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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all I'm desperate for help to fix these fans I recently upgraded my build with a H150i Elite Capellix 360mm (icue), i have the rad fans connected to the commander CORE as well as my previous 3x LL120 RGB fans. Problem i'm having is using iCUE 3 or 4 i cannot control my fan speeds, the fans show up in lighting control as differant fans, i have tried using a set %, custom curve (with & without sensor set to gpu) as well as fixed rpm. The only control i can get is fixed rpm if i set it to 5000, the selected fan will ramp up to max but will then slowly wind down despite the fan profile telling it to stay @ max. I have tried clearing the cooling config file and restarting - No Affect, tried removing any programs that could control fan rpms - No Affect, tried a force firmware update - No Affect, updated all the iCUE to latest versions. I have check the Commander CORE Connections ( all secure & re-seated), also checked the MB connections ( all secure).
  2. I recently built a PC and don't have much experience with using fans as it is the first time I have ever done such a thing. For some reason my back fan is running at max speed and I am unable to change it through the icue software app. The fan is currently plugged into a controller along witht the other 5 fans i have. I have tried plugging it into the motherboard but the same issue remains but it loses its RGB. The fan having the issue was a separate fan (2 are part of the water cooler and 3 came with the case) so im unsure if the fan itself is fauly or if it is another issue. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Moin zusammen, das hier ist mein erster Post, also nehmt es mir nicht zu übel. Ich habe gestern mein System zusammengebaut und soweit alles installiert. Ich habe eine Wasserkühlung mit 10 QL-Lüfter eingebaut. Die 10 Lüfter sind auf zwei Commander Pro aufgeteilt 6/4. Die 6 QL Lüfter an einem Commander funktionieren, drehen, leuchten und ich kann in der iQue Software die RPM einsehen und einstellen. Bei meinem zweiten Commander drehen die Lüfter auch, kann ebenfalls die Beleuchtung einstellen, jedoch sehe ich die RPM nicht und kann dieses dadurch nicht einstellen. Da es mein erster PC mit Corsair Produkten ist, kenne ich mich damit nicht sonderlich gut aus und probiere es jetzt mal in dem Forum, also: Wie lässt sich das Problem beheben? Vielen Dank
  4. Hi Ich habe heute ein Setup gebaut verbaut sind eine CommanderPro und 10 LL120 Lüfter, 3davon AIO eigentlich läuft alles nur ein Lüfter lief nur max. 150 RPM dachte der Lüfter sei defekt aber liegt scheinbar an der CommanderPro weil wenn ich ein anderen Lüfter inden Steckplatz mache wo der nur bis 150rpm lief läuft der Lüfter auch nur bis 150 RPM denkt ihr das die CommanderPro defekt ist danke schonmal für die Hilfe.
  5. I can't control the performance of the Fan #1 speed in the ICUE software no matter what setting I put the fan on in performance. Fan #2 working fine across all profiles (Quiet, Balanced, Extreme and Zero RPM). Fan #1 runs around at a consistent 2740 even when Zero RPM is selected. Please can I get assistance I’m not sure if this is an actual hardware issue now. I attached a video along with this post so you can get a better clearer understanding. [ame] [/ame] Thank you
  6. The middle fan on my H150i Pro makes this buzzing / crackling noise and starts to appear only when its above 1450RPM. Other 2 fans are quiet even at 1600RPM. I know its only this middle fan making the noise because I managed to pinpoint it through iCue software by fiddling with each fan's RPM. I tried to loosen and tighten the screws but the noise is still very audible and is annoying. I think the fan's motor making this sound but I'm not sure. Any ideas or help is much appreciated. PS:This suddenly started to happen after 4months of usage. [ame] [/ame]
  7. Hi, i wanted to silence my Pentium g4560 (no OC, 54W TDP), so i bought a H45 and connected the pump to pwm. I replaced the fan with a cheap coolermaster spinning at around 600rpm, so i can't hear the fans it in a totally silent room 50cm away from my pc at my desk. But the Pump of the H45 makes a really "loud" drone noise, like a vibrating dvd burner on a wooden table, but a bit quieter. It goes near silent if i clock the reported 4500rpm to around 3k-3,5k rpm at my bios. Temps are with stockfan H45 and new fan on H45 at full RPM around 40° C at prime tests, and around 46° C with intel boxed fan. Idle temps in all setups around 30° C, with nearly 30° C inside case and 27° C room temp, so the H45 has to cool very little heat away. Because the H45 have a separate connector with only the pump connected (i think, or is there any chipset/board inside?) and no LED, USB or anything, and the fan(s) on separate connections: Is it safe (for the H45, not the CPU or other components) to powerdown the pump to round about 60-70% of the speed it gets on 12V? Does it increase wearing-out in a very high level (destroying pump in way less than 24 months)? Or is all that talk about "stay on 12V ever!" only for the other Corsair Hydro AIOs with a lot more compenents on pump-power-cable, like usb, led-lights, controlling board? If not, do you know if that loud sound is a valid RMA reason in germany?
