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Found 11 results

  1. I have the headphones a couple of months ago and at the beginning I had no problem connecting them via bluetooth, but from one day to the next they no longer connected to any device via bluetooth, I tried updating the drivers in the iCUE even forcing the update, but no it worked. I also tried "Factory Reset" by unplugging and plugging the dongle from the computer, but that didn't work either. I have tried with different cell phones but none manages to find the bluetooth headphones. And in the bluetooth led of the headphones when I turn it on it shines purple for a second and then it stays blinking red, it never shows the blue light that it should show to pair it by bluetooth. Please help. :c
  2. I hold the MFB and I never see the blue light, or anything different show up. I've tried to force update the firmware to no avail. Flipping the switch does nothing for when holding the button. I dont seem to see any other reports of a problem like this, usually with a red blinking led, but I have no indication at all. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  3. Hello, I have an issue with the mic in wireless mode where my voice cuts out every 10 to 15 seconds for at least half a second and up to two seconds. As you can imagine this is really annoying for people who listen to me as well for me having to repeat every third word at least three times over and over again just to have this cutting out again. Depending on how I set up the channel in windows it fades out (1 Channel, 24 bit, 48000 Hz) or it cuts out at lower bitrates (1 channel, 16 bit, 48000Hz) I tried to reset the whole headset, I tried to find the issue in windows settings, I tried to find anything that could give me a hint as to where this issue might come from including discord, teampeak, this forum and iCUE with no result. ICUE just hangs up over and over again even after two attempts to reinstall it. I won't reformat my Harddrives just to get this issue fixed as i've seen people suggesting here. iCUE version im Using is 4.24.193 Headset firmware version is 5.11.88 Wireless receiver firmware version is 5.7.115 Thank you in advance Gecko
  4. Hello everyone, let's cut to the chase: If I install iCUE, the headset starts making a hissing/white noise sound whenever there is sound playing. Of course I can try to lower my windows sound and pump up the program sound, but when listening to something quite the white noise is VERY persistent and annoying. Upon uninstalling iCUE the hissing is gone and nowhere to be found and cannot be replicated. I have found this post, but the help there did not work. I think the issue is the same though: iCUE does not uninstall the Windows driver and windows is using the faulty windows driver. In completion with iCUE it is doing the hissing sound. Another issue I am having with iCUE is the mic LED. Without iCUE installed the LED is white when unmuted and red when muted. Muting and unmuting changes the LED immediately. Upon installing iCUE the LED is green when unmuted and changes slowly to red when muting urself. But the delay is about 2 seconds. Can the delay be turned off somehow and how do I fix the white noise? Just so the question won't be asked: Sidetone is off. I have tried soft resetting my Virtuosos I hope somebody can help me, since I'd like to take use of the equalizer, since the virtuosos need the EQ for better sound. Thanks in advance
  5. Buenas, tengo mis auriculares Virtuoso XT recién estrenados. Todo su funcionamiento es una maravilla, desde la calidad de audio hasta su comodidad. Aún me resta configurar bien el micrófono, ya que del otro lado me dicen escuchar con "eco". Mi problema radica en la conectividad vía bluetooth, Mi Notebook, detecta los auriculares, se empareja y conecta correctamente. Sin embargo, a los pocos minutos, el sonido empieza a salir entrecortado, como si la señal fuera mala o estuviera a varios metros de distancia (cuando estoy frente a la PC). Por otro lado, mi celular ni siquiera detecta los Virtuoso XT. Algunos comentarios: Al presionar el botón MFB y seleccionar el método inalámbrico, comienza a parpadear en rojo. Al conectarse a la PC cambia a azul. Pero luego, veo que cambia a violeta (no encontré en el manual de instrucciones que significa este violeta). Desde ya, muchas gracias por su ayuda. saludos
  6. Hallo, kann man das Leuchten des Logos eigentlich auch ausschalten? Ich finde hierzu im icue 4 keine Einstellung, nur wie die Farbe etc verändere. Grüße
  7. I have recently picked up a pair of virtuoso xt and I am quite disappointed that it is not able to switch between audio sources seemlessly on pc. On my old virtuoso non-se, I can simply switch the audio output between my speakers and headphones by toggling the (wireless to usb) button. This is such a big QOL feature and why is it not available on the xt? On the xt, I have to bring up the sound tab on windows and set the device as default. It feels like a massive downgrade to me that I have to switch the audio output manually on the xt. There are also posts on forum and reddit which report the same problem, but it remains unsolved.
  8. I know that red means muted, green means enabled, but then I saw it turn white. I thought it meant that the mic was in use, because when I hopped on a phone call on my phone (connected via bluetooth), it turned white midway through the call. I noticed that and I thought I'd see if it meant the mic was in use, so when I tested the mic on my PC (connected via slipstream wireless), it just stayed green. Any idea what the white LED could mean?
  9. I just go the virtuoso xt and i can change the color on iCue but it doesnt want to save the color i set it to when icue is closed or its disconnected from icue like it will with my other pc components. I would like to keep it set to red not the default blue when icue is closed or when im paired to my phone via bluetooth. Is this possible and i dont know what im doing with this messy software or is it just not currently possible?
  10. Ich habe mir letztens die Corsair Virtuoso XT geholt und mir ist aufgefallen das wenn man die kabellose Verbindung nutzt ein leichtes konstantes Rauschen im Hintergrund auftritt also quasi einfach wenn man sie anschaltet. Ich habe gelesen das sei normal bei kabellosen Kopfhörern aber ich wollte einfach mal auf Nummer sicher gehen und nachfragen. PS: Also es ist wirklich leicht aber man merkt definitiv ein Unterschied wenn man die Kopfhörer an und aus schaltet.
  11. Got my new Virtuoso XT, would like to replace the earpads. I tried the way worked on previous Virtuoso -- simple clockwise turn. Unfortunately, it is not working. I also tried the way mentioned in https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=205168 -- sticking regular paper between the earcup and the headset. Not working as well. Is there a better way to remove those earpads? Thank you.
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