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Chirping noise from PSU - is it normal?

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There is a faint chirping noise coming from my HX1000i (CP-9020259-IN). It is most noticeable on idle but also there in gaming loads.

I believe I first noticed this sound when running a OCCT Power Test which pushes CPU & GPU simultaneously. Back then it was quite loud and could be heard a few feet away. However during subsequent test runs it got quieter & less frequent to the point I almost never hear it under that OCCT test anymore.

But it's there in idle & regular gaming loads though now it's very faint and only audible if I put my head a few inches away from the PSU's rear.

Here's a video with the sound (recommend headphones with volume up):


Though I recommend you also listen to the video in the Reddit post I've linked below (it's not my post but the chirping noise in their video is similar to mine) as it seems to be clearer. It's distinct from regular coil whine.


I'm not necessarily looking for a RMA as the sound itself does not really bother me, I just want to know if this is normal or indication of an impending component failure, and what's causing it.

I have experienced no performance or stability issues with this PSU.

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sounds like the typical switching whine of switch mode PSUs. if that's it, it's only the PSU adjusting its output to the load in the PC. Could also be the active power factor correction doing its thing and that could be due to electrically noisy devices on the same circuit. PSU making noise because of a cheap phone charger or a dead neon ballast can be annoying to troubleshoot 😛

Silent is better but that's normal (quiet) noises you're likely to hear in a PSU. 

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