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Found 9 results

  1. Howdy, Been using my corsair one i140 (9700K/2080/32GB/480GB M.2 SSD/2TB HDD) for a few years now and I'm here seeking some help/advice on how to resolve this error message/LEDs. When my CPU temp reaches around >50C, the top fan starts to erratically spin very high then stop spinning. Usually when this happens the LEDs on the front of the desk top start flashing red patterns. Looked into the FAQ of what it means, but 'pump failure' or 'driver error' doesn't personally help me much. The LED patterns vary from 1st left blinking red 2nd right, and vice versa which leads me to believe I'm having both errors listed here : https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025312012-CORSAIR-ONE-LED-Error-Conditions-Auto-Detection-of-Pump-Failure-or-Overheating I've been semi-ignoring this issue since I was able to temporarily bypass the annoyance with setting my fans to 'extreme' on iCUE. While on 'default', this error starts to come up consistently. Since summer is approaching though, I think this could be a thermal issue that I should no longer ignore. My first attempt to fix this was to simply clean out the radiators and the top fan. Opened up the desktop and gave it a good blasting of compressed air. Still came across the error instances though with mild pc usage. My second attempt which I will attempt tomorrow is to see if any cable has gone loose. I don't know what else to try, not extremely savvy with how to trouble shoot this pre built beauty. I can provide more info if needed, hoping I'm not the first to ever experience this. I have not done any sort of exploring in the BIOS or updating any sort of driver. Only updates I have done is through the Corsair Diagnostics app that came pre installed. Really hoping for some assistance. Thanks in advance!
  2. Good day, Since 1-2 weeek I got issues with my LS100 LED stripes. I bought the starter Kit and the 450mm expansion kit. I plugged eveything in and it worked well, but now the stripes started to flicker. I've added photos of iCUE and the strips so you can see that I've set a static color. I get everything but the color I selected. Does anyone know if its a software or hardware problem?
  3. Hi, I recently encountered problems with the LED strips, 2 of these halves of the strips flash. Even closing iCue, trying to uninstall and reinstall it but nothing. I had read on the internet that it was a Windows update problem but is it still like that or maybe they are faulty? I have had them for a couple of months, the rest of the components work perfectly. - 6 RGB LL fans - RAM Corsair - Corsair cooling system Can you help me please? Thanks
  4. Hi guys, I've been having serious problems with my AIO for a while now. The pump has been running for several months without problems, only RGB is not working properly. I keep getting red to orange artifacts when the light turns to white. After a Windows reinstallation which I did it ran again for a short time until I got HWinfo. I closed iCue and deactivated the sensors of the AIO and in the settings I set the hook for Corsair and Asatek support. Even removing the driver from hwinfo did not bring any improvement. Any ideas? Thanks for your help and excuse my English.
  5. Hey, I've had my strafe keyboard for about 2 years now. Very recently it has a new problem with 3 of the directional arrow keys flashing rapidly when they are not set to the color blue, as well as the numpad 5 key. I've also noticed other weird behavior. Turning off all keys, and turning on singular keys such as L, O, F9, etc makes various lights on the numpad flicker when they technically shouldn't be at all. The keyboard has no water damage and has been taken care of fairly well, its confusing me why this would happen out of literally nowhere. Every few days I notice a new oddity that shouldn't be happening. It's REALLY distracting when I have a dynamic profile set up and any time a light other than pure blue waves across the numpad or arrow keys, they rapidly flash. I've contacted corsairs support channels. I've done their manual flash via the hidden reset button, gone to CUE2 and 1 and etc. I've tried just about everything I could think of. I've been refused RMA and no amount of google searching has my problem in particular. Here is a video of the flashing in question: [ame]https://youtu.be/1KKZXC_DZ2U[/ame] Has ANYBODY experienced this at all? Thanks, Mkt777
  6. bonjour j'ai mais bande LED soit elle se coupe tout seul oui resté bloqué sur une couleur soit elle clignotée très vite de toutes les couleurs comme un stroboscope et se désynchronise des ventilateurs et des fois elle marche correctement merci de votre réponse
  7. I have the Non-RGB Strafe, Red LED, and it has stopped working. To be exact; I booted my computer to the login page where i was able to start typing and it was already typing, I cleared the items off and it continued to do so, even after a restart. On consecutive restarts it booted into my bios on its own, so I unplugged the keyboard and plugged it back in and it stopped the random typing. Now only the lock keys, NUM, SCROLL, CAPS, light up when i plug it in. They stay lit, even when my PC is off. No other LEDs come on. I've tried literally every port, my 4 3.0 and 2 2.0 ports on the back and the two 3.0 and 2.0 ports each on the front panel. All the ports work, tried with my external, mouse, and a second keyboard. Strangely, when I connect the pass-through cable, which i never use, I get the same occurrence. The lights always stay lit unless I flip the switch on the power supply cutting power to the entire system. Sometimes, I flipped the switch and then the lights don't come on immediately and then start blinking when I boot. Sometimes like this, I can hit the space-bar and windows will go to the password screen, but I am unable to type literally anything. Using a second keyboard I can login to windows. Windows does not recognize my keyboard, nor does CUE. I tried my keyboard on my laptop to see if it was just my PC and the same thing happens. Even tried it on my damn Steam Link to no avail.
  8. Hey Everyone, So i recently purchased a new system, and i got it built in a 460X case, and added the RGB LED Lighting strips + Light Node Pro to the build (i paid a shop to assemble for me so should all be configured correctly). What i am looking to do is disconnect the Fans from the case controls, and link it to the LNP so i can control the fans using the iCUE software as well. Currently i only have the 3 Pin 2 wire female to female cable, however when i plug this from the 6 port LED hub into the LNP, the RGB on the fans flicker on and off quickly - like a random strobe light (they should be constant). The cable that goes from the case controller into the 6 port LED hub has 3 wires, however the extension cable i tried only has 2 wires (photo attached of the cable i have). I am hoping a 3 wire cable with the same pin/connector will resovle my issue, however i have no idea where i can buy one of these, or if it will in fact solve the problem. just to clarify, i am looking for the blue cable in the attached wiring diagram i will post below. Hoping there is an expert here that has run into the same problem and can provide advice.
  9. Hi, so I recently just built my PC but I'm having trouble with my corsair led strips. I have a lightning node pro which controls the rgb for all of my fans, the node is also connected to the led1 port of my commander pro. Upon connecting a single led strip to led2, it started going crazy. Sometimes it wouldn't go on, sometimes it flickers. I tried a different led strip but I kept on getting the same result. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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