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i140 (2019), Getting error LED light messages on front strips

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Been using my corsair one i140 (9700K/2080/32GB/480GB M.2 SSD/2TB HDD) for a few years now and I'm here seeking some help/advice on how to resolve this error message/LEDs.


When my CPU temp reaches around >50C, the top fan starts to erratically spin very high then stop spinning. Usually when this happens the LEDs on the front of the desk top start flashing red patterns. Looked into the FAQ of what it means, but 'pump failure' or 'driver error' doesn't personally help me much. The LED patterns vary from 1st left blinking red 2nd right, and vice versa which leads me to believe I'm having both errors listed here : https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025312012-CORSAIR-ONE-LED-Error-Conditions-Auto-Detection-of-Pump-Failure-or-Overheating


I've been semi-ignoring this issue since I was able to temporarily bypass the annoyance with setting my fans to 'extreme' on iCUE. While on 'default', this error starts to come up consistently. Since summer is approaching though, I think this could be a thermal issue that I should no longer ignore.


My first attempt to fix this was to simply clean out the radiators and the top fan. Opened up the desktop and gave it a good blasting of compressed air. Still came across the error instances though with mild pc usage. My second attempt which I will attempt tomorrow is to see if any cable has gone loose. I don't know what else to try, not extremely savvy with how to trouble shoot this pre built beauty. I can provide more info if needed, hoping I'm not the first to ever experience this.


I have not done any sort of exploring in the BIOS or updating any sort of driver. Only updates I have done is through the Corsair Diagnostics app that came pre installed.


Really hoping for some assistance. Thanks in advance!

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This sounds like a bug I've been suffering with since I bought my Corsair a100 last year. Check out this Thread, this issue isn't unique to me or even just the CorsairONE. It affects most of the Platinum line of coolers


Basically iCUE sets a flat 0% fan curve. Once your coolant hits a critical temp, the hardware protection kicks in and blasts the fans. That is what the red lights are telling you. Once the coolant drops 2-3 degrees, it hands control back to iCUE which turns off the fan again


You can export your logs in the software and look at the cooling logs.


I opened a ticket for this issue to Corsair in July of 2020. They forwarded it to the iCUE team and marked my ticket as resolved.


I ended up moving my fan to the motherboard controller, set it to 100%, and then uninstalled


When iCUE 4 was released I figured this bug would finally be fixed. This is kind of mission critical software on a very expensive product. News Flash: It wasn't fixed.


I'm getting rid of my corsairONE because of this, Corsair / iCUE can't be trusted to keep the system cooled.

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The red flashing should be a warning that our Support can help look into. Reach out to Support via a ticket and they'll be happy to help you out.



Last time I attempted they asked me to mail in my desktop which wasn't very feasible at the time for me. Is this something that can be resolved remotely? From what I've read it seems to be an issue on the iCUE software side.

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They have and 'Advanced' RMA process where you basically buy a new system and they refund the money back to you when they receive your 'broken' system.


That being said when I tried this they said two different credit cards declined the transaction even though the credit card company said they approved it. Corsair stuck to their guns and said they could only attempt it one more time.


I ended up building an entirely new system so that I can RMA this system because of a BIOS update / iCUE bug.


Edit: It has been 2 months since I agreed to an RMA, and I still haven't been able to ship the system.

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