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About to make my first build, need a little help with selecting case fans


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Hi all,


I am about to purchase the items needed for my first build.

For CPU cooling i've chosen the H115i ELITE CAPELLIX.

They come with two 140mm ML RGB fans.

Because they're ML fans, do I have to choose ML fans for compatibility / desired effect as my case fans, or can I also choose LL-fans for more lighting effects?

EDIT: The SP120 Elite fans come with a 4-pin PMW connection from what I can see. Is the only difference there in the amount of leds?

Budgetwise (overspending on GPU/CPU) I'd prefer to put the SP120 in there, instead of the LL120. Still the same question, because my top mounted AIO fans will be the ML140.


Planning to top-mount the radiator, to have three 120mm fans as front intake, and 1 120mm fan as rear exhaust. Case: Corsair 5000d airflow.


The AIO comes with a Corsair hub. besides that, the 5000d comes with a hub attached to the chassis.


Help is welcome!




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Each RGB controller acts like a separate group. Within that group, you want the fan models to have the same number of LEDs as the programming is done as 8-8-8-8-8-8 or 16-16-16-16-16 etc. based on the number of LEDs in the fan type selected in the Lighting Set-up panel. So if you take a few 4 or 8 LED ML that only has LEDs on the center ring, then combine them with a 16 LED LL that has both an outer and inner LED ring, the presets and more complex effects will not work correctly. Different LED type, different fan LED geometry. You can make mixed groups do static colors or other simply effects, but this is going to be disappointing for most people. There are some ways to stick a single odd fan type on the end of your fan chain and it still works OK, but this does not seem like one of those situations.


If you want multiple LL fans, you will want them on a separate controller (LL120x3 pack comes with one) and they always will act like a separate programmable group to the ML-Elite that come with the AIO.


However, the SP-Elite (4 pin, 8 LED, fancy rear airflow vanes) are an 8 LED, center hub fan just like the ML-Elite. Those are a match for RGB control, as well as lighting color tone. No special programming requirements. Plug them into the Commander Core with the ML-Elite in any order and they will all act like the same exact fan type. Be aware the original ML-RGB are 4 LED and the SP-PRO that are an 8 LED match also happen to be DC motor fans meaning they will not be speed controllable on the Commander Core.

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