  8. After installing the liquid cooling to my PC I can not adjust the speed of the fans even using the iCUE software .... I tried to update the firmware and even then the problem was not solved. I need to solve this problem because the fans are set to the maximum RPM and the noise is annoying Additional note: The product is new I have the firmware: 1.00.33 everything is correctly installed I hope someone can help me.
  9. Hello all - first post here. I recently built a new PC from scratch. I have several 120 and 140mm fans installed with the Corsair Commander PRO. When launching my PC, fans are running quiet. I then installed the iCUE software to control and customize the fans. But once I installed it, the fans/RPM sound extremely loud - even for "quiet" mode. Is this a Bug or a way to fix the issue? Thanks!!
  10. Hello, I'm hoping someone can educate me on a few things and help me figure out what's going on with my 2 PCs. I built a PC 1-2 yrs ago with an H55 120mm AIO cooler on it; runs quiet, cpu temps have always been fine. I recently built a brand new gaming PC (current one will become streaming PC) but this new build is VERY loud. I've never touched fan speeds or BIOS settings but this time I decided to take a look. I'm hoping you can see below and help me out! New Build: Gaming PC w H100x 240mm AIO cooler BIOS DEFAULT FAN SPEEDS CPU_FAN = 4000 RPM PUMP_FAN = 1700 RPM SYS_FAN 1 = 1000 RPM (assuming this is case fan) SYS_FAN 2 = 1000 RPM (assuming this is case fan) Total of 7700 RPM for this PC *while idle*. I haven't tested gaming yet because this was immediately apparent with how loud the PC is. STREAM PC (used for 1-2 yrs, 120mm H55 AIO): BIOS CPU_FAN = 1800 RPM PUMP_FAN = 0/undetected SYS_FAN 1 = 0/undetected (odd b/c I have 2 case fans) SYS_FAN 2 = 0/undetected (odd b/c I have 2 case fans) Total of 1800 RPM while idle. 1. What is "CPU Fan" vs "Pump Fan" ? Which one is the AIO? 2. Both PCs have an AIO, so why would my current stream PC not recognize a Pump Fan? 3. Similarly, why would my current PC not recognize the case fans? 4. My new PC has CPU Fan on "PWM" and "Smart Control ON" running at 4000 RPM while idle. This seems crazy no? 5. New PC has Pump Fan on "PWM" and "Smart Control OFF" - I've read online that Pump fans need to be 100%, so should I switch it to DC instead of PWM? 6. When I switch my SYS Fans to "Smart Control ON" they go down from 1000 to about 900. That should be fine right? Anyways, thanks to anyone who goes through this, I really appreciate your time and consideration. Castle
  11. Hey everyone, my fans on the h100i cooling are very lound and always on 4000rpm it even peaks at almost 7000rpm sometimes, atleast thats what icue and corsair link tells me. is it both fans speed combined ? is it normal to have such rpm ? every thread i read that mentions rpm of 2000 or so. I also havent connected the internal USB connector because the current icue version was having constant disconnects so i cant even control the speed on corsair link. Is it maybe because of the missing USB connector or is it just normal ? thank you in advance for all the answers!
  12. Hi! this problem has been persistent ever since I built my computer back in November. Basically whenever the fans meet a high enough speed, they get stuck at that RPM until I restart the Corsair Service. Usually the fans get stuck anywhere between 1800rpm-2100rpm. The pump also gets stuck at a rpm as well, ~1980rpm-2010rpm. This usually only happens when playing video games that put a higher load on my GPU (my fans are set up to its sensor on a custom fan curve) but I have seen it happen just on startup without doing anything. I have uninstalled, repaired and done all of that multiple times, running on the latest version of ICUE with all the latest versions of firmware.
  13. So I have tried to uninstall iCUE and reinstall it, didn't fix my problem. Uninstalled LiNK software, didn't help and doesn't seem to be required for my AIOs. Any fix to display my RPMs? Is there a iCUE issue regarding RPM read-outs? I am able to set % speeds and the RPMs change, but doesn't display it in iCUE.
