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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I recently installed Corsair Commander Pro and connected 2 Corsair ML140 fans to it. From the management of the fans, through iCue, I set the "silent" profile and they run at around 1500 rpm fixed. Does this seem normal to you? considering that the fan range goes from 400 to 2000. Did I install the commander wrong? I connected the USB cable to the MOBO and the SATA to the PSU. MOBO: Asus Rog z390 e-gaming CPU: i7 9700k with H115i pro PSU: RM650x
  2. I recently built a PC and don't have much experience with using fans as it is the first time I have ever done such a thing. For some reason my back fan is running at max speed and I am unable to change it through the icue software app. The fan is currently plugged into a controller along witht the other 5 fans i have. I have tried plugging it into the motherboard but the same issue remains but it loses its RGB. The fan having the issue was a separate fan (2 are part of the water cooler and 3 came with the case) so im unsure if the fan itself is fauly or if it is another issue. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hi, I’m having a rough time with one of the 6 SP120 fans in my PC making horrible noises and have been since about three weeks after purchasing them in February. It makes a grinding sound or possibly like a fan blade is rubbing against something. At first I thought it was because I have a cat and maybe it was cat hair that got into one of the fans, and so I didn’t bother asking Corsair. I’d clean them often but a day or so later it would always start back up again. It used to only do it when the computer boot into windows and would only last twenty seconds or so at which point it would quiet down and return to normal (I’m not talking about high rpm sounds). But yesterday I was playing a game and the noise came back and lasted over a couple minutes. A friend was here and said it sounded like one of the bearings is messed up and that the noise isn’t normal. He’s got 3 of the same ones and never heard that before. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? I’m meticulous about cleanliness in my home and clean my computer often. I have been super reluctant to RMA this because I’ve already had horrible luck with a separate Corsair product; a $200 set of wireless headphones they’ve had to RMA twice. I take really good care of my computer stuff and am not rough or careless with it but have awful luck or something. I even had to return the original 3-pack of these fans to Best Buy because one of the nodes on the RGB module/controller unit was janky and wouldn’t provide any signal to whatever I plugged into it. The fan would spin but no RGB signal. They replaced them, and then I bought a second 3-pack to populate all fan space in my case and then THIS. Can anyone provide any insight into this? Will I have to likely RMA this issue? If so, will I have to send the entire 3-pack of fans to Corsair or just the fan(s) making the noise? (I didn’t realize these are more made to be fans for a radiator than straight up case fans when I purchased them)
  4. Hi everyone, This is my first post here and I'm looking for some help. Hopefully I can be as descriptive as possible! I've just set up a new configuration today using my H150i RGB pro XT AIO. It was originally mounted with 3 LL120s in the front of my Corsair 570x case with a push configuration only. Today I decided since I had the leftover ML120s to put them to use and mount them on the inside of my radiator/case to make a push/pull set up. However, as soon as I turned on the system, the three ML 120 Fans just spun at maximum speed (2400 RPM) incredibly loud. The 3 LL120s I have mounted on the front of the cooler were fine. I went into icue and the ML120s didn't show up. The 3 LLs in the front showed up. My bios also didn't show anything regarding the MLs but it showed the LLs as well. Is there any way to control and lower the speed of my ML120s so they are not spinning at max rpm 24/7? HW Monitor for some reason shows only 2/3 MLs I installed today, spinning at 2400-2500 RPM. (screenshot below, link #4) My MB (Asus Prime z390-a) has 6 fan headers. The ML120s I put in today are in the CPU_OPT, AIO_PUMP and W_PUMP+ headers. I have 3 more LL120s (total of 6) mounted on the top and rear of my case as well. The rear and top LL120s are in the CHA_FAN1, CHA_FAN2, M.2_FAN headers. Finally, the 3 LL120s on my AIO are plugged into the Fan splitter that came with the cooler. Any idea what could be wrong here? I apologize if the solution is obvious or if I sound ignorant/unclear, I've tried to troubleshoot to the best of my ability!! I have a feeling it has something to do with my fan pin header selection. If you need clarification, I will definitely try to do so Here are some screenshots of my set up if you are interested (if you hate RGB I apologize in advance): You can see the MLs on the inside, LLs on the outside https://ibb.co/FYMDq1G https://ibb.co/y48Gf0J https://ibb.co/3N9zh3Y https://ibb.co/pXQqDVH Any and all advice is always appreciated!
