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One of my Pc Fans is running at max speed and I am unable to change it

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I recently built a PC and don't have much experience with using fans as it is the first time I have ever done such a thing. For some reason my back fan is running at max speed and I am unable to change it through the icue software app. The fan is currently plugged into a controller along witht the other 5 fans i have. I have tried plugging it into the motherboard but the same issue remains but it loses its RGB. 

The fan having the issue was a separate fan (2 are part of the water cooler and 3 came with the case) so im unsure if the fan itself is fauly or if it is another issue. Any help would be appreciated.image.thumb.png.36fc2835b516b959a3f5a9cd65977be9.png

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This happens occasionally if the connection isn't good.  Try disconnecting Fan #5 (back fan) from the Commander Core and then reconnecting.  However, specific to the Commander Core, its auto-detect on the header may not reset.  I would power down and do this so the controller does a reboot as well.


Also be aware the Commander Core is a PWM only controller.  If you plug a 3 pin DC fan into one of its headers, it will run at 100% all the time with that constant 12v signal.  

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