  14. Just updated to iCUE and I notice that after I play a CPU heavy game, The fans on my H100i would not go back down to low RPM when the CPU temp ( I take the temp on the package ) was at that point on the fan curve and my case fans goes to 0 RPM when the CPU is cool enough but they are stuck in high RPM. After some googling and a bit of trial and error I found that if I restart the CorsairService that is running on my PC everything just works. So I made a script that I run after I exit a game to restart it. But I wonder do anyone have a better solution? If anyone is having the same problems I have, Here is the script I am using net stop CorsairService && net start CorsairService Open notepad and enter that, Press File and Choose Save as and then change save as type to All Files and then name the file to whatever you want but and the end of the file write .bat Now you have my quick fix for the problem but I hope someone will post a better one.
  15. I've been having this issue for about 2 months now - I use Corsair Link, and the fan RPM on my H100i v2 will constantly have a very minor up-and-down hum, seemingly changing in tandem with the CPU load. The RPM fluctuates very small amounts, 1260-1320 sometimes to 1380. It occurs this way with the fans set to 'Fixed %', and will even fluctuate if I set a fan curve, regardless of its range. Regardless of settings, the pump will even fluctuate small amounts; 1950-1980 RPM, etc. I've done a small bit of troubleshooting the last few days, and have tried; Making sure the Fans/Pump are associated with the appropriate cooling group in LINK, which I believe should be 'H100i V2 Temp' group -- correct me if I'm wrong. Disabling any other fan softwares that don't play well with LINK. I don't use another software aside from MSI Afterburner which I use to set my GPU fan curve. Even then, I closed Afterburner using the Task Manager and then checked my fan RPMs, the problem persisted. Using the Task Manager to close LINK, then using HWMonitor to check if the fan RPMs were still fluctuating; they were. (I don't actively run/use HWMonitor; it was just for this test.) Rolling LINK back to a previous version (, then back to current version, as previous version didn't solve the issue.) Double checking my BIOS to make sure Q-fan control was set to off. And as I've mentioned, it seems to be associated with even a slight increase in CPU activity. The fans will have an increased hum, going up and down every few seconds with CPU load even at fixed %. I don't want to assume it's associated with the pump going bad, as my CPU temps are totally fine. (GIF of LINK display of temps, rpms, and CPU activity) https://gyazo.com/5e7e5713139ddd0ca5cf1818addd22ed I did read a much older post about an identical issue, which leads me to believe there might be a fix. Though, their fix isn't applicable to me unfortunately, as I don't use any form of software like that. (http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=837906) Is this a common occurrence, is it normal, or am I simply overlooking something? Any assistance is greatly appreciated! (Apologies if this post would be better suited to the LINK section of the forums, but I wasn't sure where to post.)
  16. I bought a 120mm ML140 for the exhaust (back) area of my case which is a NZXT H440. The RPMs operate really high for no reason at random times. Especially while running Rainbow Six Siege via Steam for some reason. It stays silent during light use and even while playing other high demanding games. I've set a lower fan curve in the BIOS as well as many other different settings and it hasn't changed a thing. I also installed AI Suite Suite 3, optimized all fans and even used the RPM fix option, still no change. Any ideas? It's driving me insane at this stage!
  17. I just build a PC since a long time ago, last time is 2008 and I did not care about too much during that time. So I am excited to build a new PC aging, and I got the Corsair 460x RGB It is beautiful but one thing annoying me is the LED, sometimes I need it off, I think people already mentioned about this but I hope there will be a on/off button on the controller in the future. Another thing is the SP120 fan does not have PWM so it is running at full speed. Going back to the question, after doing some research, I know that Corsair Link and CLCP can achieve what I want. However I am not always running Windows, sometimes I worked on other OS which can not run LINK all the time. So I want to confirm some thing. 1. If I set the fan to RGB 000 to close the LED, will it keep off if I close the LINK? 2. Will the fan rpm adjust according to motherboard's temp sensor without running LINK?(I guess not based what I seem on the forum) 3. IF 2 is not possible, with the optional temp sensor come with CLCP, will it work without LINK? I want to be sure it work before I buy the CLCP Thanks in advanced!
  18. Hello everyone! so I just got the program. I noticed that when I set the pumps fans to Extreme/set a Fan curve, when I try to go back to a balanced setting the fans RPM stays at 100%. if I restart or put my computer to sleep the fans go back to normal. I'm not sure if anyone has experience this. I was playing FFXV and for some reason Icue crashed and made my game crash too. when I had Link and put my PC to sleep the RAM would stay light up. in Icue if I have pulse or color shift the rams lights don't work properly. not really sure if I can fix this. I have all the current updates. anyways just thought i'd mention my problems with icue. everything else works great. so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.
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