected. I thought the cable came out no big deal. I will just plug it back in and when I get done cleaning it. It wasn't unplugged and as the cable moves it auto connects and disconnects. This is just my opinion and you can take it with a grain of salt or just post how you feel about it. But the design on the back of the ST-100 is bad and not any way to support it. That cable is way too thick to just be suspended off the back of that tiny connector in the back. I just want to get some feedback from other users now. If it is just me then no big deal. But if others have had or are having the same issue please let me know.
  2. I went with the OPX switches as they made them sound so wonderful. They have zero resistance for me and feel like membrane keyboard feedback. I went from Cherry MX speeds to this and not happy with how it feels typing. This is me being subjective but I don't care for the OPX switches. If you are in an office or need quiet keys then I can see these being the purchase for you. But trying to get used to them playing a game is bad. Standing on the edge of a cliff trying to snipe and barely touch the key and ramp of the cliff and die. As you aren't even sure you are touching the key until you are falling to your death. It is what it is though.
  3. I totally understand. My front lights up but it is a weak light. The sides are decent bright and can be controlled. Maybe it is made that way. I know my K95 is way brighter and fuller as well. Hopefully, firmware can fix it and the mouse. The (&) ampersand on your #7 key look weird on yours as well? Mine looks like a square apple or something weird. But it surely doesn't look like a "&" though. Looks like they used a funky monkey font for it.
  4. 1) The K100 hardware lighting is broken for all of us. You are not alone. 2) This pretty much it for that mouse. They should make the side 3 LEDs for the DPI/Profile shows the battery status. Since it has 3 bars it wouldn't be 100% but it would close enough and better than a rough battery picture taskbar estimate. Does the front of your K100 LED strip show a very dim light up front underneath it? It seems the brightness control doesn't really make any effect on them.
  5. I'm currently trying to figure out who designed the key characters on this keyboard? The ampersand on the number 7 key looks like a square apple.
  6. Did you go into ICUE and then click on the control wheel? There are 8 total switches that need to be turned on. A few are on by default and some are off by default though. Or perhaps they all got switched off by mistake.
  7. This would have been a perfect time for them to include it with the K100 for a bump in the price. To get it out on the market. That way you could have gotten it and if you didn't like it or you did then you had it. Or actually took that Nexus and made it into the K100 since it has such a big empty space on the top, to begin with. But they will have to take baby steps and keep making it better like all the companies have to do.
  8. Do you live close to California? What was your price to ship back the case and AIO to Corsair? As they don't cover return shipping on cases that is on you to pay to return them. Thanks
  9. Least you actually got a corsair rep to help you. They didn't even want to help me in my thread. Now shipping is 3x the price to California for an RMA. That is right it will cost a whopping $100 - $150 bucks to ship my case back to Corsair for an RMA. I'm not sure what is going on at Corsair but something is bad wrong in the company this past year.
  10. I appreciate the pictures just as much as the next guy. Can we get some thumbnails next time? You have stretched the whole forum layout out of wack with these huge pictures.
  11. All of us just mounted some fans on that side. Some of us have hung them by tie straps. some have 3d printed fan mounts. Metal straps and screwed them in. I actually have an older HD mount with a fan that mounts to the front. I honestly would just get a little creative and do what works best with what you have. But it has never been a high airflow case. That side is basically an easy bake oven with no airflow. That had plenty of room to mount some fans on the front of that big blank area. I actually wished they would make a new front for it like the newer 4000d have. No one likes taking 25 screws to remove a front glass to get better airflow to the motherboard side. But that is just me being subjective though. It is what it is. I'm sorry about the rambling.
  12. KILLER_K

    680x warped

    Yes, if you read my last reply it states a small update. That means they finally replied back. Secondly, the case came straight from Corsair, to begin with. Third, I have asked multiple times for an update. And this was the last reply back I have received. That is why I updated the thread with the information that I received. We are all busy. I work 13 hours a day and I still get other things after work done that needs to be taken care of. That is life no other way to explain it. That is no excuse. If they are unstaffed like you think they are. Then they should hire more people. It is as simple as that. They probably are busy as they have been flooded with numerous issues from a large number of hardware items from their lineup. My point is when you get two videos that show 100% what the issue is and they don't correct it then there is an issue right there. Things can always be done better. The problem is that person and business has to step up and acknowledge there is an issue to start with in order to fix it. No one should have to wait months to get a defective item replaced and moving their different levels of support to get it resolved. Like I mentioned before. I know most of you here love corsair and hate to see a post like this posted. It doesn't matter if it is good or bad feedback. It needs to be posted so they can fix it so it doesn't happen again.
  13. KILLER_K

    680x warped

    A small update. It has been right at 3 months now to get this issue resolved. I still have a broken K95 Platinum as well. It is just too much of a hassle to get these items RMA'd or fixed now. Corsair has dropped the ball this year for me. I know some of you are die-hard Corsair fans. And they can do no wrong for you. I am happy for you and congratulations to you as well. My side of the fence has been a nightmare for 2 RMA's and one I just had to stop responding it got so bad with random responses. Well actually both now at this point. Corsair please read this. Let one person stay with the RMA until the end. Stop letting 4 or 5 people get in on a submitted ticket and get bounced around between all those people.
  14. KILLER_K

    680x warped

    I'm not sure what my next case will be. I'm not telling people to pitchfork and burn Corsair to the ground. I just got a bad card out of the deal. And wanted to see if anyone else was having issues with technical support and any issues with their cases, different or not as well. As noted I just wanted to share my issues and problems with them. Hopefully, they will see this and improve so others will not have these issues with support. Thanks for sharing your information.
  15. KILLER_K

    680x warped

    I totally understand. I just have no case and taking over a month is not something you should see from such a large company as Corsair. I removed all my items out the case and boxed it back up. As the videos, I provided were 100% clear the case was warped and as noted I even posted about it in another thread. But as I noted I will just move to something else at this point. It isn't like they are going to do anything or actually care. I mean why wait a month to help someone that has a product that has issues or defects. They could possibly just be super busy I suppose. But you could just reach out with a simple reply. Like saying, "Hey we are busy but wanted to let you know we are working hard to get a solution for you." Anything at this point and time. Not just let it rock on for weeks at a time and no reply. Thank you for sharing your information with me on it as well. It looks like not many 680x case users left. Might be why there are so limited replies in the thread,
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