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5000D Airflow side panel mesh too loose

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Hey all,


About month ago I installed 3 new 120mm fans in my new 5000D airflow (intake). Out of the factory, the thin mesh of the side dust filter seems loose - it's being sucked into the case and rubbing against the fan blades, causing a constant hissing noise. Any ideas how I can remedy that? I tried pushing the fans a bit backwards in their mounts but no luck. I wouldn't want to lose those 3 side fans, but the noise is really aggravating.


Has anyone experienced this issue with the 5000D? Any ideas what to do? The case is otherwise fantastic (this doesn't seem to happen with the front filters). 


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old school remedies :



If they fit between the fan bracket and the dust filter without impeding the side panel from closing, they will hold the filter away from the fan blades. these are usually ~5 ish mm tall.

I don't own the case eh, it's just an idea!

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If I'm already spending more money on the case I could have bought filters for the fans and remove the side panel dust filter... Also, feels like the mesh is too lax and on high speeds would get sucked through those vents regardless.

It feels like an oversight, but I don't know if this is a common issue or I just got unlucky.

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it's a common issue, other cases from other manufacturers have that happen too.It's been highlighted several times by Gamers nexus during case reviews too.

you can get 120x120 metallic mesh filters for fans if you want to get rid of that one yep. I'm using one for a back intake on my case and it works decent. but there's no way the current filter will get sucked through fan grills. they are case fans, not turbines 😉 static pressure in the absolute is way too low for that to happen.

It's also possible the mesh is just not put together very well and is naturally a bit wavy and prone to collapse, manufacturing defect. You could reach out to support and maybe have a new filter sent

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