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Commander Core XT Firmware Update Failed

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Good morning.
I have purchased a commander core XT currently in version 1.0.29. When ICUE starts, it tells me that there is a Firmware update to version 1.4.62. When trying to perform said update, it gives an update error message and the window closes. I have tried to change the usb connector of the Commander Core XT to the different ports of the board as well as to install both version 4 and 5 of ICUE. Also from a clean installation of Windows 10, the result always being the same. Could you help me?

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I had the same problem.  I have a gigabyte motherboard with rgb fusion and app center software.  I went to gigabyte's website,  downloaded the new versions to my desktop.  I then uninstalled both from my computer.  Then I tried to update XT.  It updated without a hitch.  I was going to reinstall the hub that came with the case.  Now I don't have to.   Whatever software is causing icue to fail to update in your system, has to be removed temporarily. Good Luck

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