  5. I have an AF140 Quiet Edition fan that makes a really loud noise. Almost like it's hitting something, but it's not. Is this something i can RMA or should i try to clean it myself? I can't find anything online that says i can take it apart.
  6. I am about to buy an AX1600i, but there are a few things that worry me: Is there really no way to prevent the automatic (15 seconds long) fan self-test at startup? Is the fan still performing an obstruction test every few seconds, as was the case with the AX1200i? Does it remember user-defined fan curves during normal system restarts, if no Corsair software is running?
  7. The middle fan on my H150i Pro makes this buzzing / crackling noise and starts to appear only when its above 1450RPM. Other 2 fans are quiet even at 1600RPM. I know its only this middle fan making the noise because I managed to pinpoint it through iCue software by fiddling with each fan's RPM. I tried to loosen and tighten the screws but the noise is still very audible and is annoying. I think the fan's motor making this sound but I'm not sure. Any ideas or help is much appreciated. PS:This suddenly started to happen after 4months of usage. [ame] [/ame]
  8. I've had my cooler since around march, and went through the whole usb disconnect issue which has now been fixed for me, however since then, I have a new issue. My right fan (the left fan is perfectly fine and normal) makes a lot of noise when spinning, especially when spinning fast and is also running at a much lower speed (RPM) than the left fan on the same profile. e.g. right now on balanced profile, left fan at 2115RPM, right fan at only 1545RPM. This gap is similar at all speed profiles however they do both start up at the same time. Also I noticed whilst watching it start up, that the right fan looks like it is wobbling slightly as it spins creating a wavy effect on the fins as it spins whilst the left fan looks perfectly levelled as it rotates, and gets up to speed much quicker than the right fan also settling at much higher speeds. The pump is literally almost silent thankfully so no issues there. I have tested both fans on their own and it is the same. Left fan only, almost silent. Right fan only, really loud. I have also tried closing icue to see if that had any effect but it doesn't. If anyone has any idea what is wrong with it, please let me know.
  9. Hello all, Can you help me with to questions please. 1. What maximum fluid temperature can be on h100i v2? 2. Can anyone tell me what is the best fun curve for this AIO cooler? I am asking because I already have second time when my fan on radiator is start to be very noisy. I mean rattling. My fans were set for 83% what give around 2300rpm. Really strange max for this fun is 2400rpm. Please help me with these questions. Thank you in advance
  10. Hello everyone! I'd like to ask here first before doing anything else. So my CX550M PSU will be almost two years old now. Bought it in July 2016. I had no problems till few months ago, so about September last year. The fan starts to make really annoying whirring / vibrating sounds. This happens only after I did something intensive with PC (so gaming, YouTube, etc.), so essentially after the PSU had some bigger load to deal with. It's definitely the fan in the PSU, I made sure by disabling every other fan in the case. Searching on the internet revealed this is pretty common, and I decided to try to flip the PSU. Originally, the fan was facing down pulling air from bottom of case. This is where the noise was annoying the most. So I flipped the PSU few weeks ago so that the fan is now facing inside the case. This, initially, helped but that lasted only few days and the noise / vibrations are back. I tried to clean the PSU and the fan a bit with compressed air, that did nothing. But I think the fan is removable without opening the whole PSU and thus voiding the warranty? (correct me if I'm wrong). Should I try to clean it that way (pulling it out?) Maybe even replacing it? What are my other options? I'm in EU, so there's 2 years minimum of manufacturer warranty, the CX-M PSUs have 5 years warranty. Should I wait two more months and then go for RMA directly with Corsair? I have bad experience with RMAs here in Eastern Europe. Usually, if they even bother to accept RMA (the retailer that is), issues like this, with fan noise etc., they take full 30 days to send the item back saying no issues have been discovered. I RMAd a Gigabyte GPU like this for almost a year. If needed I'll try to provide sound/video Thanks in advance for any helpful comments Regards Jan
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