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Found 6 results

  1. Hallo Liebe Corsair Community, ich habe gestern eine H150i Elite Capellix eingebaut. Die Pumpe blinkt anfangs in Regenbogenfarben und geht dann in ein blinkendes Rot über. In der Corsair iCue Software steht "Pumpenfehler bitte wenden Sie sich an den Support", das Update v. 2.11.211 habe ich installiert und dies hat nichts geändert. Ich habe ein kostenfreien CPU Benchmark gemacht, die CPU ging einmal auf 80 Grad hoch ist dann aber konstant bei 35-40 Grad gewesen. Die Pumpe funktioniert, ich habe den PC 4 Stunden am Stück angehabt die Temperatur war irgendwo zwischen 30-35 Grad. Ich habe sämtliche Programme gedownloaded. Mehrere Tabs im Browser offen gehabt und so weiter. Die Temperatur war nie über 40 Grad. Das Kabel steckt auf "CPU_OPT" Ich weiß nicht was ich machen soll. Bitte kein Kommentar zum Adapter Kabel der Graka..... es nervt mich selber Bitte helft mir 😪 Z790 Aero Mainboard Corsair DDR5 6200mhz Ram Corsair H150i Elite Capellix White Geforce RTX 4070ti Aero
  2. Is this normal? running i9-12900K hit 100C. at full load while using H115I Elite Capellix. Please advise, if it not normal what should I do or how should I investigate this issue. My build Case: meshlicious SSUPD Motherboard: ASUS Z690-I CPU: i9-12900K RAM: G.Skill Trident Z5 32GB DDR5 6000 HHD: Western Digital WD BLACK SN850 2TB x 2 PSU: Cooler Master V850 850Watt 80 Plus GOLD GPU: ASUS TUF RTX 3080-TI Sandwich build (left side) CPU Sandwich build (top view) Left CPU with stand-off, Right GPU Idle Load Cinebench multi-core full load 1 min... Cinebench multi-core full load 5 min... Cinebench multi-core full load 10 min.
  3. Hi, Around 1 month ago I brought H150i Elite Cappelix. I run it on stock thermal paste and it was quiet, but after changing it for Thermal grizzly one, I got this sound, This been 2 weeks ago, and still no change.Temps are excellent, it's just a noise (less then 50C in games/25-30 Idle/65 in Cinebench R23 multi-core after 10 minutes) * ALL on BALANCED settings on iCUE* I've tried pin point the problem and it's definitely pump. Thinks I've done: -Tilted PC in all directions -Run AIO on extream on it's side for more then 1 hour -Turning ON AIO without attached to socket ( same sound) -Using washers on Fans screws. Video: https://imgur.com/a/qqcuXKN *On idle pump is QUITE quiet so,it's hard to hear it on video, When you can hear the pump it's when I open up a random game ( It happens in every game/CPU intensive tasks) The only fix I found was limiting fps in games to 60-90 fps and noise is reduced by like 50% and sound just like on desktop* Also the noise you hear I can hear it, with side panels ON and 2 meters from me at around 70% of what you hear. Also the "liquid moving" sound you hear only happens when you start a game for around 20-45 sec then it's disappear. My Amazon return window is ending in 2 days. Is that noise a sign of something bigger ? I really want to avoid Returning it because I would not be able to use PC until new one arrive.
  4. Hi All, I hope this is in the right place and that someone is able to help me. I have had my H150i AIO cooler around 6 months, it installed fine and for around 4-5 months worked perfectly. One day I turned on my PC and after around 45 mins the pump light changed itself to red. I quickly took my headphones out to listen to see if the fans had accelerated their RPM, no.. So I looked on iCUE and the pump was working as normal, CPU temp was cool, pump was working at it's regular rate and so were the fans. I know the constant red light usually means pump failure but there is no failure here? The PC continues to work fine and every so often the red light goes to the default rainbow wave and then switches back to the red. One thing that may be useful is that when it is red I can change the colour to either blue or green but nothing in between such as cyan. The BIOS also looks as I would expect. I tried forcing updates on the AIO and it didn't fix it. I also uninstalled and reinstalled iCUE which fixed the issue for maybe a week and then it started again. Hopefully someone is able to assist me with this. I have attached a picture of the pump and iCUE at the time of writing this. Thanks :)
  5. I'm in the process of building a corsair 7000D full tower case. My search for a 420mm white aio has failed, so I was planning on building my own aio with white fans. I stalled when i had to find a cpu bound pump like the ones on all aios. Can i buy them separately or do i have to buy an aio and take the pump?
  6. Im installing an H100i Platinum SE on a ASUS ROG STRIX 550-B Motherboard. The connectors have me a bit confused. The fan connections seem to make sense, but the pump connections arent very intuitive. The pump power connection plug was nowhere on the motherboard. I assumed it connected directy to my power source and it made a good connection there, but the pump power connector that goes to the AIO header on the motherboard has me stumped. Its a three pronged plug. All the fan headers are 4! Do i simply attach it via a mismatched 3/4 connection or am I missing something? is there somewhere else that connects that Im not looking? Thanks for the assist, obviously Im a bit new.
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