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Corsair H150i Elite Capellix Buzzing sound

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Around 1 month ago I brought H150i Elite Cappelix. I run it on stock thermal paste and it was quiet, but after changing it for Thermal grizzly one, I got this sound, This been 2 weeks ago, and still no change.Temps are excellent, it's just a noise (less then 50C in games/25-30 Idle/65 in Cinebench R23 multi-core after 10 minutes) * ALL on BALANCED settings on iCUE*
I've tried pin point the problem and it's definitely pump. Thinks I've done:
-Tilted PC in all directions
-Run AIO on extream on it's side for more then 1 hour
-Turning ON AIO without attached to socket ( same sound)
-Using washers on Fans screws.
*On idle pump is QUITE quiet so,it's hard to hear it on video, When you can hear the pump it's when I open up a random game ( It happens in every game/CPU intensive tasks) The only fix I found was limiting fps in games to 60-90 fps and noise is reduced by like 50% and sound just like on desktop*
Also the noise you hear I can hear it, with side panels ON and 2 meters from me at around 70% of what you hear. Also the "liquid moving" sound you hear only happens when you start a game for around 20-45 sec then it's disappear.
My Amazon return window is ending in 2 days. Is that noise a sign of something bigger ?
I really want to avoid Returning it because I would not be able to use PC until new one arrive.
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I bought the same model H150i Elite Cappelix about 2 months ago and yesterday had that same noise that was coming from the pump.

I fixed it by setting the pump to "quiet" mode and it stopped instantly and has not returned.   It's a small air bubble that gets hung up on the pump fins. Make sure your pump is not the highest part of your cooler system.

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